Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 29 English

 Chapter 29 – After running

 My mouth is thirsty and the air I breathe is different.  My legs felt heavy and my jersey were covered in sweat.

 Maybe because I was running with an empty head, but I realized a lot of things after this was over and fatigue hit me hard.  As I feel, I might have some muscle soreness tomorrow....

 "Okay, those of you who are participating in 1500 m race, please leave the court."

 A member of the sports festival committee asked me to leave.  My legs were like sticks and I didn't want to move at all, but I managed to walk out because otherwise I would be in the way.

 My place is in the middle.  I can't contribute much to the class… I can't say anything because Taguchi, the class captain, has a good record of getting 2nd place.

 I walked out the exit and turned my feet towards my seat.  My throat is dry and I want to go back and rehydrate as soon as possible.

 “Oh, good job. Kota."

 When I turned towards the voice, I saw Kana.

 ...Why did she come all the way here?  It's quite a distance from here to our class seats...

 I wondered about it, but my eyes fell on the sports drink that was offered to me.

 “Thank you… This is for me, huh?”

 "Yes.  Your throat is dry, isn't it?"

 "Thank you."

 I took the plastic bottle from Kana's hand and drank it.

 “Phew… I came back alive… Oh, I have to give Kana a drink later.”

 "Eh?  If you want to give back…”

 "Actually, my mother said 'give this drink to Kana-chan too' and she left it to me."

 “Oh!  Yes... Auntie...”

 "Have you met her?  Mom seemed to be looking for you earlier."

 "Yes, we met.  We chatted for a while."

 "I see."

 What are they talking about?

 So I looked at Cana and saw that she was smiling awkwardly.  I think his face is red too.  I wonder if she's... okay.

 "... Are you okay?  Are you sick?"

 It's not a hot month.  And the weather is cloudy, I don't think she's having a heat stroke...

 Anxiously, I checked Kana's temperature by placing the back of my index and middle finger on her forehead... her temperature seems to be fine...?  I'm not sure if it's accurate since I've been running out too, but... a relief for now.


 "Sorry!  It..."

 “...?  ...!?”

 Kana showed a confused reaction as she pulled my hand away.

 Oops.  When I talk to her, it feels like it used to be.  I feel like I'm used to doing things like putting our foreheads together, but not like I'm doing the exact same thing, but that's also wrong.

 "I am very sorry!"

 “No, no problem!  Really, I am completely fine!”

 We went back to our classroom seats together after that, but it was awkward and we had little conversation.  I had just been teased at lunch, and I was afraid that if I went straight back with her, there will be another rumors, so I asked Kana to come back first and I came back a little later.

 "Oh, welcome back."

 Masaki greeted me with those words.

 "I'm tired..."

 "Good night... By the way, you and Kirishima-san were the talk of the class."

 "I failed..."

 After talking about that, when I returned to my seat, several girls turned their heads towards me as if I had been watched all along.  Ugh...


 It was Tendou-san who spoke to me with a warm and pleasant smile.  She is a person who has the image of being the center of the class.  I think she was also sitting in the middle of the class.

 "... What is it?  Tendou-san."

 “Well, you know?  You ran away at lunch break earlier, so this is the continuation.”

 "You still want to talk about that?"

 "Uh, it's okay.  I'm just curious."

 I glanced at Kana.  Our eyes met, but her gaze seemed confused, like she didn't know what to do.  I don't see that she specifically wants to reveal our relationship, so may I say so?

 "We've been close since we were kids.  It's not like we're dating or anything."

 "Is that true?  Didn't you two just get to know each other recently?”

 "There's a lot going on."

 “So you guys are childhood friends?”

 "Yeah, kind of."

 “Wow, that's great… from childhood friends to lovers and then husband and wife, the intimacy of the relationship deepens…”

 "No, it's not like that.  We're just friends.  Just friend..."


 So, that's how my days of being investigated by Tendou and the other girls who like to talk about love ended.  Next week, the story that Kana and I were childhood friends will spread...

 I didn't mind, but I took a look and made sure Kana was okay, and before I knew it, she was gone.  Also, Igarashi-san, who should be beside her.

 Hah?  She has gone...

 After a while, the calm-looking Kana returned.  After that, I could see that she seemed to be lightly replying to the questions from Tendou and the others.  Well, I'm relieved that she seems okay.  That's good, that's good.

Translator: Janaka

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