Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 14 English

 Chapter 14

 Golden Week is over and school starts again today, but there's something strange about Kana.  It's been two days, she hasn't read any of my messages.  Yesterday, I tried to call her but she didn't answer.

 I wonder if she came to school?  I opened the classroom door and looked at Kana's seat.

 There's Kana, looking a bit tired.  I'm glad she came to school properly, but at the same time, my worries are growing.  At first glance, she looked normal, but her fatigue was evident.  The reason might be Kashiwagi-kun, but I wonder what happened to her.





 "Good morning."

 "Oh, good morning, Iori."

 "Are you okay?  You look a bit tired."

 “Mm… No… It's nothing, I guess.”

 "Well, fine.  Your smartphone, did you bring it?”

 "Uh, yes, I did.”

 With that, Kana took out her cell phone from her blazer pocket.  Then, she pressed the home button and shouted in surprise.


 “I was worried because I sent you a few messages and you didn't answer at all.  …I even called you.”

 “Um, sorry,… Sorry, I don't have time for that.”


 [TL Note: this is the sound of the bell.]

 "Ah... I'll listen to you later, so you should listen to the lesson properly."

 "Okay ..."

 I wish I had come earlier so I could hear her story right away.  When I talk to her, she has dark circles around his eyes.


 ...I told Kana that she needed to listen to the lesson properly, but I couldn't concentrate at all myself.  The reason was because I was worried about Kana.

 I listened to the lesson properly at the beginning, but when I saw Kana during the first lesson, I realized that she couldn't concentrate on the lesson at all, and I was distracted for the rest of the hour.  I was really worried because the teacher questioned us one by one and Kana didn't seem to notice it at all.

 Anyway, I'm going to Kana's seat now that the first and second lessons are over.  Kashiwagi-kun, who was sitting behind Kana, went to Momoyama-kun's seat.

 "Now, tell me what happened."


 When I asked her, she fell silent with a mixed expression, sadness, pain, and trouble.

 Uh, what exactly happened?  When you apologized, were you told not to talk to Kashiwagi-kun?  Maybe something unrelated to Kashiwagi-kun has happened?

 She looked so sad that it made me anxious and I made a lot of predictions.

 "Eh, Kana?  Are you okay?  If it's hard to say, you don't have to say it…”


 After looking as if she was wondering whether she should say it or not, Kana opened her mouth.

 “I, it seems I… have done something worse than I thought I had done to Kota…”

Translator: Janaka


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