I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 3 English

 Chapter 3 – Shy little sister is an acknowledged streamer

 My little sister, Shiojiri Isuzu.

 She is one year younger than me, 15 years old and currently in her third year of middle school.

 But for some reason, she didn't go to school.

 Silver hair, pure white skin.  She has greenish eyes and an appearance that is not Japanese-like.

 It's not hard to see why.  She's half Russian and half Japanese.

 Her father is from Russia, naturalized in Japan.  Her mother is Japanese.

 In addition, I am a pure Japanese with black hair and dark eyes.

 As you might have guessed, Isuzu and I are not related by blood.  We are stepsiblings.

 Well, it's a slightly complicated family situation, but I won't go into detail about it.

 Explaining Isuzu's appearance, she was a bit short.  Her well-made face, as if it was made directly by God.  Tight cheeks.

 Slim body.  She has a loli body but with big breasts.

 In general, 10 out of 10 people would say she's a pretty girl.  I thought so too.

 However, she is withdrawn and shy.

 That's why she doesn't show his face in public and works as a Vtuber.

 “Onii-chan onii-chan onii-chan onii-chan ❤️”

 Where was Isuzu Wine's rude attitude earlier, and as soon as I entered my sister's room, she hugged me tightly around my waist.

 "I brought food to you."

 “Wow ❤️ thanks ❤️ you even brought it to my room ❤️”

 "Ah.  You hate leaving your room, right?"

 “Yes ❤️ Yes ❤️ Thank you ❤️”

 (“Who is that person?” “What the hell is that seductive voice?” “I'm getting bullshit.”)

 [AU Note: above is an example of an archived comment.  They will read that later.]

 "You have to eat them all."

 “Onii-chan, feed me ❤️”

 (“Feed me!?” “Oh, onii-chan!?” “Wine-tan has onii-chan!?”)

 "I can't help it."

 (“No, you're going to feed her!” “Sergeant-san!? Didn't you destroy your character!?” “Hey, you, feeding Wine-tan, you must be kidding me!” “I envy you!”)

 “Yay ❤️ Thank you ❤️”

 You might call it naive.

 But I couldn't refuse my sister's request.

 (“That's cute!” “Just die!” “What the hell is that seductive voice” “Damn it! You're in luck, bro!”)

 Isuzu and I sat side by side on the bed.

 “Onii-chan ❤️ Hayakuu.”

 "Yes, yes.  Here, ah."

 “Ahhh ❤️ Hm~ ❤️ Onii-chan's fried rice is the best~ ❤️”

 (“‘Ahhh’ she said!?” “Wine-tan said ‘Ahhh’” “Damn, I want to do that too!”)

 “Onii-chan, again, again ❤️”

 (“That little sergeant, she pleaded in a seductive voice.” “Oh my god! I envy.” “Execute! Execute him!” “At least she's safe, that guy is her brother.” “That's right.”)

 Immediately after, Isuzu finished her fried rice.

 "Wow, I'm full."

 “Hey, don't go to sleep right after you eat.  You will turn into a cow."

 "I'm tired after streaming, so I want to rest on onii-chan's lap."

 (“Lap pillow!” “Damn bro!” “I want Wine-tan on my lap!” “I wish I was born as Wine-tan's brother!” “Damn it! I want to see Wine-tan's real face! I want to give her a lap pillow!")

 I said, while I brushed Isuzu's hair.

 “Isuzu… I just saw your stream”

 “Woah, you watched my stream, onii-chan!”

 "Yes, but I don't provide superchat."

 “It's okay ❤️ I don't need money ❤️ I'm already happy with just onii-chan watching my stream ❤️”

 (“My tears are dripping” “She is happy without superchat” “She loves her brother” “Good ahhhh!”)

 "By the way, about superchat... Hey, I've been thinking about this for a long time, Isuzu"

 I told my sister what I wanted to tell her.

 "I don't think you have to make a character like that and say bad things to your viewer."

Translator: Janaka 


  1. The idea isn't bad, but the content and execution is awful. How is a big breasted girl like that little sister material? And she is not even a real little sister but just fake trash?

    This isn't cute at all!

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