My Neighbor, the Most Beautiful and Innocent “Blind Girl” in School Moved Next Door to My House - Chapter 2 English

 Chapter 2 - Escorting the Neighbor Around the Town Part 1

As soon as Christmas is over, the world quickly turns into a New Year's mood.

The speed with which these people change may come as a surprise to Christians, although most people don't make Christmas the day of Christ's birth, they get presents, eats and sometimes, enjoys and spends that special day with the people you care about, so what can you do.

Today, the day after Christmas, I promised to take Sayo Misumi – the girl who went to school with me and moved next door to my apartment — around the town.

The current time is 12:40.

Because Misumi said that she wanted me to come at 12:30, so after breakfast, or it could be called lunch, a little late, I stood at the door of apartment number 304.

Pingpong, I rang the intercom next to the door.

A few seconds later, "Yes?", asked Misumi from the intercom, "I'm Tsushiro", I answered.

"Okay, now I'm going out."


She's probably done getting ready.

After hearing my voice, Misumi said so and closed the intercom.

After a while, I heard the sound of a lock opening.

"Good afternoon, Tsushiro-kun, today please help me, okey."

“Sure, I will escort you well, hand it over, me…”

Seeing the appearance of Misumi coming out of the door, I unknowingly gulped.

The color-coordinated outfit consists of a light brown high neck knit, a long skirt with a plaid pattern, and a light beige long coat over the top.

The warmth of her clothes, combined with her fashionable and stylish look, was enough to make one mesmerized by her.

“What’s wrong?"

“…Ah, nothing. I just think that it suits you very well.”

“Fufu, thank you very much. In order to get rid of the villager impression, I studied fashion and other things.”

Misumi said so and smiled cheerfully.

"Alright, let's go. Um, should I hold your hand?”

When I was in elementary school, I once heard lectures about people with visual impairments.

At that time, the lecture said that this kind of consideration would be helpful, so I asked Misumi to confirm it.

Misumi rolled her eyes for a moment, then immediately smiled gently and answered.

“So you know that, huh, Tsushiro-kun. In that case, I gladly accept it.”

Misumi said so and stood beside me, then she gently placed her hand on my slightly outstretched right hand.

I keep my distance, because I'm avoiding the thing called love.

However, despite the thing called love, holding hands with the opposite sex like this makes my heart, a healthy teenage boy flutter.

"Then shall we go?"


I managed to calm my heartbeat and headed for the elevator in the apartment with Misumi.

After exiting the condo, Misumi and I walked for a while, passing the convenience store, supermarket, and family restaurant in succession.

Supermarkets are the most important places to carry out daily activities.

It's not a big supermarket, but since it's a residential area, many of the residents here often shop there.

The trip around the town was still going smoothly, but…

“Um, speaking of my help to take you around town…”


"Why did you take it for granted? Um, for someone you just met like me, bringing you up like this…”

Honestly, I've always been curious in my heart.

It was true that I offered help from the bottom of my heart and wanted to help Misumi, but even so, if I walked hand in hand, from the side it looked like I had “that kind of relationship”.

However, Misumi tilted her head in response to my words.

"So what?

“Why do you say… of course, the look from the eyes around us…”

"I'm not too worried about it. Besides, I can't see it."

“That's also true… uh, no, that's not what I mean. Um… I'm talking about me helping you with ulterior motives.”

"When it comes to that, didn't Tsushiro-kun yesterday make a desperate excuse that you helped me with no ulterior motives?"

Perhaps because she was reminded of the thing at that time, Misumi covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

“But, those are just words…, I'm glad you believed me, but Misumi should be a little more careful, you know? Because not everyone helps with good intentions.”

“I understand, and I will be careful. But, Tsushiro is one of those people who help others with good intentions, right?”

"Well, of course."

"Then I have nothing to worry about."

Misumi said with her innocent smile.

Geez, I don't know why she trusts me so much, but I have to help and respond with good intentions.

Since I decided not to be in a romantic relationship, I was able to relate to Misumi without any motive.

If Misumi helps me in the future, I won't make any misunderstandings.

Misumi and I are just neighbors and schoolmates.

No more and no less.

— While thinking that, we were already at the school gate made of large stones.

"We've arrived, this is Rinsei High School."

“So this huh… from the condo walking at this speed, pretty close, huh.”

"You have no problem with the direction, right?"

"Yeah, no problem."

If possible, I'd like to see what kind of high school it is with my own eyes, said Misumi while smiling a little sadly.

“But Misumi, that doesn't mean you can't see at all, right? In that case, you can use glasses…”

“Yes, it could be solved with that if the person had poor eyesight in general, but my eyes couldn't. My eyes are fine, so glasses can't help me, and I don't have any problems with my eyesight. I can't have surgery either because there's nothing wrong with my brain."

“I see, so why…”

Your eyes can't see? I hesitated to continue the question, but it seemed that Misumi understood and looked back at me.

Maybe, in her beautiful hazel eyes, she can't see my appearance.

But, it was true that Misumi's gaze was fixed on mine.

“Psychogenic visual impairment… it means you are under excessive stress and your vision is significantly reduced.”

It was my own fault, said Misumi, smiling faintly.

Her smile was beautiful and charming enough to be admired at first glance, but it was also filled with a kind of shadow that couldn't be hidden.

There must be something.

I had such thoughts, but I refrained from saying it.

It was easy to guess that I, as an outsider, wasn't a topic to just walk into.

Plus, what am I going to do when I hear it?

I don't have the strength to solve the problem.

But… something crossed my mind.

— Suppose Misumi says that she needs my help, what will I do?

If it wasn't me who helped, but her who asked for my help, would I just shake my head and refuse?

No, I shook my head and pushed the impossible “Suppose” thought out of my head.


"Nothing. Rather than that, is there somewhere you want to visit?”

When I asked that, Misumi seemed to think for a moment, then, "Actually there is...", said Misumi while sending her eyes to me.

I don't know if I did it consciously or not, but I looked away from her, with my heart rate rising slightly.

"You don't have to look at me so worriedly, because I brought you, just say it, don't hesitate."

“O-Okay, actually…”

Translator: Exxod

Editor: Janaka

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