I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 2 English

 Chapter 2 – Popular vtuber 'Isuzu Wine'

 Vtuber is currently very popular all over the world.

 They are one type of streamer that operates on streaming sites.

 With an anime-style 'avatar' and added motion and voice to it.

 This is a somewhat unusual, or perhaps new, form of streaming.

 My little sister, Isuzu, is active as a Vtuber.

 Her stage name is 'Isuzu Wine'.

 Her avatar has wine-colored hair and a succubus-like appearance.

 She wore a blue military uniform and hat, and his nickname was 'Wine-tan' or 'Sergeant-san'.

 Lolita-like appearance, odd eyes.  And has a cute voice.

 She's a streamer, but she's also a very good singer, so good that she's been offered to sing the theme song for a movie.

 She is a very popular Vtuber who has been active for six months and has 1.9 million subscribers.

 According to Isuzu, they were like combat troops.

 My sister seems to be a strong person with a combat power of 1.9 million.  more than Friza-sama.

 Currently, Isuzu is still active as a Vtuber.

 I'm currently cooking for dinner and watching my sister's game stream.

 “Kyahaha, zakko, zakko❤️ In an instant, it's a beehive❤️”

 Isuzu is playing 'Apex', a battle royal game where you fight with a gun.

 The character she controls defeats the enemy in an instant.

 “Sergeant-san TUEE” “Wine-tan is really too strong!”  “Not only does she have a cute voice, but she is also a good shooter!”

 In the comments section, comments poured in praising Isuzu.

 "Really?  Isn't that amazing?  Isn't that amazing?  If you think it's good, please give me a superchat❤️ You think you can watch me for free?❤️ If you don't have a girlfriend and can't spend your money, then give me your money❤️ But I won't thank you even if you give me money~  ❤️”

 Isuzu explicitly asked for money.

 What she said was quite rude, it was rubbish.

 Superchat.  Also called tip.  It is a money transfer system to streamers.

 ... Again, in short, superchat is a tip.  It's the kind of thing you see in cabaret clubs and stuff.

 If a cabaret girl says, 'Give me money' at the cabaret club, if she is not good, she will be fired.

 Even though...

 "I can't help it lol."  "Sergeant-san!  This is a tip!”  “If you ask me with that cute voice, I will give you a tip.”

 And well, people throw in quite a bit of money for it.  Seriously... it's always been like that.

 “Oh you poor single fish ❤️ I'm going to use this money to play games on my phone ❤️ Hey hey hey how are you feeling?  Isn't it a shame that your hard-earned money is being used to pay for other people's entertainment?”

 So much abuse, but still accepted.  Was it Isuzu's character that made her that way, or was her voice cute?

 I don't know, but as her brother... I have a mind of my own.

 She's really a good girl.

 The game ends like that.

 “I made a lot of money today❤️ Money is great ❤️ I love money more than anything in this world.”

 “Crap lol” “You're a military girl, but you're a stingy girl, but that's good” “I'm going to see AMO too!”

 The streamer will usually thank the superchat givers.

 They love it when you call them by name.  Then next time, they will give superchat again.

 "Yes, done.  I'm tired."

 And Isuzu ended the broadcast just like that.  Of course, there were many negative reactions.

 “You bitch!”  “She has a bad attitude!”  "She didn't even thank me for superchatting!"  "You didn't read the messages, are you crazy?"

 Well, it can't be helped.  My sister is too self-absorbed.

 But she is popular.  This is, in part, because she has built up her online popularity as such a character.

 "The bad girl's impression is good, isn't it?"  “On the contrary, I would be afraid if she teased me.”  “I think it's good to have a bad girl who isn't teasing anyone at the moment.  Amateurs should keep their mouths shut.”

 There are pro and con comments.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm glad that my little sister is accepted by the world in any form.

 "Okay.  I'll bring you some food."

 Fried rice for dinner was ready, so I went upstairs to my sister's room.

 Knock knock...

 "Isuzu?  I brought you food!”

 ...Come to think of it, it was an unfortunate accident.

 "Whose voice is that?"  "What's that?  Bringing food?”

 Yes, right now, my sister's streaming isn't really cut off.

 Neither I nor Isuzu myself noticed it.  In such circumstances...

 “Ah❤️ onii-chan~❤️”

 My little sister greeted me with her super cute voice and smile.

 Yes, my little sister, Shiojiri Isuzu, loves me, her brother, and she is a brocon.

Translator: Janaka


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