"Don’t take it wrong!" That's what my childhood friend who gave me love chocolate said, but what does that mean don't take it wrong!? - English


"Don’t take it wrong!"  That's what my childhood friend who gave me love chocolate said, but what does that mean don't take it wrong!?

 Author:陽宮 葵

 Source: Syosetu

 February 14th.  It was Valentine's Day, a holy day for every couple, which came after Christmas.

 I went to school hoping to get love chocolates this year, but in the end I only got one little chocolate for about 30 yen from a girl who gave chocolates to all her classmates, and 99% of them were friends' chocolates.

 I'm Hoshimi Akira, one of the boys who went to school today and knew that they weren't going to get love chocolates, but still hoped to get them.

 There are 2 main times you can get chocolate at school.

 Shortly before the homeroom in the morning or before arriving at school.

 If you get chocolate at those times, that's great.

 "Why do you look so worried on your face?"

 "Hmm?  Karin...”

 The one who spoke to me who was worried is Kumosaki Karin.

 She is my childhood friend.

 I didn't expect to get chocolate from her because she was my childhood friend.

 But if she will give me chocolate, I will be very happy.

 "Hey!  How dare you sigh when you see someone's face”

 "I sighed just remembering something, don't mind it."

 “Did something bad happen to you?  I'll listen to you if you want?  Oh, don't take it wrong.  I'll listen you so we can laugh about it later."

 "I'll never talk about it with you, Karin."

 If I said something like “I'm worried if I'm going to get chocolate” without shame, you're bound to burst out laughing.

 "Well, that's Akira, it must be something ridiculous."

 After leaving, Karin headed to her group of friends.

 Really... disrespectful.  Jerk you Karin, even though it's ridiculous but it's very important to me.

 The time before the morning homeroom was about to end.  But no girl gave chocolate, no one gave me.

 I looked around and saw a boy who was in the same state as me, huddled at the table, the most handsome boy in the class surrounded by many girls, and a boy looking at them with tears in his eyes.

 Damn you... The handsome guy whose name I don't remember because he's often called by different nicknames... I'm envious!

 "It's time for the morning homeroom, so sit down, kids!"

 The teacher's reprimand dispersed the soldiers who gave the chocolates.

 But I didn't miss it.  The teacher looked at the chocolate with envy.

 Teacher... We're same.

 Huh?  Morning homeroom?  How about my chocolate?

 Hahaha... I'm sure I'll get it later, right?  It should be so...


 I got nothing this morning, at noon... Maybe I'll get some at lunch break.

 I hoped to get something, but there was nothing and school time will be over soon.

 The day ended peacefully, and all that was left was to go home.

  Chocolate I got today is 0.

 Even my friend who is also a virgin, who used to have lunch with me, got 2, but why can't I!?

 No, that in itself is not important.

 What I want is chocolate, love chocolate.

 I don't want something like giri chocolate or friend's chocolate.

 No, I'm lying, I'm jealous.  I cried tears of blood when I found out my friend who I thought was the same as me got chocolate.

 "Let's go home soon..."

 Valentine's Day this year is a day that is empty for me.

 No, it seems that this is normal since there are a lot of other people who get nothing.

 Isn’t there so much happening in one day?

 When I think so, I feel much better.

 Now I can forgive the couple holding hands on the street and saying "I'll take you home".

 Hah? I won't be able to forgive you.  Be happy now.

 I feel now that the power of the curse (jealousy) has accumulated within me so that I can destroy the world.

 Wahahaha, the world!  Fear and tremble at my power!

 "What are you doing...?"

 "What!?  Why are you here!?”

 “Why are you screaming like a girl?  I was worried because you made a weird pose in front of my house.”

 I forgot that my house and Karin's house are face to face, so if I make a weird pose in front of my house, no matter how I hide it she will see me.

 “Um, Karin… Can you forget about this?”

 "I don’t want to"

 "I would do anything for you, so please forget about it, okay?”

 "You said you would do anything?"

 "Yes, of course, Karin."

 I just said something superfluous.

 I should have added "if I could" so she wouldn't ask for something outrageous, but I'm a little scared...

 “Then… Open this at home.”


 "Don't make me repeat it.  I asked you to open this at home!”

 Then she gave me a beautiful package.

 "Do not take it wrong!"

 Because it was so sudden, my mind couldn't understand, but Karin is already home.

 Could this be...

 Let's open it when I get to my room.

 I carefully opened the package and found a letter and a beautiful heart-shaped chocolate, it looked like it was handmade.

 “Woah… She can make something like this…”

 When I checked what was written in the letter, it said “since this is your favorite, don't take it wrong”.


 A loud noise echoed through the room so that if anyone was in the house, they would be angry because my voice was too loud.

 There are many things that confuse me, it seems Karin took pity on me and gave me this.

 But let me tell you one thing.

 "What do you mean don't take it wrong?!"


 The next day, two people go to school together awkwardly.

Translator: Janaka


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