Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 2 English

 Chapter 2

 After the opening ceremony, it's time for the annual self-introductions.  With this, when introducing yourself, the difference in popularity, difference in recognition, or difference in the number of applause will be seen.  When I introduced myself, the applause from the other students was just a little louder, but when Kana introduced herself, their applause was much louder.  As childhood friends, I knew we weren't on the same level… No, we weren't childhood friends anymore.

 After that, we listened to the self-introductions of our other classmates and Yamamoto-sensei's self-introductions again, were given handouts, and disbanded.

 “Hey, Kota.  Want to have lunch together?”

 "Oh, yes.  Of course.  I did plan to eat out today.”

 "Okay.  What do you want to eat?”

 “Well, there wasn't anything in particular that I wanted to eat...”

 “I want to eat seafood rice.”


 As soon as we were told to disband, Masaki came to my seat with his bag and we had the conversation.  I wanted to get off the seat behind Kana as soon as possible, so I quickly packed my things and left my seat as well.  There are several people gathered around Kana, I know she is popular.

 "The seat in front of you seems crowded."

 "Oh, that's Kirishima-san's seat."

 “It would be a disaster if that chair continues to be visited by that many people.”

 "We'll take evacuate in your seats then."

 I will still evacuate even if they don't come.

 As we were talking, we arrived at a somewhat little old looking seafood rice restaurant.  We sat at the counter, which surrounds the cooking area, ordered and promptly our food was served.

 "I haven't eaten seafood in a long time, it tastes really good."

 "Which do you think is better between salmon and salmon roe?"

 "Oh, of course the salmon won."

 When we were talking about such a ridiculous thing, something extraordinary happened with a crackling sound.  Well, I was the only one who was very surprised.  I almost choked on my negitorodon.


 The one who made a crackling sound when the clerk said that, sat on the chair beside me.  Or rather, it was the only seat available.  It's Kana (Kana da).  I'm not talking about country names.  Kana came to this seafood rice restaurant.  To be exact, Kana and her friends.  And they look over here.  This is scary... What is this?  Did you hear that I'm going to a seafood rice restaurant when I'm behind you?  Well, normally you wouldn't be able to hear that... It's just bad luck.

 "Hey, that's Kirishima, right?"

 "Oh, right.  It's Kirishima-san."

 “It’s surprising.”


 “I didn't think girls like Kirishima would come to a restaurant like this.  I thought they would go to a trendy cafe and eat pancakes.”

 “Oh, that's right.  I don't know if I'll be having pancakes for lunch, but I also didn't imagine coming to a seafood rice restaurant like this.”

 Hm, I wonder if they would kill me if they found out that I was here.  It's a joke, but honestly, I really don't want to linger in this space.  I will finish my food soon...

 "I feel uncomfortable.  Let's hurry up and finish our food."

 "Uncomfortable?  They're just our classmates."

 “Well, that's true, but...”

 "Well, they'd probably say 'if you tell people about us coming to this shop then...', right?"

 It's nice to know that he has such a strange opinion.  So we finished our food quickly and left the restaurant.  Kana keeps glancing at us as we leave the restaurant.

 "What are we going to do after this?"

 “Hm, how about… Oh, let's go to the bookstore.  There's a new light novel that I want to buy.”

 "Then can you give me some recommendations?"

 "Oh no problem.  Kota's otaku insights are constantly evolving."

 “You recommend good titles, but when you say that I want to refuse.”

 "Don’t say that.  I will cry.”

 “Sure, I feel like I'm hooked...”

 “Just now you saw Kirishima-san looking at me, right?

 "I see it..."

 “I was just kidding before, but I'm really starting to think that tomorrow at school they'll be saying, 'If you told people about us coming to that shop yesterday, we wouldn't have let you go!'”

 “Hahaha, that can't be…, right…?”

 "It may be!  No, no, no, no, I'm really scared.  I don't want to get involved in that kind of trouble at the start of the new school year."

 “Well, you'll be fine… Maybe.”

 Right.  I think Masaki will be fine.  Only me who is in trouble.  She hates me so much that she tells me not to talk to her for the rest of my life, but I've been involved in a lot of things with her, like sitting behind her and being in the same restaurant.  I'm so sad... Why should I be so scared?  Hm... New school life starts tomorrow... And I'm already depressed...

 “Well, why should I worry about that.  Let's go to the bookstore."

 "That's right.  What else can we do."

 Right.  I won't think about this again.  Kana is no longer my childhood friend.  She's just a classmate.  There's no point to worrying about that.

 Translator: Janaka


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