I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 7 English

 Chapter 7 - Liked by No. 1 idol in agency

 I'm Shiojiri Souta.  16 Years Old.

 Just before summer vacation, a lot of things happened.

 I got dumped, my sister had a streaming accident and my existence was recognized by the whole world...

 Before I knew it, I had come to the biggest agency '812 Production' to become a Vtuber.

 By the way, it looks like it's written as '812' and called 'Hachi-Juuni'.

 Not 'Hachi-Ichi-Ni'.

 "We have arrived..."

 A mysterious big man appeared at dad's shop and led me to a large building.

 This is a very large building in Tokyo.

 Next to it was a large building called 'TAKANAWA''s building.

 TAKANAWA is a large publisher that publishes very popular novels.

 This building is as large as the publisher's building.  This appears to be 812 Pro building.

 I entered the building with that big man.

 I was about to take the elevator when.

 "Wait for me!  I want to go upstairs too!”

 A little girl ran towards us.

 She's probably still in elementary school.

 Small, petite, and... curly blonde hair.

 A blonde haired elementary school student is about to take the elevator.

 I pressed the 'Open' button.

 “Hmmm… thank you for that.”

 "That's almost.  What floor do you want to go to?”


 The blonde looked at me and looked away.

 "What's wrong?"

 "Nothing.  Please press the button to the 12th floor.”

 "That's good then.  We also want to go to the 12th floor.”

 "Hmm, there too huh."

 The door is closed.

 That girl was standing right next to me, staring closely.


 “What… are you here for?”

 Elementary school children today are so used to this kind of intimacy.

 “Eh, just running errands.”

 I don't think she would understand if I said that I came here to be a Vtuber.

 I don't need to say it.

 "What do elementary school students need in this big building?"

 "What?  Elementary school student?  I may look like this, but I am in the third year of junior high school!”

 "Hah?  It doesn't look like that…”

 Is she really not an elementary school student?

 “You are rude!  Don't you know who I am?!”

 "I do not know."

 "You do not know!  Aren't you watching TV...?”

 "Yeah, I don't watch TV.  Right now, I only watch YouTube on my phone.”

 “Modern child base.”

 “You are also a modern child.”

 Hmmm ... said the blonde loli, nodding.

 “How can you be so rude to me?  You... are an interesting guy.  I like you."

 "What a naughty kid."

 "I'm not a kid.  I'm Arc.  Tenryuugawa Arc."

 “Tenryugawa… Huh?  I seem to have heard of it before…”

 More specifically, at school...

 I'm sure it's a famous person's name... No.  That's not possible.

 "I'm sure you've heard it.  Only you don't know."

 "Shut up.  I don't know Tenryuugawa Arc."

 “Uneducated people.”

 "Up to you."

 We arrived on the 12th floor. The blonde loli and I... went through the automatic doors.

 That big man, Niekawa-san, who was silent behind me, looked at me and said.

 "The president is waiting.  Please follow me.”

 “Oh, you were also called by President?  'Wine's Brother'?”


 What did this loli just say...?

 “Ordinary people wouldn't notice, but I'm different.  There's no way for the ear of a genius pianist with an absolute understanding of tone not to notice, I'm 'Tenyruugawa Arc'."

 “Pianist… absolute understanding of tone?”

 "So.  That's why I recognize your voice when I hear it.  You are Isuzu Wine's… brother, who appeared in her stream the other day.”

 Damn... I leaked my real life to someone I don't know at all...!

 “Oh, but don't worry.  I won't tell anyone else.  You'll be my work colleague, you know."

 “Ha… Lucky you're not going to spread that information… Huh?  Work colleague?  Is it possible that Arc...”

 Arc walked briskly with Niekawa-san.

 We arrived at the president's office.

 Arc and I were brought into the room.

 "Welcome, you two."

 Sitting by the window was… a sharp-eyed 'woman' who was wearing glasses.

 She wore a tight suit and had long, wavy black hair.

 She looks handsome like a man.  But her big breasts prove that she is a woman.

 “I am Niekawa Reimi, president of 812 Productions.”

 “Niekawa… that's the same name as the man who brought me here.”

 "Yes, he is my son."

 “W-What...!?  Son!?"

 President Niekawa had the appearance of a beautiful woman in her twenties.

 If she was the one who gave birth to that burly man I was with before, she must be...30...no, she must be almost 40 years old.

 She is so beautiful even though she is 40 years old!

 She could have been mistaken for a college student!

 “You must be surprised when you meet a muscular man like him out of the blue.  I'm sorry about that.  Oh, Jirota.  You can leave this room now."

