Soen ni Natte Ita Osananajimi to Seki ga Zengo ni Natta - Chapter 33 English

 Chapter 33 – New normal

 "Good morning, Kana."

 "Kota, oh, good morning."

 I woke up a bit late and went to the station too late than usual, and found Kana waiting for the train, so I called her.  It's too late than usual, but even at this time, there's enough time to get to school.  Or rather, it's just that I'm usually earlier and this time more normal.

 “…You left quite late today.”

 “Ahaha, I woke up late.”

 "Did you sleep late at night?"

 "Yes.  I did homework in a hurry last night, I forgot that we have math homework.”

 "Are you done with your homework?"

 "Yes.  Somehow.  However, this makes me a little sleepy.  Has Kana done the homework?”

 "Yes.  My math scores are bad so I have to do my homework so it doesn't get any worse…”

 "By the way, you have to take the remedial exam huh."


 At that time, I could see that she was in bad physical condition, so it can't be helped... next time I want her to manage her physical condition better... not that I have the right to say that.

 This is how we started talking again, and I don't think it will happen again, I don't think so.  I'm not very good at that subject, but I can teach her.

 Kana, who had a slightly sour expression on her face, suddenly raised her head.

 "Ah, the train has arrived."

 When Kana said that, I listened carefully and heard a train coming from a distance.

 ...Looks like she has good ears, I know Kana has a wild side... She's also a fast runner.

 I thought about this as the sound of the train gradually grew louder.


 Arriving at the station closest to the school, we walked side by side along the road to the school.

 I think I'm calmer than usual, or a little calmer than usual, after talking to her on Saturday and Sunday using a messaging app, and talking to her on the train earlier.

 I used to be pushed around all the time, but I don't think that will happen again.  When I think about it, I feel a little sad.

 I walked with Kana, talked about various things, and approached the classroom.

 ...Oh, it's no good if we go in together.  There was a lot of commotion in class about all sorts of things at the sports festival.  If we come to class together, I'll get a lot more questions.  If it's just me, the classmates who like to talk about love will quickly forget about it after the weekend, but if Kana is the center of the conversation, that won't happen.

 "Eh, I'm going to the toilet for a bit."

 "Okay.  I understand."

 It's not a good idea to enter a classroom together.  In that case, let's avoid that and ask Kana to leave first.  This way, it will be fine.

 Now, I think I'll go and spend my time.


 Kota says he has to go to the toilet, I walk to class and stand at the door.

 I was a little hesitant to enter the classroom.  The reason was that some classmates had seen us walking together before when we walked from the station to school.  After being the talk of the sports festival, they would definitely say something if we went to school together after Saturday and Sunday.

 "Kirishima?  You won't come in?"

 "Oh, I'm going in.  Sorry."

 Someone couldn't enter because I was standing at the door calling me from behind.

 When I entered in a hurry, several people in the class looked at me.  Several people who saw who was coming and immediately turned their eyes back to look at us.  Well, some of those people are Tendou-san and others.

 I sat with a stiff smile.

 "Good morning."

 "Good morning, Iori."

 “There was a rumor that you went to school with Kashiwagi-kun.”

 “Well that's true...”

 I was wondering about the situation, I thought they would immediately approach, but it seems Tendou-san and company are just chatting normally while glancing at me.


 "Hmm?  What’s wrong?"

 “No…, I thought they would say a lot of things to me like during the sports festival…”

 “Ahh.. well, I think everyone is really excited about that at the sports festival, huh?”

 "Is that so?"

 "Maybe so."

 I feel like I have been misled somehow.  For some reason, I felt that smile was fake... Maybe Iori was implying something.

 "I'm glad you guys made up."

 "... Yes thank you very much."

 When I said my gratitude, Iori chuckled and accepted my words.

 Then, while Iori and I were talking about today's lesson, I heard the door creak open.

 I had already guessed about who would enter, when I looked in that direction to check, I saw Kota entering the classroom as expected.

 And then, after being a little nervous about entering the classroom, Kota put his bag on the seat behind me and walked over to Momoyama-kun.  The fact that Kota went to Momoyama-kun's seat instead of his own like this hasn't changed since he became a second grade student, but now I don't feel a stab in my chest like I used to.

 Kota seemed to have been told something after exchanging morning greetings with Momoyama-kun, it made him look both surprised and troubled.


 "Hmm, what?"

 “If you keep looking at Kashiwagi-kun like that, peoples will talk about you again.”


 When she showed it to me, it seemed that I had subconsciously been staring at Kota.  I felt a little embarrassed when she pointed it out, and I felt my face getting hot.

 After apologizing for what happened in middle school, I'm baffled by Kota's friendly attitude over the past week.  Then, after we talked together after the sports festival, he stroked me, we chatted on messaging apps, and we went to school together... Thinking about it, I could see that I was falling in love with Kota even more.

 ... I’m not worthy of Kota.  But I want to appreciate this feeling... I feel like that.

Translator: Janaka


  1. Light story with light drama, it's a nice change after heavy stuff i've read before this, i wish author will continue with this because he's doing a great job :)

  2. No update again?

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