Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 18 English

 Chapter 18 – Middle School

 Homeroom was over, so Kana and I left the classroom and walked towards the station.

 "So where are you going?"

 "Let's see..., I want to go to middle school."

 "Oh okay."

 "Well, I'll be right back.  It's close to my house, so you don't need to accompany me.”

 “I'll still be coming… I think you'd better rest today and go tomorrow.”

 “…I have to go today.”

 "Then I'll go with you because I'm worried about you."

 When I answered, Kana made a gentle face and turned her gaze to the ground as if in thought.  Her expression was both worried and scared.

 I want to see you smile.  I suddenly thought so.  Kana looks beautiful when she smiles.  She has a pretty face, but with the expression she has now, I feel lonely.

 “Oh, by the way, the chemistry exam is tough.”


 It was a topic I talked about as part of a normal and common post-exam conversation, but Kana groaned.  In first grade, she said, “That was really hard.”  While laughing, I thought there would be such a reaction...

 “Looks like my grades are really red...”

 “You just have to try harder next time.”

 “My math scores seem to be red too...”

 "There is a remedial exam for mathematics, if you do your best for the remedial exam, you will be fine!"

 I see that she seems to be feeling more depressed "I don't want to take the remedial exam..." .  Looks like I failed to cheer her up.

 "Then I will study with you."

 “… Un.”

 I laughed and said “Leave it to me,” to which Kana responded with a bit of a laugh too… I guess she really isn't confident right now…

 After that, we continued to talk about exams, club activities, and other trivial conversations, and then we take the train bound for the station closest to Kana's house.


 "It's quite new."

 "Yes.  I don't think it's 10 years old yet."

 We arrived at our destination, the middle school that Kana attended.  Taking a closer look inside the school building from outside the fence, it was seen that the middle school students were taking lessons, and looking at the school grounds, they could see that physical education lessons were in progress, they were playing softball.

 "Are you coming in?"

 "Un.  Of course."

 I followed Kana as she walked slowly, trying to move her heavy legs somehow.

 We passed through the school gates, and without stopping, we stepped into the school grounds.


 “Oy, Oy, wait a minute!”


 "Eh?  I mean, did you get permission to enter?  If you go in there like that, you'll be considered a suspicious person!  Look, it's still school time!”

 "I understand..."

 Really... Lack of sleep can really damage a person!

 “...Then, let's go over there...”

 “… Un.”

 We started walking around the middle school again.

 We walked for a while and stopped.  There I could see the back of the gymnasium.  There was a tree planted between the sidewalk and the fence, I wouldn't think about this normally, but when I consciously looked at it, I felt a kind of tension in an unusual place, the feet.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of balls and the squeaking of sports shoes.  I wonder if it's volleyball...?  As I was thinking that, Kana started to speak in a voice so small that it was almost overpowered by it.

 "Its over there."

 I don't have to ask what's in there.

 “I called him over there, then…”

 So I listened to Kana, who said… just then, I noticed that her skin looked pale.  Then Kana's body shook unnaturally.


 I stretched out my hand, thinking she was going to fall, but it didn't carry as much weight as I had prepared for.  Looks like Kana was able to keep her balance before I could support her.

 "Oh, sorry.  I'm fine."

 There is no credibility at all in his words.  The moment I put my hand on Kana's cheek, I felt my heat being taken away.

 “Oh, um… Iori?”

 Maybe because of the sudden touch on her cheek, Kana made a confused voice.  Then, still confused, she lost his balance again.

 "Now go home and sleep."

 "What?  No, no, I'll be fine after a short rest."

 "Not.  You're not okay, and if you still want to go somewhere, stop for today and do it tomorrow."

 “No,… Alright.”

 "Okay, let's take a break."


 She replied as if she thought it was a little bad for her.

 I asked her to sit on a nearby bench, looked around, and saw a vending machine about 20 meters away.

 "Wait a moment."

 "Uh, Un."

 I briefly went to the vending machine, bought a sports drink and tea, and came right back.

 "Drink this."

 "Why, thank you."

 She drank the sports drink I gave her, and her face changed color slightly, as if she felt better after sitting down, even if only for a moment.

 “…Do you remember anything?”


 She shook her head.

 “I see...”

 After that, we took a break for about 10 minutes and then left.  Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be able to remember anything about the past, but she really was going to pass out after that, so I guess it wouldn't be wrong to…force her go home.  I hope she sleeps well and feels better tomorrow... I hope she is fine...

Translator: Janaka


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