Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 26 English

 Chapter 26 – From the perspective of the peoples around

 After the tug of war, one of the events I will be participating in is about to start, while many people are watching the competition of another class.  I had to finish my lunch quickly, because I had to run at the 1500m race from the beginning of the afternoon, which was a bad schedule.

 Masaki was watching the competition alone in the back because he was causing trouble earlier.



 As I was walking around the yard to get to my class, I was approached by a voice.  I turned around to see that the voice was… Kirishima-san.  It was Kana's mother.

 "Good afternoon."

 "Good afternoon... Kirishima-san."

 "Oh, are you busy right now?"

 "No, I'm not busy."

 “Yes… Then, may I have a moment of your time?”

 "Oh, yes.  If it's only about 10 minutes."

 "Yes.  I won't talk too long."

 I used to call her “aunty”, I remember, but when I saw her after a long time, I couldn't help but become more formal.  While I was thinking about this during a brief silence, Kirishima-san started to speak.

 “Kana told me about it.  About the incident in middle school… I'm sorry for my daughter's behavior.”

 "No, no!  It..."

 It's a bit embarrassing to suddenly be given such an apology.  I don't care about that now, it's an old story that has been resolved.

 “…It was an old story, and Kana already apologized to me, so I don't care anymore.”

 When I said that, Kirishima-san smiled and said, “Yes…, thank you.”

 “Ah, you came to see Kana today, right?”

 "Yes that's correct.  She says I don't need to come.  I thought I could meet Kota-kun too, so I came.”

 “Ahaha… Looks like she got first place in the 100 meter race.”

 "Well, that girl's legs are really fast."

 “I remember she used to run around all the time when she was a kid.”

 We talked a lot about things like that, and before I knew it, about 10 minutes had passed.

 "Oh, it's almost time to go."

 "Oh, I'm sorry.  I talk too much.”

 “No, no… Then—”



 “If possible... Nothing.  Good luck on an afternoon at the sports festival.”

 "Oh, thank you."

 I lowered my head lightly and left the place.

 When I walked into the class, there were four boys in the same class.  I think two of them were participants in the 1500 m race, same as me and the other two just follow them.  They don't usually talk much, but I know their names, and we have a good relationship, talking during sport lessons or something.

 “Oh, Kashiwagi… Kashiwagi will also be participating in the 1500 m race, right?  Let's do our best.”

 "Yes.  That's right."

 Since there were no chairs, everyone sat down at their desk for lunch.  I also sit at my desk.  I could have gone to the cafeteria, but there was no time, so this was enough.  I opened my lunch box and started eating.

 "Hey, Kashiwagi... You're good friends with Kirishima huh."

 "What?  Uh, I've known her for quite a while, I mean, we went to the same elementary and middle school.”

 "Serious?  It was great..."

 "I am jealous of you.  Kirishima is cute.”


 I was surprised to be suddenly spoken to.  Recently, I suddenly started talking to Kana, so it might seem a bit unnatural.

 “…Are you going out with her?”


 Something unexpected was said and what I was trying to swallow crashed.  I have to swallow it somehow and deny it.

 Take a moment to swallow and then speak.

 “…No, no, we're not dating.  We just chatted a bit as usual.”

 "Eh, really?"

 "I doubt that."

 They said such things to me while grinning suspiciously.

 "No... It doesn't look like that?"

 “Well, Kashiwagi, or rather Kirishima, looks like that.”

 “Kirishima doesn't like hanging out with boys.  It's as if there's a wall around her."


 I see.  Indeed, you probably don't often see Kana chatting intimately with boys... I mean, I've never seen her so intimately with anyone other than Igarashi-san.

 “But this is different... Boring and relaxing at the same time...”

 ...It seems they just want to talk about love stories.  But it makes me wonder if we really look really close... Is there something wrong with that.

Translator: Janaka


  1. Kana's mother called Kota as Kity. Is that a typo?
    Well, thanks for the chapter.

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