Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 12 English

 Chapter 12

 Three days ago, I told my mother about the incident in middle school.  My mother said “Apparently something like that has happened...” and then scolded me.  I wanted to apologize but he always ran away from me, and when I said I didn't have a chance to talk to him, she told me to take care of such things myself.

 For the next two days, I wandered around the neighborhood, hoping to meet him somewhere.

 When I was about to leave today, my mother told me that Kota would be out today and would be back around 6 pm.  And I've been waiting for Kota's return in front of the Kashiwagi family's house since before 5 pm or so.

 Then, around 8 or so, Kota came home.


 Kota reacted as if something unpleasant had happened.  Just seeing that made my heart ache.

 "Eh, wha, what's wrong?"

 [TL Note: かな (what's wrong?) reads ‘kana’.]

 Was he calling me Kana like he used to, or just “What's wrong?”, I wonder if he just said that…. No, this isn't the time to be thinking about that.

 “I'm sorry for the horrible things I said to you in middle school!  I'm sorry, for telling you not to talk to me!”

 Bow my head down earnestly.  I hope my apologies will be delivered.  There was silence for a while, after which I heard Kota's voice.

 "... Kana."

 This time, he must have called my name.  Hearing that, I was flooded with joy.  For response to that call, I looked up.


 "Eh, wha, what's wrong?"

 I was at a loss for words because I was suddenly called.  My poor communication skills show up at times like this… Don't tell me you came here to say you wanted to make up, like Masaki said?  Or did you come to kill me for some other matter?  Is this a joke, is it so important that you have to wait in front of my house?

 As I was thinking that, Kana lowered her head firmly.

 “I'm sorry for the horrible things I said to you in middle school!  I'm sorry, for telling you not to talk to me!”

 No way, apologies.  Come to think of it, Kana called me Kota earlier...

 I'm sorry for saying horrible things and telling you not to talk to me… Thinking back to the past, I think this is the first time Kana has hit me with just an apology.  Usually after that, she would tell me what she wanted.  I think she was very serious about apologizing.  ...But I feel like she's apologizing for something different than what pissed me off.  It's not wrong, but it's not quite right.

 "... Kana."

 Kana looked up.  His face had that expression of joy that I used to see so often.

 "Don't you remember what you said?"


 “I remember enough to say what you said, word for word… I don't know why you feel need to apologize now, but I won't Approve that apology.”

 When I said this, Kana had an unusual expression, an almost desperate look plastered on her face.  It breaks my heart to see her like that.... Well, it not means I'm ready to forgive her.  We used to play together a lot, and if she apologized properly I would probably forgive her, but her current apology is like she's apologizing for something different than what she's done to me.


 I said that to Kana, who was completely frozen, and I walked to my house.

Translator: Janaka


  1. She apologized... good on her..

    But if he doesn't explain, misunderstandings can grow worse...

    That said... I also understand that he's just a child himself.... so I guess that level of maturity makes sense...

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