I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 8 English

 Chapter 8 – Streaming accident part 2

 I joined the major Vtuber agency '812 Pro'.

 I have made an appointment to collaborate with the number one Vtuber I met there.

 That night.

 “It's been a crazy day...”

 After dinner, I stood in the kitchen washing the dishes.

 My little sister is sitting at the living room table, operating her tablet.

 “Onii-chan, onii-chan❤️ This is dangerous, dangerous~❤️”

 “You look happy even though you say something is dangerous.”

 My little sister, Isuzu, is 15 years old.  She is in her third year of junior high school but does not attend school.  She dropped out of school.

 Her youthful appearance and silver hair made her look like an elf.

 She put on a cami and a skirt after taking a shower.

 For some reason, she wore my school jersey on it.

 “Look and listen!  The number of my channel subscribers!”

 “I remember it was 1.9 million, but an accidental stream the other day made it 2.5 million, right?”

 “Fufufu, that was before.  Ta-da!”

 Bam, my little sister showed me her tablet.

 '2.9 million'.

 “Increased by a million more in two days!”

 "Is that amazing?"

 "Of course.  It's been six months since I debuted.  The first week, increased a lot, but as time went on, the number of increases went down.”

 "Is that what you mean?"

 "Yes.  Especially nowadays, with so many kinds of entertainment and SNS, topics are changing rapidly.  The number of subscribers stops rising soon after debut, rarely increases.”

 However, is it amazing that it has increased?

 “As I thought, Isuzu is amazing.”

 "What are you talking about?  What's amazing is Onii-chan!”


 "Yes!  The comments in yesterday's archive, most of them were asking Onii-chan, like 'Where is Wine's brother?' or 'I want to see him again!', they all want to see Onii-chan!”

 Isuzu looked at the comment on her tablet and said 'nuhehe~❤️' with a relaxed expression.

 “You look happy”

 “Of course ❤️ It means that the world has finally accepted that Onii-chan is a nice and kind person~❤️”

 “No… I didn't do anything.  I'm not nice or kind."

 "That is not true.  You took care of me who shut myself up at home like this without getting angry or denying it, and you cooked delicious meals every day.”

 “Hah… don't do that.  Compliments won't get you anything, you know.  Oh, there are some chestnut yokan from Chikufudo in the refrigerator.”

 “Yay❤️ I love Chikufudo chestnut yokan~❤️ Secondly~❤️”

 "What's the first?"

 “Of course Onii-chan❤️”

 She's a cute little sister.

 Isuzu took out the chestnut yokan that had been chilled in the refrigerator.

 Before she split it apart, Isuzu took one whole bite.

 She never left the house, but strangely she didn't get fat.

 Well, maybe all those nutrients will go into her chest... No, no, no.  I have to stop seeing it.

 “At this rate, we can aim for the top of the 812 Pro!  Let's defeat Arc Kumakuma!”

 Fusufusu, my little sister snorted harshly.

 "You burn rivalry."

 "Yes.  I'm aiming for the top."

 ... Peak, huh?

 There was only one reason why she wanted to reach the top.

 She wanted to make our family finances easier.

 We are a single parent family and we run a cafe.

 We cannot burden our father.

 That was why Isuzu, in her own way, worked hard to support the family.

 So, I can't tell her not to work too hard.

 I couldn't find the words to change things, so I kept quiet.

 ...But from now on, it's different.

 "Ah.  Let's reach the top together, Isuzu."

 I will also be a Vtuber.

 My presence helped my sister to stand out.

 Now I can support my sister's dream.

 I'm happy about that.

 "Yes!  Let's do our best!  So, the brother-sister stream starts today…”

 "Wait, wait, wait a minute, what is brother-sister stream?"

 “I caused quite a stir yesterday, sorry, I'm announcing a chat stream.  Onii-chan will also appear there.  It's like an apology brother and sister."

 “Well, I see… but it was sudden.”

 “Beat it while the iron is still hot, Onii-chan.  The world wants Onii-chan now, Wine's brother!  If there's demand and you don't increase supply, That's fo...o...lish peak! That's right!"

 "The top of foolish?"

 "That's right!"

