I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 10 English

 Chapter 10 – I got a lot of praise from the President

 The next day, I was called to the headquarters of the V-tuber agency “812 Pro”.

 Actually, not only me but also my sister, Isuzu was also called, but she couldn't attend.

 I met President Reimi alone.

 “That was a very good stream, Souta-kun”

 Reimi-san, a beautiful woman in a suit, had a big smile on her face.

 She had a cold appearance when I met her, but now she smiled normally, and there was a cuteness in her beauty.

 “150,000 people connected at the same time, that's crazy!  After all, my eyes are not crazy.  V-tuber siblings, selling them as a set brings a synergistic effect!  This is a great model case, thank you.”

 “Huh… Um, is it okay to leak that information?”

 "Of course.  And there's been a lot of talk about it."

 Even though the streaming was done late at night, it became the number one trending topic on Twitter, “Congratulations on being a V-Tuber bro”.

 “Hmmm… now 812 will have more front pages…”

 “Um… I'm still wondering about one thing.”

 "What's that?"

 “I'm a boy, is it okay for me to join 812 Pro?  Because you only hire female streamers here, right?”

 It's like I'm the only male in a female idol group.

 "I do not mind.  I mean, it's not like I only accept women."

 "Oh really?  I thought you wanted to create a female V-tuber group.”

 "Not like that.  It's just that all the people I meet and think are talented are women.  Just that.  I'm still in the process of getting interviews to land some male V-tubers.  But they're not all good."

 "Not good?"

 "Ah.  Their ulterior motives stood out more than their talents.  They all want to be surrounded by girls.  Wanting to meet V-Tuber girls, that sort of thing.”

 But, Reimi-san continued.

 “You are different.  I can't feel any unnecessary evil.  That's what I like about you."

 “Evil… huh.”

 "Ah.  If I enter this box, I can get acquainted with V-Tuber girls, or maybe I'll have a chance.  You have no such evil."

 This box refers to 812 Productions, which is this production company.

 812 is not the only one V-tuber agency.

 “I really like you for being unselfish and pure.  And your voice too."


 Come to think of it, my childhood friend, Utako also said that.  How is my voice.

 "Your voice is soothing."

 "Huh...is that so..."

 I never knew that.

 I was never told that my voice was soothing.

 "Anyway, from now on, please don't worry about it and continue to cooperate with the others."

 “Eh,… okay, but is… is it really okay?  Letting a man join.”

 "Yes.  I recruited you because I wanted to add something new to the box I prepared.  You don't have to worry about what other people think, and aim higher.  Collaborating is fine too, if others agree.”

 Come to think of it, a few days ago, “Arc Kumakuma”, streamer No.  1, talk to me about collaboration.

 “I will contact you when your V-Tuber avatar is ready.  Until then, you can work with the illustrations you used the other day.”

 “Understood.  When will it possibly ready?”

 "Beginning of August at the earliest."

 "August!  Ha, it's already the middle of July, isn't that really fast?”

 "Of course.  The world is looking forward to the Wine's Brother streaming now, and it's a trending topic across SNS.”

 Isuzu of course said such a thing.

 “The response was more than expected.  You have brought a new wind.  We must not miss this opportunity.  That's why 812 has decided to go all out and support you with everything we have."

 "Oh, for me..."

 "Don't say anything.  You are a baby golden bird.  In time, you will become a phoenix that will fly in this virtual world.  I am sure of that.”

 Oh, that's a big statement.

 Well, that's nice... to be expected.  Besides, I've never been able to do anything until now.

 I never had a chance to be praised.  That's why I'm... happy.

 “By the way, did you bring what I said in the email yesterday?”

 "Oh, yes.  I brought stamp and my passbook.”

 “Now go to another room and get confirmation from the manager about your contract.  If everything is OK, then you can do the document management.  That's it for today.  Thank you for your hard work.  I'm looking forward to your next stream."

 Snap, Reimi-san blinked her eyes.

