Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 25 English

 Chapter 25 - Beginning of the Sports Festival

 "Somehow, there's always a special event every week."

 “No, normally there are no special events last week.”

 After the math remidial exam, next week, Friday.  Looking around, the whole school came out onto the field wearing jersey, a rare situation… Well, I'm trying to put it in a weird way, but it's a common thing, a sports festival.

 It's cloudy.  There is no rain forecast, so given the risk of heat stroke, the weather is perfect for a sports festival.

 Right now they had just pulled out a chair and were waiting for the first graders to take it.

 When homeroom a while ago, we decided what event we were going to follow.  Since this is a competition between classes, those who are excited seem to be very excited.

 "Masaki, you got an easy sport, right."

 "Don't said 100m run and tug of war is easy."

 “No, it's right, it's easy.  I have to run 1500 meters...”

 "You really are unlucky."

 “I felt that one fact made my day 10% less enjoyable.”

 "Well, do your best."


 Well, there's no point in talking about that, so let's move on.  However, if I could go back in time, I would suggest determining it with rock-paper-scissors back then.

 “The event you were with was held in the morning, right?

 "Ah.  I'll be cheering you up like crazy for a middle distance run this afternoon, so go out there and win!”

 "Do not be crazy."

 As we talked about this, it seemed that it was time for the event to begin, and an announcement had been made.  In response, our class leader, Taguchi Yukiya, called out to other classmates.

 Masaki and I also headed to the line.

 Do we have to line up like this?  I thought it would be boring without it because it wouldn't feel like a sports festival… I guess the parents who came to see the festival would think so too.

 Speaking of parents, it seems that my parents did not come.  Well, I don't think they should come until I'm in high school, so that's fine.

 As I was walking with Masaki while thinking about that, my eyes stopped at a certain point.

 “…Why did you bring a water bottle with you?”

 "Ha?  ... What?"

 Masaki was surprised.  I wonder if he'll be lined up with a water bottle if I don't tell him… No, I don't think that's going to happen because he'll notice it somewhere, but I want to see it.

 Masaki said, "I'll leave it" and ran to his seat.  Well, he'll be back soon, so let's wait.

 So I waited there and was approached by Taguchi, the class leader.

 “What are you doing, Kashiwagi?  Hurry up.”

 "Oh, sorry.  Masaki accidentally brought a water bottle, so I waited for him to come back.”

 "I see.  Well, hurry up."

 When he said it in a strong tone of voice, everyone had probably already gathered.  Masaki immediately returned, and we rushed into line.

 When I arrived, there seemed to be a few people here and there who hadn't come yet.  I'm relieved to see that… well, looks like Masaki and I didn't keep people waiting.

 I looked around and saw Kana behind me on my left.  It seemed that when there were two mixed-sex lines, we would be next to each other, but when there was one line for men and women, Kana was one row behind me.

 "Good morning."

 "Oh, good morning."

 "Let's do our best today."


 Unlike before, Kana and I greeted each other lightly.  We talk to each other once in a while… I'm not sure how far apart we are now, and I feel like I've been pulled back for a bit, but I think it's fine because it's easier this way.

 Also, over the past week, I learned that Kana is a member of the Magic Club.  I was surprised because my impression of Kana was that she was a bit clumsy and better at rough things.

 While thinking that, everyone had gathered, and the opening ceremony began.


 After the opening ceremony, I returned to my seat.  The first event was a 100 meter sprint, so it was Masaki's turn from the start.  My seat was at the front and Masaki's seat was at the back, so I turned to see that Masaki had already gone to the entrance.  Not many people around.  This place is about half full.

 I thought, this feels a bit lonely, immediately after that, the 100 meter run started.

 Now, in what order will Masaki finish?  Not that he's slow or anything, but I don't think he's fit for athletic activities, so I think he'll finish third or fourth.

 The more I made predictions, the noisier the female seat next to me became.  The next event was the women's 100m run, so there must be a lot of people passing by.  I turned my gaze and saw Kana.

 “Oh, it's time for the 100m race.  Good luck."

 “Yes, I will do my best…!  Oh, thank you."

 "Let's go, Kana.  Sorry, Kashiwagi-kun."

 Kana was called by Igarashi-san, who was walking in front of her.

 "No, I'm sorry too.  Sorry I stopped you."

 Kana and Igarashi-san left in a hurry.

 I feel like she has grown… taller.  No, I feel some kind of growth, not just height.  I guess it's because she's wearing jersey that I don't normally see.

 Thinking that, I turned my gaze to the track to distract myself and saw that it was Masaki's turn next.

Translator: Janaka

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