I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 1 English

 Chapter 1 – Being ridiculed and dumped by a girl (I considered) my lover

 "Hah?  There's no way I'd date a shady guy like you, right?"

 I, Shiojiri Souta, am 16 years old.  I am a first year high school student.

 In an after-school classroom in mid-July, just before summer vacation.

 In front of me was Kisogawa Kusumi, a gyaru girl in my class.

 "Eh... what?  But we're dating..."

 Let me explain the situation.  Kusumi and I are classmates.

 But one day we started dating.

 As we were about to talk about our summer vacation plans, she uttered those opening lines.

 "I didn't say that I would be your girlfriend, but I did say that I could go out with you as an trial."

 I think she said something like, “I'll give it a try” at that time.

 But, even if it's just an trial, doesn't that mean we're in a relationship?

 "Eh?  That… then why are you going on a date to the amusement park or shopping with me?”

 I had a date with Kusumi.  There were sudden calls that day, and some were cancelled.

 "Of course.  But it's not because we're dating.  It's not a date, I just want to go to the amusement park, and I need help carrying my shopping bags."

 So that's it... yes.

 But, I paid for the whole date, but... we're not even dating?

 I was just being bullied with...?


 "...So you're not serious about dating?"

 "It's obvious right."

 Kusumi said so, as if it was only natural.  The way she said it was a bit like she was making fun of me.

 What I feel is not anger, but ... belief.

 "So, I see... Kisogawa-san."

 Haha, that's right.  I, who didn't stand out in class, and Kusumi, who was the central figure in the class, couldn't able to match each other in the first place.

 I don't know what to be proud of, I...

 I feel like… an idiot for thinking that we are in a relationship.

 "That's how it is.  Souta-kun.  Don’t take it wrong.  You are the bottom and I am the top who reigns at the top of the caste.”

 Kisogawa Kusumi.

 A girl in the same class.  She has wavy blonde hair, wheat-colored skin, and a gyaru-like appearance.

 She is a gyaru but knows a lot about otaku hobbies.

 I, well, I have little knowledge of that kind of thing due to 'certain circumstances'.

 So I started talking to Kusumi a lot.

 Her words are harsh, but she speaks positively, has big breasts, and I feel attracted to her...

 "By the way, even if I confess now, the result won't change?"

 "No.  Sorry, you can't."

 It was replied in seconds...

 “Um, by the way, what was the reason I got dumped?”

 "Hah?  Did you not hear me, Souta-kun?  It's because you are a shady guy, part of the bottom caste that has nothing to be proud of.”

 "Oh, I see"

 "That's right.  You have nothing.  You're not tall, you're not handsome, of course.  You are a bottom character who has nothing.  Background characters.  That's Shiojiri Souta."


 “And on the other hand, I am the daughter of the president of a large company.  I am rich, beautiful, and also a very sociable person who can talk to anyone.”

 Kusumi looked really like a princess.

 His father is the president of TAKANAWA, a large publishing company, I think, which published the very famous light novel, Digimas.

 The film version was released the other day and earned tens of billions of yen.

 Rich, beautiful and popular.  It was Kisogawa Kusumi.

 She is a winner who has everything... On the other hand, I am a man who has nothing, as she said.

 “Haa, if you are at least as popular as this girl.  I would be happy to date you, you know?”

 Kusumi then took out her phone.

 The screen shows an illustration of a beautiful girl.

 “'Isuzu Wine'...”

 “Well, she's one of the most popular female streamers around the world right now!  She's my number one favourite.  Hmm, she's cute, isn't she?”

 "Well, yes.  Isuzu is cute.”

 "Hah?  Do you know?  She's not called Isuzu, she's Wine-tan you know?  Or Sergeant-san?”

 Indeed, Isuzu was called Wine-tan by her fans.

 “Wine-tan is so cute, right?  Do you know?  Wine-tan sings the theme song for the film.”

 "Yeah, it's AMO's theme song."

 “What, you know that too?  Wine-tan is a true influencer, even casual fans like you know her.  I hope to meet her in real life.”

 I was going to tell her to come to my house, but I didn't say so.

 Because Isuzu said that it was forbidden to reveal her identity in real life.

 "Besides, I'm not going out with some shady, nothing-ass trash like you."

 "Oh, yes.  I see."

 “Yeah, yeah, I don't mind button people knowing their place.  However, I am 100 percent not interested in going out with them.”


 "Yes.  And I've been dating a guy.  By the way, while I was going out with you as an trial, I was also doing it with other guy, so…”

 "Eh!?  There's another guy!?  Even though we were dating!?”

 "I'm not dating you.  Why are you mad at me?  You're not even my boyfriend."

 “Ah… yes, that's right…”

 "That's right."

 "I'm tired."

 Kusumi then leaves.

 Haa, I sighed.

 “Seriously… No, but… ha...”

 There are a lot of things... that bother me mentally.

 For several months...

 And while she was dating me, even if it was an trial, she was also dating another guy...

 I really wonder what I've been doing the last few months.... I'm not rich at all either... Sigh.  ....

 There is no otaku friendly gyaru in this world.

 No matter how Kusumi talked to shady people without discrimination, there was nothing special about her.

 Then I know...

 She called all the boys in the class by their first names.

 If she behaved like that, she would be favored by the boys and they would be flattered.

 That's why she did it.  It was a strategy... And I found out later, but it was too late.

 “Haa… Thank goodness it was before summer vacation.”

 It is now July.  Soon it will be summer vacation.  Only a few more times to come to school.

 Fewer awkward face-to-face encounters with Kusumi.

 At least, that's a relief.

 "... Let's go home."

 Just before the summer vacation of my first year in high school, I, Shiojiri Souta, got dumped by a girl in my class.

Translator: Janaka


  1. from the streets she has emerged and to the streets she shall return

  2. Doing shit like that seems like a really good way to speed run life if you get my drift.

  3. Oh Boy, she has to be a Kisogawa, like that othe MF from the other novel of this author.

  4. Since the charm in this story is about a little sister caring for her family, making her a fake sister is not only pointless but it ruins the appeal. Fake sisters are on the same level as childhood friends, so they don't hold the same importance after all.

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