Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 15 English

 Chapter 15 – After apologizing

 “I, it seems I… have done something worse than I thought I had done to Kota…”

 "What do you mean ... ?"

 Iori asked me more, as if to say I didn't understand even after being told that much.

 “...The night three days ago...”

 Then I told her about my apology and what Kota told me afterwards.


 Seeing Iori not opening his mouth with a serious expression on his face after I finished speaking, a feeling of discomfort rose within me.

 Kota asked, "Don't you remember what you said?"  I could tell from what he said that what I actually said that day was worse than I thought.  But when I try to remember about that day, I can't remember it at all.  Even if I remember harder, only memories of the pain I felt when I realized that Kota was avoiding me and memories from before that day flashed through my mind.

 I hate myself for being like this.

 Iori must not like having a friend like me.  She might not be able to treat me like she used to.  That worry grew in my heart.

 I hate the thought of not being friends with Iori anymore.  Iori is my best friend, and even though I have other friends, Iori is the only one I can talk to about things like my problem with Kota.  I spend a lot of time with Iori, especially recently.  She was worried about me and scolded me when I was wrong.  I don't want to lose such a good friend.

 But I also wonder if someone who says bad things to her childhood friend and can't even remember it is a good friend to Iori.

 The same goes for Kota.

 I wish that if I could properly apologize and make him forgive me, we could be friends again, but I don't think I have the right to wish for something like that.

 “Why is your face…”


 “You just made a terrible face.  If you can't remember it, you have to do something to remember it, right?”


 “Hm…. How to remember the past….”

 Then Iori put her hand over her mouth and started to think.

 "Eh... Why are you crying?!"


 When she mention it to me and I put my hand on my cheek, my cheeks were wet with tears.


 “Hey, are you okay?”


 "Hah?  Oh, we have to move to another room for the next lesson!”

 I looked around and saw that the number of people in the class had decreased significantly.

 "We have to hurry!"

 "Oh, that's right."

 “And… I'll lend you this to charge your phone.”

 He put the power bank on my desk.

 "Thank You..."

 I connected my smartphone to the power bank.  Then, like Iori, I took out my pencil case, textbook, and notebook from my bag...



 “I left my notebook at home...”

 “Oh, well, you even forgot to charge your smartphone.  ......Let's see... ......, here, I have some paper, so use this.”

 Iori then handed me two papers.  I really count on you in everything...

 Really, I can't do anything...

 "Let's hurry."

 “Yeah… I'm sorry.”


 “I've always depended on you for everything… Sorry for always bothering you.”

 "What are you talking about?  We're friends, so if you're in trouble, of course I'll help.  I will also rely on you if something happens to me.”

 “Un… Sorry.  Thank You."

Translator: Janaka


  1. Thank you for the chapter~ :)

  2. it just me or are things slowly going towards a straaa~nge direction

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