Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 19 English


 Chapter 19 – Fever

 I found myself surrounded by tall grass.  I feel nostalgic and the person I want is where I want to be.  It was a secret base that we had built together for a long time.  Kota sat in the exclusive seat I had chosen for him.


 "What’s wrong?  Kana-chan."

 When he looked up, Kota had an insect cage in his hand, and inside was a yellow butterfly.

 “It was so beautiful!”

 “Yeah… but we have to let her go.”


 The butterfly flew out of the open insect cage and flew away.  I saw her fly away in a daze.


 "Eh.  What?"

 When I answered the call suddenly, I discovered that my character in the video game I was playing in the living room in Kota's house lost.  We teamed up to fight the CPU in a two-on-two battle, but now that my character has lost, it's a one-on-two fight.

 "Are you okay?"

 "I’m okay.  Sorry, I was daydreaming.”

 "I see."

 While saying that, Kota won in a last-minute one-on-two fight, turned to me and said, “Are you sure you're okay?”  and put his hand on my forehead.

 Because Kota's actions, I was filled with excitement.  But my body moved on its own, ignoring the sensations that filled my chest.

 "I'm fine.  You worry too much."

 As I said that, I looked down to escape from Kota’s hand.

 When I looked back, no one was there.

 In the shoe locker in middle school.  My feet move.  It was not my intention.  But I understand where I'm going.

 Then I arrived at my destination — behind the gymnasium.  What is visible over there is Kota... I held my breath.

 I don't like this.  Now, ... stop!  Please, ...!

 Such thoughts never reached me, and my body was still moving of its own accord.  Crossing my arms, I made a smug pose.  And my mouth moves.  But I can't hear my own voice.  All I could see was Kota's shocked expression in front of me.

 As soon as I felt a painful sensation in my chest, I ran towards Kota.  I tried to hug Kota.  I had hurt him, but I knew I had to do something, so I ran.

 One more footstep, the ground beneath my feet dissipates.  Amidst the sensation of falling, I desperately extended my hand towards Kota.  But when I tried to reach him, there was no one there—


 I wake up so that my body leaps up when I tense up in a feeling of fear.  I am breathless and strangely cold.

 ... This...?  Where is this ...?

 I looked around and saw that this was my room, which was familiar for me.  At the same time, I realized that what I saw earlier was a dream.

 “Hah…, It was a dream, right…”

 I recalled the dream.  The view from the secret base was strange, and the game was in my house, not in Kota's house.  I think the school structure is also mixed with the high school building.  But the events that happened were rather memorable, both the butterfly and the game.

 And the last is...

 I felt anxious and cold, and sweat was trickling down my chin.

 I looked at the digital clock in my room and saw that it was 09:07.  It's not uncommon for me to oversleep after exams.  Actually, I once slept until 1 pm after going to bed early in first grade, so you could say I woke up early today.

 ... Breakfast, I have to eat.

 When I got out of bed, my head felt heavy and dizzy.  It's been a while since I woke up and I still can't breathe properly.  I felt weak, as if this wasn't my body.

 Ah..., this is not good.

 Even walking was difficult, so I went back to bed and send message to my mother using my phone.

 "Sorry.  I think I have a fever."

 It was immediately read and the sound of the door opening was heard, followed by the sound of climbing the stairs.

 "Are you okay?"

 "My head is dizzy."

 “Mmm… Yes, let's check your temperature.”

 I put the thermometer under my arm, and after about 20 seconds, I heard a beep sound.  I looked at the thermometer and saw that it was 38.1 ⁰C.

 “Geez…, you've been sleep deprived for a few days, so I was worried about you… Well, maybe it's a good thing you managed to clear the exam… Do you want to go to the hospital?

 "I thought there was no need to go to the hospital."

 I feel as though my mother assumed that this would happen, perhaps because she knew I was having a problem and that I wasn't getting enough sleep.

 “Then go to bed for the rest of the day.  Would you like something to eat?”

 “Jelly, or something like that...”


 Exactly as mother and Iori feared... I guess I should rest today...

 With that in mind, I closed my eyes.  I did that... and suddenly fear came over me...I felt if I slept I would see the rest of the dream.  The more time passed, the more the dream scene slipped from my mind.  But the anxiety and fear that clung to my chest did not go away.

 But my body seemed to want to sleep, and I fell asleep as if tumbling, with an uneasy feeling like a gaping hole in my chest and the fear of the dream.

 When I woke up again, my headache felt a little better.

 ... What time is it now?

 The clock shows 15:42.  Somehow, I looked at my phone and saw message from Iori.

 "Are you okay?"

 Underneath it is a witch bunny sticker.  The bunny tilted its head in worry.

 When I saw that the first message was sent around 10:00 and the sticker was sent about 30 minutes later, I thought she must be really worried.

 "I think I have a fever."

 "Are you okay?  If there's something you want, I'll get it for you, okay?”

 It was immediately read and replied to.  It takes 40 to 50 minutes from Iori's house to ours but she doesn't hesitate to say so.

 "I'm fine because I'm at home.  Sorry for worrying you.”

 "Yes.  Let me know if you need anything.  I will be there.  And good night."

 "Yes.  Thank You."

 I saw witch bunny sticker sent to me saying, “Be careful,” and then I sent Shiba Inu sleeping with snotted sticker and hung up on my phone.

 I turned my body to the side and closed my eyes to try to sleep again.  At that moment, the last scene from the dream I had this morning, when I stretched out my hand, appeared in my mind.


 On reflex, I opened my eyes and saw an empty plastic bottle on my desk.  It's the sports drink bottle Iori gave me yesterday.

 Ah... By the way, I haven't refunded her money yet.

 When I realized that, I thought I was not a good person.

 This is really not good.  No matter how hard I remember it, I can't remember what I did in the past, I didn't get any results yesterday, and the next day I got sick and made people worry.  Didn't even notice that...

 While thinking that, before I knew it, I fell asleep again.

Translator: Janaka

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