Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 17 English

 Chapter 17 – After the exam

 Chemistry, the final exam on the last day of midterm, was coming to an end in less than a minute.  The last question is really tough and I feel I didn't answer it right, but I just solved it so I'm reviewing it.

 —Beep beep.

 "Yeah, it's over.  Put down your pen, and you who sitting behind the class, collect the answer sheets."

 When the supervising teacher said that, everyone said, "It's over!"  And "I'm free!".  I can hear the voices of people saying that.  I was at the very behind, so I had to collect the answer sheets.

 "Thank You..."


 The seat in front of me... When I gathered Kana's answer sheet, she thanked me.  ...... I mean... That's awkward.  I don't know how to face her.  I would treat her like a normal classmate, but I don't know if I can do that.  I feel like I've made a very unfriendly answer.

 This Kana also looks different than usual, and I feel like her health is getting worse day by day.  It is common for people to have trouble sleeping before an exam, but not to that degree.  I think his voice is a little hoarse now too… I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that she apologized to me.

 I had seen Kana's emotional instability before the day she apologized to me during Golden Week, but I haven't seen a single day since that day when she seemed to be in good shape....... She was even questioned by a worried classmate. 

 ...Is it my fault that Kana doesn't look okay... No, but that doesn't mean I can do anything about it.  I'm not ready to forgive what happened in middle school with an apology like that.

 When I thought about that, I felt a sting in my chest.

 I felt sore and annoyed, and when I heard the teacher say, “Good job for today”, I got up from my seat and went to Masaki's seat.  There, I found Masaki flopping down on the table.

 "So how?"


 "That's difficult.  Especially the last question...”

 “No, I didn't get to the last question...”


 Well, it doesn't matter as long as it's solved correctly until the question before that question... maybe.

 "Well, there's no point in lamenting the past, I'll forget about it."

 "Okay.  Let's just forget about it until the remedial exams."

 Masaki holds his head in his hands again and says that he can do as much as he wants as long as he doesn't get the remedial exam.  Well, I don't know how he feels.

 “Ah… painful… Oh, Kota, what are you going to do after this?  You want to eat something?”

 "I'm going to eat out.  My parents aren't home today."

 "What do you want to eat?"

 "Hmm... what's that..."

 "Let's play after eating."

 "Serious?  I am very sleepy."

 "It's okay because tomorrow is a day off."

 Well, okay.  If so, I will do my best to sleep tomorrow.


 "Are you okay?  ...You didn't sleep last night?”

 "... I'm fine."

 When I asked about my best friend, who looked pale, I received a response I could call a lie just from hearing her voice.

 "The exam is over.  You should go to bed as soon as you get home today."

 Naturally, I had told her that she should sleep before the test as well.  But when she got into bed, she couldn't sleep because she was thinking about so many things.  That's why she tried to study somehow without sleeping at all.  ……It seems that if she didn't force himself to sleep, she would be seriously ill.

 “No, I have to go somewhere today.”


 What kind of crazy thing is this girl talking about?  Where would she go with such a pale face?

 I voiced that thought, but Kana continued with a serious face.

 "I have to go."

 “Eh… Then I will go with you.”

 "Eh, no, don't worry, I can go alone."

 “I don't know where you're going, but I can't let you go alone when you look like that.  Or does it bother you?”

 "It is not like that..."

 "I'll go with you then."

 From the looks of it, this might have something to do with that problem.  I was worried because she looked like she was going to faint right now, so I couldn't casually say “have a nice day”.

 I don't know his purpose, but it would be better if I could shake off my worries and she could properly apologize to Kashiwagi-kun.  Hoping that would happen, I prepared to leave school as soon as homeroom finished.

Translator: Janaka


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