Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 4 English

 Chapter 4

 "Hm?  What's wrong?...Kirishima-san."

 Kota answered.  Kirishima-san.  That's what he called me.  He doesn't call me Kana like he used to.

 “Would you like to use this chair…?”


 After answering that, Kota left his seat.


 "Um, Kana?"

 Iori spoke to me after a while after Kota left his seat.  She looked at me as if to see how I was doing.  I pulled Iori and we left the classroom.  We went to the front of the laboratory where there were very few people.


 "Oh, you're crying!?"

 “Ugh, he calls me Kirishima-san, ugh, Kirishima-san…”

 “Eh… Just because that… ?”

 "He used to call me Kana."

 “What have you been doing all these years, to become like this…”

 “Ugh… I tried talking to him many times, but he always avoided me…”

 "You're not thinking of apologizing right away?"



 “At first, I enjoyed that different feeling…, but then I suddenly wanted to see Kota,… but I felt like I couldn't talk to him at the time, and the more time passed, the more difficult to talk  with him… We were in different classes until now…”


 I don't know if it's because I've never discussed this problem with anyone before, but when my best friend listened to me, all the things I kept to myself came out of my mouth.

 “I don't want to…… continue to not be able to talk to him… ugh.”

 Three weeks ago, when I looked at the seat placement paper and saw Kota name under mine, I thought God had given me another chance.  I thought I might be able to start a relationship again with my childhood friend who had distant because of my mistake.  Iori also supported me, and I thought maybe if I talked to him, he would answer like he used to.  But not so.  This is a good opportunity.  Being called Kirishima-san made me feel like I would never be able to get along with him again.  Ugh... again —


 Suddenly I felt a little pain in my head.  From the shape of Iori's hand, it looks like he dealt a knife blow to my head.

 “Don't make such a face as if you are innocent in this problem!  You were the one who caused this problem in the first place, so why are you crying with that face!”

 ...My heart is getting a little better.  I'm pleased to hear it.  If I was worried about something, she would give me advice, point out what was wrong, encourage me when I didn't have the courage, and support me when I was depressed.  I feel that Iori really helped me in this one day.

 “It didn't work this time, but you can always talk to him next time.  If you talk to him often enough, you'll get to know him..."

 The fact that my best friend said that made me feel even more determined.

 "Yes.  I'll try talking to him again……. I'll keep trying until we can talk like we used to!”

 "Yeah, good luck."

 "Thank You..."

 "You're welcome."

Translator: Janaka


  1. Lol, couldn't she have just written a letter to apologize? I mean in middle school that's pretty normal.

  2. I wish he will never approve of her again, but I know this is not that kind of story. I will drop this when he accepts her again.

    1. But here is the thing that you are ignoring... she was a CHILD... and even then, it's not like what she did was an unforgivable sin. Sure, she did something stupid... but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a second chance.

      Like, if she actually bullied and abused him or something... fine... but all she did was have an immature spat...

      And she's actually TRYING to fix the problem. That's got to count for something..

  3. she should have gone to his house a long time ago, make a dogeza in front of him and begged for forgiveness until he listened to her

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