 That muscular Niekawa-san, who brought me here, lowered his head lightly and left.

 Remaining 3 people... Me, Arc, and President Niekawa.

 “Riemi-san, she is Isuzu Wine's brother, right?”

 "That's right.  Please don't say anything more, 'Arc Kumakuma', okay?”

 "I know."



 “Ah, Arc… you are Arc Kumakuma?”

 "Yes.  You just realized it now?  You have bad ears."

 “No, no, no, no!  Arc Kumakuma is one of the top 812 Pro Vtubers and one of the 'Four Heavenly Kings'!”

 I'm not very familiar with the topic of Vtuber.

 But even I know the Four Heavenly Kings of Vtuber.

 The Four Heavenly Kings.  It was when Vtubers had not yet be known in the world....

 They are four streamers who have created Vtuber culture with their immense popularity.

 One of them is the 'Arc Kumakuma', which is incorporated in 812 Pro.

 "Yes!  I am one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Vtuber and number one of 812 Pro!  I am Arc Kumakuma!”

 “Seriously… Arc Kumakuma is a blonde loli…”

 I mean, I... didn't know that she was such a great person, and I just said something rude!

 Yes, right.  Being a part of this agency means Arc is my senpai.

 How rude of me to say those things to my senpai!

 “S-sorry… I'm sorry… I was so rude earlier…”

 "Hmm.  Yes, that's rude.  But it's okay.  I will make a special exception.”

 "Hah?  You forgive me...?”

 "Yes.  You can call me by my first name.  And you don't need to use honorifics."

 "E-Ehh... Why?"

 Arc Kumakuma... said with a slight blush on her cheeks.

 "Because you treat me like an ordinary person."

 "Eh, that's all?"

 "Hmm.  I'm a talented genius pianist and a genius streamer, right?  It seems that I am unapproachable by ordinary people.  Well, that's the fate of celebrities, so it can't be helped.”


 This girl is very confident...

 “They all shrank when they faced me.  Even all people at this agency.  That's why it's so refreshing to have someone like... you who treats me like an ordinary person.  That is why!  I like you.  I will make a special effort to get to know you.”

 Suddenly, Arc stretched out his hand.

 “Once again, I am ‘Arc Kumakuma' aka Tenryuugawa Arc.  Come on, you can say your name too.”

 "Y-yes... I'm Shiojiri Souta?"

 "Souta.  Souta, you don't need to be so polite."

 “I-I see...”

 But... I didn't do anything out of the ordinary from day one!?

 I don't know why, but this senpai of mine likes me...

 “Haha, that's amazing, Souta-kun.”

 “Oh, sorry, President Niekawa…. I will refrain from private conversations.”

 "No, I don't mind.  And you can call me 'Reimi'.  I don't like my surname 'Niekawa' because it's not pretty."

 "Well... Reimi, san?"

 "Yeah, it's fine, Souta-kun."

 Do not be happy when such a beautiful women calls you by your first name ...

 "I mean, what do you mean amazing?"

 "Hmm?  You matched Arc-kun in seconds.”

 "Uh, how?"

 “Look, you're not shy in front of super popular Vtubers, you're not afraid to go out with them and make friends with them without a second thought.  I know I'm right."

 No, it's just because I didn't know she was such a great person...

 “Again, I'm Niekawa Reimi from 812 Pro.  Welcome, 'Wine's Brother'-kun."

 “Y-yes… But, can you stop calling me Wine's Brother?”

 It's really embarrassing...

 "I cant do that.  Because this will be your name, your name as a Vtuber.”

 “Huh!?  What, Wine's Brother...?"

 "Right.  I've seen all those buzz on SNS.  We can't help but use it."

 “No, no... but there are better names...”

 "Not.  It has been decided.  You are Isuzu Wine's brother, Vtuber's brother, 'Wine's Brother'."

 She smiled, but her eyes were looking straight at me.

 Behind her eyes, I could see a strong will.

 “Give up, Souta.  Reimi-san is so stubborn.”

 “O-okay… I will do my best as Wine's Brother.”

 Good, Reimi smiled.

 "I'll ask the manager to explain the details of the contract and all that stuff later... Let's get on with the 'next' now."


 “Collaboration stream.”

 “Collaboration… With whom?  With Isuzu?”

 Fufun, said Arc while puffing out his chest.

 “I, Arc Kumakuma, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Vtubers, will collaborate with you.”


 Why, did I have to collaborate with the number one person in this agency!

Translator: Janaka


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