Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 31 English

 Chapter 31 – New relationship

 After the closing ceremony, the seat were returned to the classroom in the order of third year, second year, and first year, and final attendance was completed.

 “In that case, thank you for your hard work today.  Be careful when you get home."

 When Yamamoto-sensei said this, the class immediately became noisy and bustling.  It was like this until sensei said “Shut up!”, so I could generally understand what my classmates were talking about.

 “Kirishima, Igarashi, we are all going to celebrate now, would you like to join?”

 All, but not everyone, because some refuse.  And my answer is also definite.

 "Sorry.  I will not join.”

 "Eh!  Kana-chan didn't join!?  Even though she is the MVP of this class!”

 “If there is an MVP, it means that the person participating in the long-distance running competition is the MVP.  That's a higher point."

 “Well… So Kirishima didn't join.  How about Igarashi?

 "I thought I would join."


 I didn't go because I heard Kota say no.  I want to talk to Kota, so if he doesn't join, neither will I… Iori will join… We've always been together, so I don't think it's too often Iori joins without me at events like this.

 While I was thinking that, from behind me, I heard the sound of a seat being pulled.  I also heard Momoyama-kun's voice, and I knew that Kota would be leaving soon.

 ... Oh no.  I haven't said that I want to talk to him.

 "Oh, bye.  See you next week."

 When I looked back, Kota who was watching me said so.

 “Ah… Yes… See you later.”


 I heard a sigh.  Sounds familiar, it's a sigh I've heard so often, so I knew immediately who it was.

 “You should have said it now… I don't know, but you can't just leave it like this forever.”


 I can't say anything in return.  Ah...why don't I tell him now...

 "What if you chase after him?"

 “Hm… Yes, I will.”

 Let's do it.  Can I talk to him...?  It's been a week since we started talking to each other and the only time I've chatted with Kota was when I gave him a drink earlier.  I thought I could do that because… I was planning on doing something for sure, which was to give him a drink.

 No, there's no point in thinking about that.  Let's go after him quickly, for now.

 "See you later, Iori."

 "Yes.  Oh, don't run in the corridor."


 ...Why didn't I say I wanted to talk back then...

 I didn't get to talk much to him so I thought about it... soon we'd be at the station closest to our house.  We were in the same carriage now, but far apart from each other, and Kota was playing with his cell phone and didn't seem to notice me.

 ...seems to have done something similar before... However, Iori was with me before.  I remember ... that time, Kota ran from the station to his house, escape.

 ... When we get off the train, talk to him.

 I made this decision and not long after, the train arrived at the station closest to my house.  Kota walked ahead of me because he was at the door leading directly to the ticket gate.  It wasn't safe to run at the station, so I walked briskly.

 The distance between us was gradually closing in, and when we were close enough to hear each other, I called out to him.


 "Hmm?  Kana?"

 “Um, can I, um, talk to you about something… and come home with you?”

 "Hmm.  No problem.  Our way home is also the same way."

 The answer is light.  It was as if he was saying, 'You don't have to ask me that.'.

 We left the ticket gate and walked side by side on our way home.  It was getting darker and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, the orange hue getting stronger.

 "Well, talk... Oh, I'm sorry about earlier."


 "I accidentally called you 'Kana' in front of our classmates.... You get asked a lot of things by them because of that, right?"

 “Uh-huh… No, it's okey…”

 "I am really sorry."

 When Kota said this, he looked slightly apologetic and looked like he had done something wrong.  This was the look I used to see when I was a kid and it felt like it contained some kind of pleasure.  It's fun... it's fun... I wonder if Kota enjoys being with me and talking to me...

 Aunt... reminisced about the conversation with Kota’s mom.

 'He's been looking happy lately, so I knew right away that you guys made up.  If you like, you can be friends with him again like before.'

 '...I am not qualified to...'


 '...Oh, no, no problem I'll be friends with Kota...'

 I was called, I said hello and the conversation that followed went like that.  I feel I have said a few words wrong, I thought she didn't hear me, but she did, and auntie looked serious.

 'Kana, I don't think there are any conditions for a relationship.  Even if there is, if you are not qualified, I think he will naturally stop getting involved with you.  Is Kota trying not to get involved with Kana?’

 'Not that...'

 'Then Kana is qualified to be Kota’s friend…If Kota is qualified to get along with Kana-chan, why don't you hang out with him?  I think it will make Kota happy, you know?”

 After the conversation turned into a lecture, the auntie concluded by saying, 'If you're really worried about it, ask him.'



 “We, you know… What kind of relationship do we have now?  What does Kota think of me?  How do you think I should treat Kota?”


 A question that arose because it was so far from my expectations of what would happen.  I thought Kota had treated me as his childhood friend.  But if I'm wrong, if I treat Kota as my childhood friend, I might make him feel uncomfortable.  Even if it wasn't a misunderstanding, I wondered if someone like me could answer it the same way as in the past.  However, if Kota treats me as his childhood friend and I treat him like he is not my childhood friend, it might make him feel sad.  I kept thinking about... which one was the correct answer, but I didn't get an answer.

 ...After a while, there was no response from Kota.

 I felt anxious that I shouldn't be asking this, and when I turned my gaze from the ground to Kota, he looked at me with a surprised expression on his face.

 When our eyes met, we immediately averted our eyes.

 “… Ah, what kind of relationship… Hmmm, I think we were childhood friends, right?”

 “… am I really allowed to be Kota's childhood friend…?”

 "What do you mean?"

 “Because… I've said those terrible things, you know?  I hurt Kota, however, I can't even apologize properly… I don't think I deserve to be Kota's childhood friend…”

 When I said this, Kota stopped walking.  I also stopped walking and turned towards Kota.  He looked surprised again.

 “Something… has completely changed.”


 “No, what can I say… you are still worrying about it… Back then, if something happened, you would apologize and that would be the end of it all.”

 In fact, it was like that until Iori told me about it, so it felt like my chest was being stabbed.

 Kota looks at me.  Then, after a while, he opened his mouth.

 “…I'm glad to be able to go home with Kana again like this.”


 “A week ago, I said… I want us to be friends again.  I want you to be more relaxed with me like you used to be.  I know a lot has happened but you don't have to worry too much, you can treat me the way Kana wants to do."

 "... May I?"

 "Yup.  I want to be childhood friends with Kana.”

 My nose twitched and tears welled up in my eyes.  I am pleased.  I thought we would never be like we used to be.  I thought there was no way he would say that to me.  I couldn't stop the tears and the overflowing happiness.

 “…After all, you're still a crybaby.”

 My vision was distorted by tears and I couldn't see well, but Kota smiled as he said this.  Then a hand was placed on my head.

 ... Warm.

 I will never make the same mistake as before again.  I will never let go of this hand.  As a childhood friend, I want to be with you... as long as we can be together.


 The last time I said that the next chapter would be the last in the Sports Festival arc... That's a lie.  No, I don't mean to lie.

 So, next, the last part of the sports festival, I felt like writing it from the perspective of Kota in the same scene as this time.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Translator: Janaka

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