I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 4 English

 Chapter 4 – Forgot to turn off streaming and by the time we realized it, it was too late

 I said my thoughts to my Vtuber sister, Shiojiri Isuzu a.k.a. Isuzu Wine.

 In her room.

 I sat on the bed with my sister.

 <Huh?  Character change?> <What do you mean?>

 “It's not good to ignore the comments of people who took the trouble to come to watch your stream.  At the very least, it's polite to thank those who even give you money, right?”

 “Uh… but… I did it because character like that was liked and wanted”

 "Yes I know.  I know you are really a good girl.  But you know, it's hard for me.  When viewing hate comments.  I can't stand it when some of them say bad things about you."

 <Good brother> <Wine-tan is also a good girl> <What a good brother and sister>

 “B-but if I don't behave the way the audience wants… I won't get superchat.”

 “You know… I wanted to tell you about this a long time ago, you don't have to worry about money.  Even if we are poor.”

 <Eh!?  A shocking fact!> <What, is Wine-tan's family poor?> <I've never heard about it before!>

 “We are a complicated family.  Mom is dead and dad is taking care of us alone.  We haven't been able to pay back the debt we incurred when we set up the 'shop'.  I know that you chose to be a streamer to help us pay for that.”

 Dad runs a coffee shop.  It was his dream with our late mom to run a shop together.

 <Sad> <All her obsession with money is for the good of her family!> <Single father, it seems difficult> <She's having a hard time>

 "But, you know, you don't have to work so hard."

 “But you also worked hard, Onii-chan.  You got a scholarship from your school now, right?”

 "That's right.  But if I keep getting good grades, I won't have to pay the scholarship back.  So, I'll be fine."

 "This is not good.  It's too hard ... to keep getting the highest score.  One wrong move and you're out.  Besides, you do housework and take care of me, replace dad, and you study late at night.  You will destroy your body one day…”

 <What a good brother> <Does all the housework and even does his best in studying> <Great> <What a great brother!>

 "I'm young and I'm fine.  So you don't have to make money."

 "No, I don’t want.  I don't want Onii-chan and dad to be burdened all the time.  I will not stop.  I love my family."

 <Woah, Wine-tan!> <You are so brave!  You're too brave!> <I didn't like her before, but now that I think about it, she's not a money lover.> <Now you can help your family finances!>

 I stroked the head of my sister who was crying.

 <Very well, Isuzu's determination, I accept it well.  But if you don't think it's possible, tell me right away.  Onii-chan is always by your side.”

 <Oh, brother!> <Wine-tan's brother!> <What a nice guy!> <Oh no, I'm going to fall in love with him!> <The jealous comments have decreased.> <The brothers are too kind> <This makes me want to  support you!  Let's give money!>

 And that's when.


 A call came into my phone.  When I was wondering who it was, I saw Kisogawa Kusumi’s name on the screen.

 ... No, I don't want to answer that call.  Especially today because I just got dumped by hwr.

 "What is it?  Why didn't you answer that call?"

 "I don't want to answer that call."

 "Who is that?"

 "My classmate"

 "Hmm, why?"

 "I was dumped by her."

 <Super development of the situation!> <She dumped Wine-tan's brother> <What a terrible thing to do to a good brother!> <Who is on the other side!> <He said that she was his classmate>

 "Terrifying!  She's the worst person!"

 “Well, it can't be helped.  I don’t have anything.  My face is average and I'm not tall."

 “But you are so kind, Onii-chan!”

 <That's right, that's right!> <Wine-tan's brother is good!> <Let's kill the woman who dumped him!> <Idiot girl!>

 "Who is that girl!?"

 “That girl is Kisogawa.  Kisogawa Kusumi."

 "Trash.  Like her name, she is trash (kuzu).”

 <Kuzumi lol> <Her name represents her behavior!> <Oi, identification unit!  Expose her to internet!> <Hm?  Kisogawa in the next class> <Eh, wait, really!?>

 <Yes, seriously> <Do it, expose her!> <No, wait a minute>

 <Hm?  What's wrong?>

 <If you go to the same school as that Kuzumi, you can also identify Wine-tan's brother, right?>

 <That's right!  You can find out who Kuzumi dumped today at school!>

 <Come on!> <No, I feel sorry for Wine-tan’s brother, I don't want to expose him!  > <I agree with that.> <But I'm curious>

 <We can know the real Wine-tan from her brother>

 <Uwogh, I'm getting more and more curious!>

 I patted my angry sister's head and said.

 “Thank you ‘coz being angry for me.  That’s enough.”

 “Muu… if onii-chan says so, fine, but… I can't forgive him!  That Kuzumi!”

 <Strongly agree> <Agreed> <I won't let that Kuzumi get away with it> <She will be the butt of the internet for the rest of her life> <Kill her socially!> <Wow, this is getting more and more exciting!>

 I suddenly realized.

 "Hey, Isuzu.  Isn't your smartphone buzzing just now?"

 "What?  Let me see."

 <Oh!  Finally!> <Wine-tan noticed!> <Your streaming hasn't stopped!> <Wine-tan, come back!>

 I handed the smartphone over to Isuzu.

 His skin turned pale in an instant.

 "What wrong?"

 “The streaming...”

 “The streaming?  What wrong?"

 “The streaming… I forgot to turn it off.”

 Eh?  Eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

Translator: Janaka


  1. This writing is as if it was created into a parallel universe where fans of female vtubers wouldn't be like rabid piranhas and tear everything when any noise of a guy comes from their mic, also the nii Chan being the dumbest piece of shit when it comes to speaking to her just after tuning into her stream. Getting any knowledge of a popular vtubers would send stalkers every which way regardless of getting your old gf doxed.

    All in all will read more to see how shit it'll get Ty to san

    1. the writing itself is just so awkward...notice how he just blatantly explained information that only needed to be said for plot convenience? To tell the viewers and get these reactions. No one talks like that normally. And that kind of stuff was done several times. Like, there were ways to explain their situation that wouldnt sound so stiff and unnatural.

  2. hey, i think i i like this novel

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