Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 6 English

 Chapter 6

 He got away... Hah... I don’t know if he hates me.  Forgive me.  I thought I was going to cry again.

 “Why did he run...”

 “Well, that’s because we approach him bit by bit and don’t talk to him right away… Anyone would run away if followed all the time…”


 Since the school day was over until now, I’ve been waiting for the right moment to talk to Kota.  Several times I approached him with determination, but he always avoided me and ended up running away.

 “You’ve had the chance to talk to him many times.  When you leave school, at the convenience store, on the train, or when you get off the train.”

 “That’s difficult!  Because I haven’t spoken to him in three years?!”

 “Well, it was because of your own fault.”

 “That’s true, but...”

 What should I do?  When I’m like this, I have to do my best!  But when the time came, I couldn’t talk to him at all because I couldn’t stop thinking about him calling me “Kirishima-san”.  Ugh....... I thought I would end up not being able to talk to him...

 “I know you’re thinking negative things, right.”


 “You have to think positively!  Come on, next time you will apologize properly!”


 “Then, I will return home.  Bye-bye.”

 “Yes, thank you for accompanying me.”

 “Well, that’s because I was worried about you.”

 After saying that, Iori walked towards the station.  Haah, I wonder if there will be time to talk to him tomorrow.  I wonder if I will have more time to talk to him if Momoyama-kun doesn’t go to school again… No, it would be bad for Momoyama-kun if I think like that…


 I left Kana and waited for the train.  I accompanied her because I was worried about her, even though it was outside of my schedule, but in the end we failed to reach our goal.  She said she didn’t need me accompany her, but I ignored her... Did I get in the way?  Would she be able to talk to him if I didn’t accompany her... No, I don’t think so... Would it be better if I spoke to him?

 Kana and I were in the same class in first grade and we sat next to each other, so we chatted a lot.  I think she’s a proactive girl because she often invites me to do things, like go with her to club activities, which I want to visit but I hesitate, and study with her before exams.  Actually, I thought she was just the type to act without thinking too much.  We joined the same club and started working together more and more often, and we got closer and closer.

 But when it came to Kashiwagi-kun, she just glanced at him and couldn’t do anything about it.  I thought he was a very important person to Kana, and I wondered if she liked him, and when I asked her about it, she told me something indescribable.  That’s her fault.  If Kana wants to make amends, I want her to apologize properly.  I don’t think it’s good to meddle too much.  So I thought I’d just support her...

 What should I do?  Should I tell Momoyama-kun what happened and ask him if he can help?  No, Kashiwagi-kun doesn’t want people to know that he and Kana are childhood friends, right?  Hm, if they were childhood friends, I wonder if their parents were close.  If begy, why doesn’t she ask her parents to help her make a chance for her?  Yeah, I’ll suggest that to her via message later.

 If Momoyama-kun doesn’t go to school again, I wonder if there will be time to talk to him tomorrow… No, I shouldn’t think like that.  Sorry, Momoyama-kun.

Translator: Janaka


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