Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 22 English

 Chapter 22 - Remedial exam

 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays have ended and answer sheets for most subjects have been returned.  I am doing well in all subjects.  And Kana... surprisingly, was able to get average marks in all subjects except math.  I heard that she studied when she couldn't sleep, so it must be a result of that.

 And today is Friday.  It's math remedial exam day.

 "Looks like you'll be fine."

 "I hope so..."

 She seemed to be in better physical condition than during the previous exams and was able to complete the questions well.  As long as she's not nervous and does something weird, I think she'll be fine… maybe.

 I checked my watch and saw that we still had five minutes for our lunch break.

 “As long as you don't do anything weird, it will be fine.  Lunch break is coming to an end.  Let's go back to classroom."


 The lunch break was over, the fifth and sixth lessons were over, and it was after school.

 “Well, good luck.  I'll be waiting for you in the clubroom."

 “Ah… I'm leaving…”

 "Good luck."


 "Okay, I'll be leaving now."

 “Somehow you had to come back alive.”

 "Maybe it's impossible."

 "You will be fine.  I know it."

 “Ah, now that you put it like that, I feel like I can go.  I think I can handle it.”

 "No, I don't think this is good."

 We're joking, but I'm quite worried.  If I fail this remedial exam, I will have to study until I die next time.  If I say something like that..., I'm sure Kota will tell me to study until I die even if I don't fail.  He's a serious type of guy.

 He's the kind of guy who is serious and kind. 

 “Argh… I don't want to go…”


 Well, if I slack off too long, I'll be late.  It was bad for me to be late for the remedial exam.

 Kota said he'd be home straight away, so he walked to the door with me as we finished getting ready to leave classroom.

 “Well, good luck.  I'll be waiting for you in the clubroom."

 "Ah... I'm leaving..."

 As I went through the back door, I heard a noise from the chair next to the wall near the door.  When I heard the voice and saw Kota, he looked a little worried, but still calm… No, maybe it was just my feeling.  But before he was not like that.

 I said, “Okay, see you next week,” and he replied, “Good luck.”  So we split up and I headed to the classroom where we would be taking the remedial exam.

 When there is concern in class that Kirishima is not feeling well, I think Kota is probably the one who worries the most.  I don't know who was worried and how worried they were, but he seemed very worried.

 He looked worried and somewhat depressed at that moment.  He says she's apologize, but he can't forgive her, so he might think it's his fault.

 I honestly don't understand how you can think like that about someone who can easily say what she wants to say and then confront you with problems.  Maybe I'd understand if I was in that situation, but I can't imagine it, at least not for me.  I don't even know Kirishima at all... I think kindness is one of the best things about Kota.  So I can't say “don't worry about that.”

 ...But I don't think it's good for my friend to be hurt by someone like that...

 While thinking so, I entered the classroom where I would be taking the remedial exam and sat down.

 A few moments later, Yamamoto-sensei came in and arranged our seats.

 About 15 students got red marks and had to take remedial exams, maybe two or three students from each class.

 The seating order seems to be based on absentee numbers in class order from the front, and my seat is behind Kirishima's seat.  I sat behind Kirishima.

 "Okay, I'll share the question, please don't talk anymore."

 Now is not the time to think that my current position is Kota’s position usually.  I have to concentrate.


 The content of the remedial exam is similar to the midterm exam as sensei said.  I thought I might be fine.  I couldn't complete the last question, but other than that, I managed to get the answer.

 Looking around, no one seemed desperate.  I think everyone studies with a sense of urgency because this is a remedial exam.

 I looked ahead and saw Kirishima smiling a little and texting to someone on her cell phone.

 "Yeah, good job.  Hopefully next time we don't have to hold a remedial exam."

 Sensei says that and walks out of the classroom carrying our answer sheets.  Behind, there were cheers of joy because the remedial exams were over.  Up ahead, Kirishima was getting ready to leave.

 I'm also getting ready to go home... Before—

 “...Hey, Kirishima.  Are you okay today?”

Translator: Janaka


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