 She's supposed to be over 40, but I'm getting excited...


 After finishing the conversation with the manager, I was about to go home.

 "Souta!  Isn't this the first time we meet again after yesterday!"

 A beautiful girl with blonde hair like an elf came running towards me.


 She is the girl behind No. 1 V-Tuber, Arc Kumakuma, Tenryuugawa Arc.

 If she was here, she must have some business at the office.

 “Are you going home now?  Then let's go home together."

 "Hah?  Well...it's fine, but...”

 “Let's go~♪ Did you take the train home?  Then I'll be taking the train home too."

 Arc contacted someone using her smartphone.

 After finishing the call, she grabbed my arm and started walking.

 "Who did you just call?"

 "My servant."

 "Servant!  Where are you from, princess?”

 "I am a rich girl."

 Ah, you mean maid?

 I mean, this girl is really rich...

 As she stepped out, Arc was wearing a hat and mask.

 "You seem to be avoiding the mass media."

 "Of course.  I'm famous, right?"

 "That's right.  But I didn't know that before."

 As we walked towards the station, there was a large billboard.

 There, a beautiful girl stood in front of the piano.

 The ad reads “Tenryuugawa Arc Concert Tour” in large letters.

 She must be a talented pianist to have such a big commercial.

 "But you are a unique person, aren't you?"

 "Oh, what?  You mean too beautiful to be human?”

 "That's not it, the reason why I said unique is because you became a V-Tuber even though you are good at a field and your social status is well established."

 All V-tubers wear masks.

 They interact with their viewer using their mask (avatar).

 That means, we all have reasons to wear mask.

 My little sister, for example, is a very introvert person and can't even speak well to anyone outside of our family.

 That's why she wears a mask as a V-tuber.

 "But you don't.  Why should you bother wearing a mask?  Why don't you just show your cute face?”

 I asked her that, but Arc didn't answer.

 What is it?  Is my question too much?

 “... C-c... Cute...”

 "Uh, what's wrong?"

 “Y-you, what did you say?”

 "Hah?  What, I just said that you are cute.”

 “W-What… percent of that is flattery?”

 "No, that's not flattery.  You really are cute.”

 “Ah, that's right… fu, hmm!  You have good eyes!  As I expected!”

 For a while, Arc patted me on the back.

 "I like you very much!  I look forward to our next collaboration!”

 "Ah.  I'm also looking forward to it.  But, I have a bit of a problem with that."


 "I don't have a computer.  My little sister has one, and it's the only one."

 Arc looked at me with a surprised expression.

 “You… what era are you from?  Are you from the Showa era?”

 I was born in the Heisei era.  And subtly dislike being born in the Showa era.

 "Why don't you just buy it?"

 "I don't have enough money."

 “You got a lot of Superchat yesterday, right?  Although there is a bit of a cut from the agency.”

 “Yeah, that's an incredible amount of money...”

 The manager explained this to me beforehand.

 She says that the money we get from Superchat doesn't go directly to streamer's wallet.

 "Then why don't you use the money to go to an electronics store?"

 “I am ashamed to say that… I never bought a computer.”

 "Heh... Then I'll go with you."


 "Oh, don't get me wrong!  I mean, I'm going with you!  That means I will accompany you to buy a computer!”

 "Oh I understand.  Thank you!"

 Tsu, and in an instant, Arc's face turned red.

 Then, along with Arc blushing, I went to the nearest electronics store to buy a laptop and peripherals.

 As for me, I want to use the entire results of yesterday's stream for household needs, but...

 But this is necessary for streaming activities.

 That's why I decided that this expense was unavoidable.

 After shopping.

 In front of the station.

 "Thank you, Arc.  Thanks for all the suggestions.”

 "You're welcome.  Let's go."

 "Hah?  Go where?"

 "To your house, of course."


 Uh, that means... No. 1 V-Tuber will come to my house!?

Translator: Janaka



    There is only few translated Vtuber Novels there gonna keep my eyes open for this one heheh

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