I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 9 English

 Chapter 9 – Siblings stream be trending topic again

 One night after a streaming accident, I had another streaming accident.

 As it turned out, streaming had already started while I was setting up my PC.

 <Wine's brother!  Congratulations on your debut!>

 <I thought so.  The brother will become a Vtuber!>

 “Oh no, oh no, Onii-chan!  I leaked it~”

 "You're an idiot!  Don't say you leaked it!"

 “The manager will be very angry with me~”

 <Seriously, what the hell (lol)> <Wine-tan is cute> <To be honest, I prefer the clumsy little sister character to the bad girl character> <of course>

 “I completely agree that my little sister is cute, but you guys, wait a minute.  Stop the stream for now and report it to your manager."

 <Wait, don't (lol)> <We've been waiting for four hours!> <Are you going to abandon us of 100.000!>


 100.000...?  What are you talking about?

 "Oh, Onii-chan.  Currently, 100.000 people!  Some people just started watching!”

 “How much… Eh, what?”

 “Number of viewers!  Now 100.000 people are watching, oh, now 120.000!"

 The number of viewers!?

 “Oh hey, are you employees okay?  I don't care if you're a student, but you have a job tomorrow, and 120.000 people are watching… Go to sleep.”

 <What a nice person (lol)> <As expected of a brother who gently cares for his reclusive sister!> <Wine's brother!  Take care of me too!>

 And then.

 Boom, I got a call on my phone.

 It was from president Reimi.


 "Oh, what's wrong, Onii-chan?  Don't tell me you've been fired!  Waaa, I'm sorry~.  That's my fault.  I… Uwaa!”

 <If it's true, Wine-tan's brother, it's going to be crap (lol)> <Good!  I like it!> <Keep being a big brother (lol)>

 “Calm down, My Imouto.  President says it's okay.  It's okay to say about my debut.  On the other hand, there were a lot of people watching it, so she said don't stop the stream."

 <President...!> <That's so manly!> <President Niekawa of 812 Pro is a very tolerant person> <One day, when a streamer vomited, she didn't seem angry about it>

 What do you mean vomited?

 Has anyone vomited...?  Iuh...

 "Well, anyway, now we can finally start the stream."

 “That's right… Kohon.  Ah... Yeah.  Then I'll start the stream."

 <I've been waiting!> <I'm really looking forward to it!> <This is already interesting (lol)> <Hey, bro!  I have been waiting for you!>

 But the comments column is already crowded...

 It flows at an incredible speed...

 “Kohon... ah...”

 My little sister is practicing her vocalization.

 Now, first stream after streaming accident.

 How could that be ...

 “Hey, did you all stay up late?  Ugh!  Disgusting.  Tomorrow is a working day.  Are you all NEETs?”

 “There's no way you can use that character!?”

 <That's right (lol)> <Wine-tan, you can't do that anymore (lol)> <Your true character has been revealed!>

 Look, I got a lot of support from the comments section on that!

 "Huh~?  I didn't make any characters~.  I usually have this kind of character~.”

 “You don't need to use it… in the first place, a character like that doesn't suit you.”

 <That's right> <This one is a million times better!> <The bad girl from before was good too>

 "Haa, that sucks.  Onii-chan, don't bother, you're still an amateur."

 “Yes, yes, I understand.  You've been a pro longer than me."

 “Hehe❤️ Thank you for listening to me so honestly ❤️”

 <Sweetness (lol)> <Your character has collapsed, Wine-tan (lol)> <Don't force it (lol)>

 Oh well, it's also popular with the viewers....

 Let her do what she wants.

 My sister will thrive.

 "I'm really sorry about yesterday.  I'm an unprofessional for forgetting to turn off the stream.  Next time I will be careful and I will make sure there are no more streaming accident.”

 "You've messed up today's stream too, haven't you?"

 “Onii-chan, be quiet for a moment!  I know I messed up again!”

 <This little sister turns out to be clumsy (lol)> <Sell your clumsiness (lol)> <I prefer clumsy imouto characters over bad girl>

 “See, I know that.  Everyone says you're better the way you are now."

 “Uhh, amateur, shut up!”

 “Don't call your viewers amateurs.  It is not polite."

 "Sorry ..."

 <lol> <You are too obedient!> <Wine-tan's weak point is her older brother...φ(..) noted>

 My sister is being laughed at on the internet at incredible speed...

 "Hey, don't laugh at my sister."

 <You're too kind (lol)> <I also want to be taken care of by this big brother (lol)> <Mama...>

 "No, I'm not her mother, I'm her brother."

 "That's right!  Onii-chan is my brother.  I didn't give it to you."

 <You brocon> <You want to monopolize him huh> <You love your brother too much> <You guys lost to her older brother> <It's okay, they are related by blood>

 Right.  The viewers didn't know about it.

 That we are stepsiblings who are not related by blood...

 Hmm?  Could it be… this really should be a secret, right?

 <Sorry for this long post.  At first, it was a male voice, and to be honest, I thought I would stop being a fan.  But I'm relieved that he's an older brother who is related by blood to Wine-tan.  If it's a family, it's not a problem.  I envy you for living with her, but it's only natural that you are her family.  I will continue to be a fan.  Use this to meet your living expenses.>

 That's it, a viewer.... gave me a long comment with a 10,000 yen reward.

 T-this is not good...

 Yes, the viewers accepted me because they all thought I was a blood relative with Isuzu Wine.

 If I reveal that I am not related by blood, there will definitely be a huge firestorm.

 I have to keep this a secret.

 "What are you talking about?  Onii-chan and I don't…”



 “Woah, what’s wrong with you, Onii-chan, you suddenly shouted.  You disturb the neighbors in the middle of the night."

 <He screams> <You really lost your character> <What's wrong, bro!?> <Are you experiencing any psychic phenomena!>

 Good thing it hasn't been discovered yet!

 I close the microphone and whispered.

 “...Don't talk that you are not related by blood to me.  Or you will burn!”

 "Ah!  I-I see… Sorry…”

 I immediately opened the microphone and continued the conversation.

 "Sorry, my sister almost wet the pants."

 <Pee!> <Here it is!> <Water from a beautiful girl is coming!> <KWSK!>

 “B-Baka!  I don't wet the pants!"

 The comments section is already in an uproar!

 <I know that the older brother is the key.> <Having a brother makes Wine-tan doubly attractive!>

 <More involved, sticky and chunky!>

 More comments.

 Along with that came colorful comments...!

 “Onii-chan is amazing.  I've never seen this much Superchat before!”

 “T-That's right… Um… thanks.”

 <It's okay, it's okay (lol)> <This is to help your family budget!> <Our money is dedicated to Wine Siblings!>

 “Oh no, so you don't have to dedicate it… please save your money.”

 <Bruh (lol)> <Hmm, is this the place to throw Superchat?> <okay, I see.  I'll take care of the money.  Yes this is it>

 “Just keep that!  I've had enough of this!"

 <So you're asking us to give more (lol)> <Throw (lol) Throw (lol)>

 “Eh, uh… Isuzu!  Say something too!”

 “Excellent, Onii-chan.  With this, you can buy new desk and PC!  You don't have to use the potato PC on the floor anymore!”

 “Oiiiiii!  You even poured fuel into the fire!”

 ...In the end, what was originally supposed to be an explanation stream turned out to be something like Let's Play with Wine Siblings.

 The number of Superchats is now the highest ever.

 Our name became a trending topic on SNS and we became a big talk.

 The number of subscribers to my sister's channel has also exceeded 3 million.

 The comments section is flooded with people saying 'Bro, make your own channel'.

 I don't understand... Vtuber world.

Translator: Janaka


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