Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 11 English

 Chapter 11

 Today is the third day of Golden Week, right in the middle of five consecutive holidays.  I didn't have anything in particular to do the previous two days, so I was completely stay in my room, studying, watching anime, reading books, etc.  My parents asked me, “Don't you want to go play?”.

 So today I plan to go out with Masaki.  Yesterday, he said, “There is some kind of exhibition event for virtual singers that I was talking about the other day, do you want to go?”.  That's why I'm going out today.

 "I go!"

 “Oh, Kota!  What time will you back to home today?”

 "Eh?  What's the time?  Probably around 6pm."

 “Understood.  Have a nice day."

 "I go."

 My goal is in front of Hachiko in Shibuya.  There were a lot of people, and I thought it was best not to meet in front of Hachiko, but Masaki said that the meeting place in Shibuya was in front of Hachiko.  I usually don't go to Shibuya...

 It was 15 minutes before the meeting time, and I arrived in front of Hachiko, where there were a lot of people.  Amidst a reasonable crowd, I waited for about five minutes, and Masaki arrived.

 "Sorry, have you waited long for me?"

 He said it in a slightly raised voice.

 “…I sent you a message saying that I arrived about 5 minutes ago, right?”

 "In a situation like this, you should say, 'I just arrived too'."

 "Sorry, I'm heterosexual."

 "Me too, don't misunderstand."

 Every time we met, he did the same thing every time.  ... If he comes late, he says, “Sorry, have you waited long for me?”, and if he comes first, he says, “I just arrived too”.  The latter is especially annoying, because he ignores the flow of the conversation.  I really don't understand.

 "I'm really looking forward to this event."

 "I know.  You have recommended this to me a lot.”

 "Aren't you looking forward to it?"

 "No, I'm looking forward to it.  I even listened to all the songs you recommended.”

 We started walking while chatting like that.

 "Is this the right way?"

 "What?  I do not know.  Isn't it this way?"

 “No, look at the map...”

 “I don't know even if I look at the map”

 "At least show me that you're willing to put in the effort."

 I know that Masaki can’t read map, but I'll be mad if he doesn't do anything… anything.

 "Okay.  Maybe this is the way."

 "Okay.  Thank you for everything."

 After walking leisurely for 15 minutes, we arrived at the event venue.

 "Wow, that's amazing."

 "Oh, right.  This is amazing.”

 Inside, there are various items and pictures.  Hmmm, Masaki really made me like some good stuff.

 After that, I looked around, finally bought a keychain, and left the venue.  I don't know what keychain I'll be getting, but I got a pretty good one.

 "Well, it was fun."

 "Yes.  And I got cute stuff too.”

 "It’s right."

 So, what should we do now?  If I eat now and go home, it will be around 3pm when I get home.  I said that I would be home around 6pm or so.  Maybe no one will be home.  Usually I would just go straight home, but I forgot my key...

 "Hey, Kota."


 "Do you have any hobbies?"

 "Hah?  Hobby?  …Recently, manga or anime?”

 “Well that's great, but that's what I recommend.  You don't say you like this or that, do you have something like that?  Have I forced my hobby on you?

 Hmmm...when you put it like didn't cross my mind.

 “Well, nothing in particular, but there's nothing wrong with taking me out with you, right?  I wouldn't have come if I didn't want to come.  I've always been like this."

 "Since a long time ago?"

 “Ah, well, I remember being pushed around a lot in the past…”

 "By whom?"


 “Ah, your childhood friend.”

 “Well, we’re not childhood friends anymore.”

 “I previously wondered, is there such a thing as a former childhood friend?”

 "Sometimes I think about that too."

 No, it's not because we're not childhood friends anymore, but just because we're distant from each other?  No, no, no, it's a matter of sentiment.

 “...Don't you want to be friends with her again?  Kirishima-san, she is quite beautiful.”

 "Hmm... I don't know."

 If you ask me if I want to be friends with her, I'll say… yes.

 "Well, if I could return to the past, I want to return, it seems like return to the past would be fun, right?"

 "Hmm.  Well, let me know if you need anything.”

 "No, nothing."

 "It doesn't look like it."


 "I think something must have happened."

 “No, no, no, no.  Nothing happened during Golden Week."

 "Well, I hope so."

 After that, I went to Tokyo Tower to enjoy the view from above and came home around 8pm.  No, I'm not home yet.  My house is still ahead.


 ...Seriously, something happened, Masaki.  No, could this be an event that happened because Masaki put up the flag? 

Translator: Janaka


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