I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 6 English

 Chapter 6 – I was told by my childhood friend that the whole school already knows about it

 The day after I was forced to debut as a Vtuber.

 Mid July.  The exam has ended.

 This is a short break before the end of the school year.

 At 'Alwyn Cafe'.

 This is a small coffee shop, run by my dad.

 The location is good because it is in front of the station, and the number of customers is quite good.

 However, a good location meant high land prices, so we were in debt.

 In one corner of the shop.

 I put on an apron and talk to a customer.

 "Eh, then Sou-chan isn't going out with Kisogawa-san?"

 "Ah, that's right... Utako"

 This girl drinking iced coffee is my classmate and childhood friend.

 Her name is Agematsu Utako.

 She is petite and her brown hair is styled in a side-tail.

 This girl is my childhood friend since elementary school.

 We also attended the same middle school and high school.

 By the way, if I remember correctly, her brother also attends the same school as us.

 "Seriously?  So you misunderstood and thought you two were in a relationship?”

 "Yes ..."

 “You didn't notice that… Are you stupid, Sou-chan?”

 “Shut up… if you're here to make fun of me, go home.”

 “You are a bad waiter, Sou-chan, you chased a customer away.”

 I, Shiojiri Souta, am a 16 year old first year high school student

 I work at this coffee shop.

 Our school allows the students to part time work, but I work at this coffee shop like helping at home, so there is no pay for part time work.

 “What about your club activities?”

 "Today is the last day of club activities."

 Utako is a member of the basketball club.

 Our school excels in sports and Utako is the member of the main team.

 "Then you should go straight home."

 "Hmm.  But I want to ask you something."

 "What you want to ask?"

 Utako operating her phone and handed it to me.

 The video streaming website opens.

 Yesterday's streaming thumbnail is displayed.

 “This is Sou-chan, right?”

 "Eh!?  Huh, no... How?"

 "Aren't you not good at lying?"

 “Shut up… How did you know it was me?

 “I saw a clip from the Isuzu Wine game stream yesterday.”

 Recently, there was a video that cut a certain part of the Vtuber stream.

 After all, game streaming usually takes a long time.

 The clip was created in response to a video request that only extracts the interesting part of the stream.

 “How did you identify me in the video?”


 "Hah?  Voice?"

 "Yes.  I immediately realized that it was Sou-chan's voice.  Your voice is always good."

 Oh, I see...

 I don't even know what my voice sounds like.

 “Well, others seem to have realized that you are Wine's brother because of you mentioning Kisogawa-san's name and the fact that you were dumped by her yesterday.”

 "Huh!  Hey, how do my classmates know I've been dumped?”

 “There is a special LINE group for girls.  They said you were dumped."

 “Who spread that information!?”


 Utako showed me the LINE group.

 It shows a group, Class 1-A Girls... That's right.

 “Kimouta had just talked to me. (lol).  Looks like he misunderstood, thinking he was going out with me (lol).  But I dumped him in an instant (lol).”  There is this message.

 [TL Note: Kimo = disgusting.]

 Incidentally, she sent it right after she dumped me.

 "Doesn't she have a human heart?"

 "I think no."

 Pom pom, Utako patted my shoulder.

 She's a good girl...

 “This information was leaked from the girls' LINE, Kisogawa's name was mentioned in yesterday's stream, and it seems that most people have already realized that you are Wine's brother.”

 “Ah… well, I was the one who mentioned Kisogawa's name…”

 “Well, it was an accident.  Because you didn't notice that your sister forgot to turn off the streaming, right?”

 "Even if it happened accidentally, it was not good."

 “Hmmm… Sou-chan, you are too kind.  You shouldn't care about that Kuzumi who betraying you.  You're too kind, you had a bad experience with her, right?"

 "That's right.  I have been harassed, called suddenly, asked to go shopping and so on.”

 "Then that's good.  It was her punishment, the punishment from God.  God gives heavenly punishment to scum who do wrong things.  So there's nothing for you to worry about, right?”

 Utako smiled as dry as the sky this summer.

 Seeing her beautiful smile, my heart that had been sinking, lifted slightly.

 “Thank you… that's right, don't worry about such a girl.”

 "Oh yes!  Forget it.  I mean, you have other things to think about."

 "What else?"

 "About Wine's brother becomes more of a problem when it's revealed at school."

 "Yes, it’s right..."

