Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 8 English

 Chapter 8

 “Ugh… no time to talk to him at all…”

 I tried to find a good time to talk to him, but as soon as class was over, Kota immediately went to Momoyama-kun's seat.

 "Why don't you just call him?  Put a letter in his shoebox, writing something like, 'I'll be waiting for you behind the gymnasium.'

 "No, no, no!  It was like a confession…”

 “This is indeed a kind of confession.”


 "No, if he's avoiding me like that, he probably won't come... That won't work."

 Ugh… I'm about to cry for my best friend's kindness… Since yesterday, she's been giving me all sorts of ideas to create an opportunity to properly talk to him.


 "Now he knows that we were childhood friends..."

 "What?  Really?  I mean, I thought you did notice him all the time, but did you eavesdrop?”

 “No, I just wanted to know what they were talking about…”

 "You're eavesdropping."

 Well... that doesn't sound very clear... But they must be talking about me right now.  I wonder if it was because I was stalking him yesterday or what.

 …Iori, did they just say “Don't keep glancing at me”?  No, I still see it.  Maybe Kota knows?  Ah, Momoyama-kun is looking this way.  And I can faintly hear Momoyama-kun's voice.

 "Maybe they used to be dating."

 I reflexively averted my gaze when Momoyama-kun looked at me, but then I saw Kota and Momoyama-kun again.  Kota's voice was so small compared to Momoyama-kun that I could barely hear it.

 “.............. at home .............., but in the second grade of middle school, ............  '.........for the rest of your life'.  ………… ever thought about dating……………… my little sister.”

 I could barely hear a few words.  The word "second grade of middle school" just makes my chest tight.  I also heard the word "Sister".  I wonder if it was me.  The thought that he might care enough for me to think of me like his little sister made my heart flutter.  After that, all I could hear were words like “a little”, “yesterday”, “childhood friend”, and other words that might be talking about me, but I couldn't hear the details.

 Ah!  I heard the word "make peace".  It was Momoyama's voice.  Suddenly, what I wanted came out of the mouths of Kota's friends, causing a huge emotional traffic jam due to the surprise, anticipation, and anxiety about Kota's response.  More focused on listening than before, I could hear Kota's answer in a voice that didn't need to be heard.

 “No, no, no, no!”

 I didn't hear the sequel, but it was a clear rejection.  No, I might hear the sequel, but it didn't enter my head.  I can't think of anything else because my mind is blank.  I plopped down on my desk to look away from reality and pressed my teary eyes into my arms.

 Soon I heard the bell ring.  Ah, what is the third lesson?  I checked the schedule, still sobbing, and pulled out my textbook and notebook.  Oh..., no... I can't think at all.

 I now know that the Kota doesn't like me at all.  What should I do from now on?  Should I stop trying to talk to him?  Everything I tried to do ended up just causing trouble.  It was enough to be rejected like that.  There is no hope of making up now.  Oh, looks like I can't talk to…… Kota anymore…… no, no, no.  But I can't take it anymore.  This is my fault.  It's all my fault.  I really deserve it.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  Please, give me another chance.  Please, give me another chance.  One more, one more… But—

 I kept thinking the same thing over and over again as I plopped down on my desk.  Before I knew it, the third lesson seemed to have ended and I heard Iori's voice.

 "Hey, Kana!"

 "Hmm?  ...Oh, Iori..."

 “Come here”

 Iori grabbed my arm and led me out of the classroom rather rudely and into the hallway.  We kept walking and I was wondering where we were going, but we arrived at a place called stairs, where there was a door to the roof.  The rooftop is not open to the public, so it's basically a quiet place where people can't come.

 “Please calm down a bit!”

 “How is that possible, you know...”

Translator: Janaka


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