Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 23 English

 Chapter 23 – Second time

 “…Hey, Kirishima.  Are you okay today?”

 “Eh… Oh, yes.  I'm okay."

 When the remedial exam was over and I had just taxted to Iori that I had done quite well, he spoke to me from behind.  Usually, I would say, “I'm fine, thanks for worrying about me,” or something like that when my classmates were really worried.  However, I muttered because it was Momoyama-kun, Kota's friend, who spoke to me.

 “Oh, that's good… So, the reason you're not in good condition is because of what happened with Kota?”

 My mind paused for a moment... Even though my mind went back to work after that, I couldn't figure out what to say.


 “If it wasn't for that, that's fine… Then, could you please stop?”


 “Kota is a nice guy, so he's worried.  Even if you're embarrassed to be with him, or you tell him not to talk to you for the rest of his life, he's the kind of guy who feels bad when he thinks he might be the cause of your troubles."


 “So… don't feel hurt because Kota or something.”

 After saying that, Momoyama-kun got up from his seat saying, “Bye,” and walked out of the classroom with his bag.

 I was left in classroom, and I froze there.

 Recalling what Momoyama-kun had told me, I felt as if my consciousness had been transported to another world.  It was as if the lid on my subconscious memory had been forcibly opened.

 "Oh, you've come."

 "Yes.  What’s wrong?"

 "... go away from me."


 "Don't talk to me for the rest of your life.  I'm too embarrassed to be your childhood friend, and I don't want everyone to know about it."

 I can feel my blood flowing.  The classroom is empty.

 I quickly grabbed my bag and started running.

 I ran out of school, kept running, nearly fell a few times, and arrived at the station, only to find that the next train would be arriving two minutes later.

 I waited for the train, catching my breath.

 ...Oh, I haven't contacted Iori.

 I took my phone out of my bag and saw that there were several notifications.  When I opened it I saw a message from Iori saying "What's wrong?"  and "Where are you?".

 "Sorry.  I'll go home first."


 "I am so sorry."

 As I sent that message, the train came.

 I took the train that I usually always take but I feel like this trip is too long.  I got off the train at the nearest station from my house and ran to Kota's house.

 "Hah... hah..."

 I was panting, sweating, and my hair was a mess.  But I got there faster.

 I took a break, took a deep breath, and smoothed out my messy hair.

 "Huuumm... Haaa..."

 I took a deep breath and pressed the intercom at Kota's house.  After waiting for a while, I heard a click and heard someone's voice.

 "Wait a moment."

 It is Kota’s voice.  The intercom in Kota's house was the type with a camera, so he must have confirmed that it was me and said so.

 Shortly after, Kota came out of the house.

 “Well… Do you need something from me…?”


 Walking slowly, Kota approached me.  I made sure his feet had stopped, and with a dry mouth, I took a deliberate breath.

 “I'm sorry that I called you to behind the gymnasium in second grade of middle school, and told you not to talk to me for the rest of your life and that I'm too embarrassed to be your childhood friend… I'm sorry I said such horrible things!  I'm really sorry... I'm very, very sorry!”


 I lowered my head and waited to hear Kota's voice.  For a while, Kota was silent, didn't say anything, but then I heard a sigh, and Kota started to speak.

Translator: Janaka


  1. Took you bloody long enough!

    We joke about dense MCs, but this girl is right up there with the best/worst of them with how thick in the head she is. It took three years, constant help and encouragement from her friend (who is best girl btw), and some blunt words from the MC's best bro to pull her head out of her ass and realize how horrible she was to Kota! I'm surprised she doesn't have a moon orbiting her, because she's dense enough to have gravitational pull.

    Well credit where it's due, I suppose: at least she's FINALLY acknowledged how badly she fucked up, and is trying to make amends without being selfish or having ulterior motives.

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