 When I returned the smartphone to Utako, she said while operating her smartphone.

 “Yesterday's stream has really become a big buzz now.  Many clips were made, and everyone knew that Isuzu Wine had an older brother.  So, you have become a big celebrity at school.”

 “It was all because of that accident…?”

 When a person who is active on the Internet his face and real name is known to many people, it is called cracking.

 "That's what I mean.  It's going to be noisy for a while.  When you go to school, you will be asked a lot of questions.  After all, you are the brother of a famous Vtuber, so you will get a lot of trouble from boys who want to approach Isuzu Wine.  You better get ready."

 “Uwaa… I don't want to go to school…”

 "At least, it's almost summer vacation."

 I only had to go to school for two days, the day of the return of the answer sheets and the closing ceremony.

 After that, it's summer vacation.

 "Right.  People say that rumors last for 75 days, and during summer vacation, the topic of me being Wine's brother has become a different topic."

 "It’s not right."

 “Direct reply!?”

 “Isuzu Wine is a very popular Vtuber.  I think this topic will continue for a while.  Also from the start, summer vacation was only 40 days.”

 "... stop going to school."

 “Wouldn't that make Alwyn-san sad?”

 Alwyn is my dad.

 Shiojiri Sanpro Alwyn.

 Formerly Russian, he was naturalized in Japan and got his current name.

 My little sister, Isuzu is the daughter of Alwyn-san and mom.

 He is not related by blood to me.

 But my father treated me like his real family.  He raised me.

 My father was the type of person who used to tell me not to worry about school fees even though we were in debt and couldn't afford to send me to school.

 I like dads like that.

 That's why I study hard, become a scholarship recipient, and can go to school for free.

 I can't do anything that will make my father sad.

 If he found out that his son had stop going to school, he would definitely be very sad and believe that it was his fault.

 “For the sake of Alwyn-san, you should go to school properly.”

 "... That's right."

 “Well, you should be preparing yourself during summer vacation, right?  You have 40 days.  By the way, are you going to help out here this summer too?”

 "Right.  I didn't join any club.  I have nothing else to do…”

 And now.

 When the automatic door opened… a big man in a black suit and black glasses suddenly appeared.

 "Who is that?  Terminator?”

 A big man, who wouldn't look strange if he was a killer robot from the future, was looking around.

 Suddenly, he looked at me and started to approach me.

 “Let's run, Sou-chan!  You will be killed!  The terminator!””

 “No, no, I won't run away… I won't be killed…”

 The man stopped in front of me and asked.

 “You are Shiojiri Souta-sama, right?”

 "Oh, yes..."

 The man put his hand in his pocket.

 "Gun!  Sou-chan, run!”

 However, what the man took out was a name card.

 "I'm the assistant of '812 Productions’ president and I'm here to pick up Shiojiri-sama."

 "Hachijuni, Productions...?"

 It's a name I've heard somewhere before...

 "Sou-chan!  812 Pro is the biggest Vtuber agency!  Isuzu Wine is also affiliated there!”

 “Oh!  The agency Isuzu joined!  But… he wants to see me, not Isuzu, why?”

 When I received his name card, the big man said.

 “Haven't you heard about this from your sister?  I wanted to have a meeting about your debut as a Vtuber, so I picked you up today.”

 “Eh, no… I've never heard of this…”

 "I understand.  I apologize for that.  Do you have time today?”

 “Eh, Hm… When my shift is over, I have time.”

 "In that case, I'll be waiting outside, so please tell me when your shift is over and I'll take Shiojiri-sama to the president of 812 Productions."

 After bowing his body, the big man left.

 His name card said 'Niekawa'.  Is this that man's name?

 As I was dumbfounded, Utako said with sparkling eyes.

 “That's good, Sou-chan!  ...812 Pro is the biggest agency!  You were scouted by them!”

 “No, it's more like recruiting, I was approached through my sister.  He asked if I wanted to use my fame to become a Vtuber.”

 “It's amazing, really amazing.  It has never happened before!”

 “Well, is that a great thing….?  I don't know, but aren't there some male Vtubers there?”

 Utako then nodded, sure.

 “But, you know, all the streamers on the 812 Pro are girls.”

 "Hah...?  All streamer are girls!?”

 "Un.  That agency is famous for only accepting girls.”



 In that Vtuber agency, the only boy is... me!

 I'll be surrounded by girls!?

Translator: Janaka


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