Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 21 Bahasa Indonesia

 Chapter 21 – Studying for the remedial exam

 The remedial exams came a bit early, sensei said he would hold it this Friday after school.

 "Please help me study."

 It was lunch break, and while I was sitting in front of Masaki's seat for lunch, Masaki said so to me.

 “Okay, but the question format won't change, right?  If you were asked to do a similar question, you would be able to handle it, right?

 “Hey, don't take it easy.  My previous mark was really red, you know!”

 "That's not something I would be proud of."

 After talking jokes like that, he asked me to be serious, so we had to study math after lunch.

 "Thank you for the meal."


 By the time I finished my lunch.  Masaki put the math textbook, exam answer sheet, and question book on his desk and racked his brains.

 I remember, sensei said that the remedial exam will have questions in the same format, so he should be able to get at least an average mark on this exam.  If so, I think he can get by with understanding the basics of the questions and a round of reviewing the exam questions.  No, I think it will be very difficult to do it on Friday.

 "How to do this question?"

 “Which one?… Ah, this…”

 The question Masaki asked was a rather basic one, so I explained it to him.  Seeing that he listened intently to my explanation, I thought that if he continued to work hard, he would be able to handle the remedial exam.

 After explaining the last part, I suddenly looked around the classroom and didn't see anyone studying… Was only Masaki taking the remedial exam?  No, at least Kana looks like she has to take the remedial exam, or maybe she went to the ...library...?


 When we came to the library, there weren't many people and we had no trouble finding seats.  At first, Kana was going to study in class, but she decided to study in the library because she would never be able to concentrate if Kashiwagi-kun was nearby.

 "Come sit here."


 We sat at a table in the corner of the library that Kana pointed to and took out the contents of the bag she had brought to study math.



 Sitting across from Kana, I looked at Kana's exam answer sheet.  Answer the basic question, with lots of simple careless mistakes.  The answer isn't too bad, one question is solved, and one question is only half done.  Seeing that, she could solve the basic questions well enough that if she do them right, she wouldn't get a red mark… Well, sleep deprivation isn't good.  ...

 "For now, of course, don't stay up late."

 "Yes.  I understand."

 "So.., if you don't make a careless mistake, you will get 20 more points..., and if you done the story questions, you will get about 25 more points."

 "Yes, maybe."

 “…Then, if you understand the tendency of the questions, you can overcome the remedial exam just by studying as usual.”

 Kana's test mark was 30. Normally, Kana should have studied hard and even reduced her sleep time and prayed to be able to handle the remedial exam, but in Kana's case right now, she had to prioritize sleeping.  There were so many careless mistakes she made.

 "I will do it."

 “Yes, study properly.”

 Saying that, Kana held the exam answer sheet in front of her.

 “...By the way, Iori, how your mark on this exam?”

 Well, I didn't say about my mark to Kana because it was too shocking.  And because she didn't ask.

 “Um… 92.”


 When I answered honestly, Kana was silent and I could only hear the sound of her breathing.

 “Eh, 92...?  More than three times...?”

 "No, don't compare your mark on the exam."

 “…That's amazing, Iori.”

 “No, I'm happy with that, but if I get complimented like that...”

 “It was really amazing.”

 I tried to avoid talking about it, but I couldn't.  Seeing Kana smile, I feel a little worried because she looks lonely.

Translator: Janaka

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