Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 20 English

 Chapter 20 – Exam results

 On Monday, when classes resumed after the weekend off, it was time for the third lesson, math, and Yamamoto-sensei appeared with a brown envelope.

 When the students shouted, “Too fast!”, “Sensei is the type to put things like this first,” and while laughing, he wrote down the highest and average marks on the blackboard.  I don't really care about the highest mark, because I'm sure I won't get the highest mark, it looks like the highest mark is 98. And the average mark is 62.4.  Sensei said that this exam is designed for mark from 60 to 65, so I think the difficulty level of this exam is normal.  My impression is like that.

 All around me, people were saying “that's high, that's high!”, and some gave no reaction at all.  Several people were holding their heads... It was Masaki... And Kana, who was sitting on the chair in front of me.

 Well, since the average marks the limit of red marks, and the presence or absence of a red mark determines whether or not there will be a remedial exam, it's understandable that those on the edge would react that way.  Well, I'm worried, but that doesn't mean I can do anything about it.

 Sensei said, “Okay, I'll return your answer sheets in order, starting with number one,” and started calling out our names one by one.

 And my turn came quickly, because my absence number was relatively above.

 "Kashiwagi... OK."

 "Oh yes."

 When I looked at the returned math answer sheet, it said 76 in the top right corner... Well.  That's how it is.  The average mark is 63, so that's about 13 higher than the average, just like in first grade, as I expected.

 I remember the red grades were less than half the average… I wonder if Masaki will be okay.

 "Kirishima, do better on the next time."

 While returning the answer sheet, Yamamoto-sensei added that he would leave a comment… Well, that's what he said when the mark were quite low.  He said it in a whisper, so usually only she could hear it, but I heard it.  Are you okay?  Kana.

 When I returned to my seat, Masaki came to my seat, it was unusual.

 "How's your mark?"



 "Why do you look so disappointed?"

 “This is really bad...”

 Masaki held his head while saying so.  Even if my mark are low, Masaki's mark won't change.

 While thinking that, I casually looked around and saw Kana crying at Igarashi-san.

 ... What, seriously, red mark?  Are you okay ...?

 Kana was clearly not in good condition lately, and she seemed to be so sick that she was causing concern in class.  If that's the reason why her exam results aren't good, maybe I'm the reason… No, there's no point in thinking about that.  I can't do anything about it.

 After that, I looked back at Masaki who was still holding his head, until his name was called.

 “Seriously my heart is going to stop...”

 "Have a nice day."

 I'm a bit relaxed with my exam results because it's OK, but I'm worried about Masaki's mark to some extent.  I'm worried about Masaki's mark, because he has to study harder than usual for the remedial exam.  No, maybe it was a good thing for him to take the remedial exam.

 When I returned the answer sheet, Masaki looked at the dots and folded them where the dots were.

 Ah..., I feel this is not good.

 As expected, Masaki came back looking like he had done something bad.

 "Oh, seriously..."



 It really is a red mark, not nearly red...

 Well, all I can say is......

 "Do not worry.  Do your best for the remedial exam."

 "I'll get it right next time... Staying in school is no joke."

 "Good luck."

Translator: Janaka


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