I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 5 English

 Chapter 5 – As the result of those buzz, I also made my debut as a Vtuber

 My little sister Isuzu forgot to turn off the streaming.

 Apparently, after Apex stream today, I brought her fried rice, fed her, and even the family situation that I told her afterwards, has become known to her viewers.

 Isuzu's manager then immediately called her.

 Looks like she received a lot of scolding.

 30 minutes later.  In my sister's room.

 "Sorry, Onii-chan..."

 After making sure the stream was cut off properly, Isuzu bowed deeply.

 “No, you are not the one to apologize.  We all make mistakes."

 “Hm...❤️ Thanks...❤️”

 “But what will happen now?  You're in a lot of trouble because you forgot to turn off the stream."

 “A lot of bad things happened.  My true character has been revealed…”

 "That's right..."

 “But, but, it's not all bad!”

 Isuzu's manager told her about...

 It seems that the Vtuber company my sister is joining doesn't really care about Isuzu in this case.

 And this streaming accident seems to have caused a lot of buzz.


 "It's gone viral!  Look, my subscriber count has increased to 2.5 million!”

 "Eh!?  Didn't you say the other day that your subscribers are 1.9 million people?”

 "Right!  After this streaming accident, my viewer count increased by 600,000!”

 "It's very much!  That's amazing, Isuzu”

 “No, what a amazing is Onii-chan.”


 "Yes!  Check out the trends on Twitter!”

 Twitter is in full swing.

 #WinesBrother is topic no.  1.

 In addition there are topics, big brother, streaming accident, Isuzu Wine streaming accident, good brother, etc.

 Apparently, the contents of the stream just now spread very fast on SNS.

 "There is something wrong."

 "No!  It's all thanks to you, Onii-chan!

 “No, I didn't do anything...”

 “Because Onii-chan was there, I was able to reveal my true self.  It was an accident, but I think it was the conversation with Onii-chan that allowed me to spread it to the world.”

 It's true and I'm not acting either.

 Because of me, because of my presence, because of her conversation with me, they understand our family situation.  I can't help but say it's all thanks to me.

 I didn't really do anything.

 “Almost everyone supports me.  Even the people who used to hate me, are now saying, 'Keep up the good work'.  I am pleased ..."

 Dripping... Isuzu had tears in her eyes.

 “I lied to everyone for a very long time.  I'm afraid they will find out my true self.  But they accepted me.  I am pleased ..."

 "I understand.  Isn't that great?"


 There were a lot of problems, but I'm glad my sister laughed at the end.

 "By the way, Onii-chan, I was asked by the manager if you would like to become a Vtuber in our agency?"

 "Ha?  W-What, I became a Vtuber?  Why?"

 “Because you've come this far, and are recognized by many people, right?  If you open a channel, it will definitely grow fast!”

 She said excitedly, a change from the crying face she had before.

 No, no no no!

 "I can't possibly.  I'm an average  guy, you know?  Not like you."

 “But, you are my Onii-chan, the older brother of Isuzu Wine, right?  Combined with this topic, you will definitely be recognized by many people!”

 “B-But I can't do anything…”

 “You can stream with me!  We can sell it as Vtuber siblings channel!  We can do it!"

 "No no no impossible impossible impossible!"

 "We can do it!  Don't worry we can be the biggest Vtuber together!  And it will lighten the burden of dad!”

 Uh, that's right...

 If we both become Vtubers, we can double our income.  This will lighten the burden of dad... This, it's tempting.

 "Hey, let's do it!"

 “…Oh, it can't be helped, oke.”

 "Yay!  Then, I'll contact Mane-chan!  Let's do it together!"

 Thus, I accidentally made my debut as a Vtuber.

 Then, as the first Vtuber siblings in the industry, we quickly entered the ranks of the most popular Vtubers.

 And as a result of today's streaming, there will be several incidents, such as the discovery of her identity at school, which will cause a huge commotion and the destruction of Kuzumi's social position...

 But that would be another story.

Translator: Janaka


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