My Neighbor, the Most Beautiful and Innocent “Blind Girl” in School Moved Next Door to My House - Chapter 4 English

 Chapter 4 - Escorting the Neighbors around the Town Part 3

At the edge of the sidewalk were well-trimmed street trees and equally spaced simple designed street lamps.

Misumi and I walked for a while with such a sight at our side — though she might not have seen it — and headed to a stylish coffee shop on the corner.

“…It seems like, you look happy?”

“C-Caught, huh?”

"Of course, you've been smiling to yourself ever since."


We sat on the sofa by the shop window.

Misumi and I were sitting opposite each other at a rectangular table and we had just finished ordering.

“Are you that eager to come to this shop?”

“O-Of course! Because in my hometown there is no shop like this, and when I searched for it on the internet, this shop came out on recommendation…”

“Is your hometown so rural?”

“It's a very rural area, surrounded by fields and mountains. It was pitch black at night because the street lights weren't on, and there was a town not far away, but it took an hour and a half to get there, by the way, the bus fare was very expensive.”

Misumi, who became talkative, continued to speak faster.

“There is a snack bar called a coffee shop, karaoke for the elderly to relax, and a combined elementary and junior high school with double classes.”

“W-Wow… I never thought that a village as beautiful as that painting actually existed…”

Ah, you're making fun of me, right? said Misumi, puffing out her cheeks, frustrated.

"But, in the village there are also good things, you know?"

"Like the fresh air?"

“Well, that might as well exist.”

There was something even more useful, Misumi continued, somewhat arrogantly.

“We use spring water that is pumped from the well, so we don't have to pay the water bill.”

“W-Well!? Ah, you mean like in those dramas? You know, something like pulling ropes, turning pulleys, and drawing buckets?"

“N-Not like that either! The pump is automatic. So if you turn the tap, the water will come out as usual.”

“A-Ah, it turns out to be so…”

“P-Please don't be delusional by yourself. Really, what does Tsushiro-kun expect from my hometown...?”

"Of course, like washing clothes in a river."

"We didn't do that."

Geez, Misumi sighed, exasperated.

Even so, when we were chatting with each other like this, it was hard to believe that Misumi was so stressed that she had a visual impairment.

Actually, what had happened to him?

I'm very curious about it, but it's rude if I ask that, Misumi also probably won't answer a question from someone like me she just met.

While I was thinking about this, a waitress came over with the food we ordered on plates, placed it in front of Misumi and I, said, "Alright, please enjoy," and disappeared behind the counter.

"Then let's eat... uh, what's wrong Misumi?"

Suddenly, I beat the sight of the pancakes in front of me to Misumi, who was also watching her pancakes closely.

“I-I feel like I'm in the city...!”

"Why do you feel that way?"

“B-Because! The pancakes are not only soft, but the topping is also a lot of cream. Luxurious and beautiful!”

Well, it's true, when I heard of Misumi's hometown earlier, this kind of pancake couldn't exist.

Topping crumbs or mandarin oranges from your neighbors...? If I asked such a question, Misumi would probably answer, “Please don't make fun of me anymore,” and end up getting angry, so I decided not to ask.

“I wonder if I can make it myself, the pancakes...”

Misumi muttered, cut the pancake into small pieces with a dessert knife, smeared it with cream, and brought it to her mouth.

"Wow, so you're good at cooking, huh?"

"Um, yes. I was taught to cook quite strictly… but, I really like to cook myself.”

"It's good to be good at cooking. Because I'm not very good at cooking...”

“B-But you can live well on your own, right…?”


At least, I can make something edible.

It's not like in manga or anime, where the kitchen explodes or something like dark matter cooking

But, unfortunately, I can't make anything far from delicious, so I usually buy frozen food at the supermarket or bento at the convenience store.

Even though my living expenses were sent from home, I wanted to save as much money as possible.

In that case, I thought it would be better to cook for myself, but… I still don't want to eat as much of my own food as possible.

I couldn't help but laugh and brought the pancake on the fork to my mouth.



When I saw the cream on top, I thought it would cause a stomach ache, but it was delicious and not too sweet, the texture was smooth and melted easily in the mouth.

Then, the bitterness of the hot coffee I drank between pancakes and the sweetness of the pancakes was absorbed by the sweetness of the pancakes, and then the sweetness of the pancakes returned to my mouth.

"Tsushiro-kun turns out to be an adult huh, since you've been drinking coffee, did you put milk and sugar in your coffee?"

"No, only black coffee."

"I see... So you've already adult, and now you're a grandpa."

“It is still a mystery why there is a theory that your age increases in proportion to the bitterness.”

Misumi placed the teacup in her hand on the table.

It has milk tea in it.

"Can't Misumi drink coffee?"

"That's because it tastes bitter. I have absolutely no idea where the good coffee is. It's more like scorched water."

“Well, because that's an adult's taste. That means coffee is still too soon for Misumi.”

"Hah, you're mocking me again."

I knew Misumi couldn't see it, so I smirked at her, but she seemed to understand when she was being teased, her cheeks puffed out in frustration.

“Please let me try it.”


"Maybe I'll get used to the taste later."

"No, that's not what I meant..."

Is Misumi a race that doesn't care about such things?

No, I don't think she noticed...

While I was wondering what to do, Misumi crawled on the table to find my coffee cup and held it in her hand.

She brought it straight into her own mouth.

Seeing Misumi's cherry red lips touching my coffee cup, I somehow felt like I was doing something wrong.

My heart beats faster and I can't calm down.

I turned my face to the window and peered at Misumi with a sideways glance.


Misumi remained expressionless and silent, staring at my coffee cup.

Then, slowly turning her face towards me, she looked as if she was on the verge of crying.

"...Bitter taste."

"Are you stupid?"

My pounding heart actually calmed down and I just sighed anxiously.

Translator: Exxod

Editor: Janaka

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