 My little sister doesn't go to school, so she's a little foo... stupid.  She is a little uneducated.

 “By the way, the streaming will start at midnight tonight.”

 "hah?  Midnight?  Isn't it too late?  Who wants to watch at that hour?”

 "There are, there are 10,000 or so, I mean, there are about 10,000 people waiting right now, you know?"

 Streaming starts at midnight.

 It's 8 p.m. now.  There's still four hours to go and people are already waiting for that...

 "It's summer vacation, so everyone is free."

 “No, even on weekdays, a lot of people watch the Vtuber stream, you know?

 Who are those people?  Are they not sleeping...?


 It was already midnight.

 I'm in Isuzu's room.

 On the table is an old laptop.

 Have an external webcam.  This is the Isuzu's streaming environment.

 We sat side by side at the computer.

 My little sister is setting up the screen.

 I don't know anything about computers...

 I'm not sure if I can become a Vtuber.....

 Incidentally, my debut as a Vtuber was decided in a short time, so it should still be a while before I make my debut...


 "What's wrong, Onii-chan?"

 “Who is this handsome man with wine-colored hair on the screen?”

 “Of course, it's Onii-chan's avatar.  It's 'Wine's Brother'."

 ... Strange.  Wait a minute, this is strange.

 “Why do you have this illustration?”

 "Mama made it!"


 “She is my illustrator.”

 Illustration of Isuzu Wine drawn by a famous person.

 Apparently my illustration was also drawn by the same person.

 “'Misayama Mama' She works fast!”

 "Who is that?"

 “The very popular illustrator 'Misayama Kou'!  She is famous for drawing very cute girls!”

 I heard somewhere that she was the person in charge of the very popular light novel illustrations.

 "When did you order it?"

 “I told her last night when we played 'Apex' together in private.  Onii-chan will be making his debut.  I told her that and she drew this illustration!”

 Apex is a shooting game that my sister often plays.

 “You have a friend who is a professional illustrator, huh.”

 "Yes!  Misayama-sensei is a comrade-in-arms who has fought on the same battlefield as me!  I asked for it and she happily drew it for me!  I asked her if she had a script for Summer Comics, and she said yes, so I asked her to do it!”

 So that's how she can get high quality illustration in a day...

 Ummm, Misayama Kou.  She's an amazing illustrator.

 I guess she seems like a talented woman who can get things done.  I want to thank her next time.

 “It looks like the avatar you will use to debut will be made similar to this illustration.”

 "But not today, right?"

 “Of course, it's not ready, and I haven't even sent an announcement yet.  But, in my opinion, it's better to have pictures than nothing, because it makes you feel closer to them!”

 “Oh, Isuzu is a knowledgeable general!”

 “Of course~❤️ Ehehe~❤️ By the way, what do you mean general?”

 "Well, let's do our best in this stream!"

 The stupid little sister is cute, but I don't want her to be surprised when I say she's stupid.

 "Where's the microphone?"

 “My headset is broken, so we're just going to use the microphone attached to the webcam.  Come closer."

 There is one webcam.  She said it had a narrow sound collection range.

 The two of us sat close together so we snuggled into one another.  Ummm... my sister's cami, peeking out of her jersey, it's erotic...

 “Yan❤️ Ecchii~❤️ You were so happy when you saw your little sister's breasts❤️ You're a pervert, Onii-chan❤️”

 “Why do you look happy...”

 “It's fine if it's Onii-chan……Ah.”



 "What's wrong?"

 “Ah... Um, Onii-chan.  This, um… I have some bad news.”

 "What's the bad news?"

 My sister pointed at the computer screen.

 On the screen is an Isuzu Wine avatar...

 Right next to her, the comments were flowing at an incredible speed.

 “I feel déjà vu.”

 “W-What a coincidence, Onii-chan.  I also..."

 The comments section is already lively.

 <You finally noticed it (lol)> <Mattaku (lol)> <How long are you two going to keep teasing each other (lol)>

 ... Yes that's correct.

 So, we are not aware of the start of the stream.

 That's why the conversation between Isuzu and I sounded perfectly...

 So, for me, my second unofficial stream also started with a streaming accident.

 Gosh, this must be troublesome...!

Translator: Janaka


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