I’m The Brother of a Famous Vtuber, But When My Stepsister Forgets to Stop The Stream, Somehow I Became Famous - Chapter 11 English

 Chapter 11 – No. 1 Idol visit my house

 On the way home after meeting the President at the office, I coincidentally ran into No. 1 V-Tuber, Tenryuugawa Arc.

I bought a laptop and peripheral in exchange that I got from the stream yesterday.

 ...And for some reason, she came to my house.

 We took the train and arrived at my house.

 “Wow, your family run a coffee shop at home.  Although it's not a very stylish place!”

 Arc, who disguised himself so as not to be recognized, was next to me.

 The part-time workers are running the shop now, so I don't have to look after the shop.

 “Hey Arc… are you serious about coming to our house?”

 “Yeah, because you don't know how to set up your computer, do you?”


 "Then it's decided.  Come on, show me the way.”

 I never expected I would invite a girl I just met yesterday and today to my house...

 I didn't mean anything bad.

 I mean, I don't know if it's right to let this young lady into an ordinary house like ours.  I don't even know how to behave...

 "Come on, hurry up."

 "Okay I understand."

 Well, it's true that I don't know how to set up a computer, so this is fine.

 I entered through the back door of our coffee shop, “Alwyn Cafe”.

 Arc looked around.

 “This place is connected to the residence, isn't it?”

 "Ah.  The first half of the first floor is the cafe, the rest is our living room and bathroom.  Our room was on the second floor.”

 "The second floor.  These stairs!”

 Arc climbed the stairs with a thud, thud, thud.

 I followed her…but


 Arc, because she's wearing a skirt, her panties are showing!

 N-No... I don't see it... I don't see anything with light blue stripes...

 "What's wrong with you?  You're blushing."

 "No, nothing."

 "Ah.  Which room?”

 “The room at the back.  The one in front is Isuzu… my sister’s room.”

 “Hee…… This is Isuzu Wine's room~.”

 She looked at the door with interest.

 There was a plaque hanging there that said “Isuzu Room”.

 "Where is your sister today?"

 "She is at home today."

 More precisely, today "too"...

 Well, I don't need to tell her in detail about my family situation if she doesn't ask me.

 "I want to say hello to her."

 “Oh… you can't.  Sorry, she's shy."

 "Oh, yes.  All right, okay.  I'm sure we'll meet someday."

 With that, Arc came to my room.

 She looked around curiously.

 "What are you doing?"

 “Oh, um… oh, I've never been in a boys' room before, so I'm a little nervous…”

 “Heh… even though you're a genius pianist?”

 “What, are you trying to get me into a fight?”

 "I'm not asking for a fight.  But if you are beautiful and talented, there are bound to be a lot of guys wooing you.  Don't you have a boyfriend?"

 “D-don't have!  I've never had a boyfriend!"

 Arc shouted, bringing her face closer to mine.

 I-I wonder if I stepped on a landmine or something...

 "A-ah.  Sorry..."

 "Oh, good.  You're the first boy I've ever dated and I walked into his room."

 "Hah?  Date?  When do we do that?”

 "Hah?  We just did it.  Shopping date.”

 “It was a date!?  Date is more… like… A man and a woman…”

 It's a date.


 "That's right."

 “You should be honoured.  You took the first two experiences of Tenryuugawa Arc, which no man in the whole world could get even if they wanted to!”

 If you just listen to her lines, she is an overconfident young lady, but I wonder what caused her face to turn red.

 "I'll get the computer ready quickly."

 "Yes, please."

 Arc set it up with extraordinary skill.

 I don't know what she's doing.

 I had some free time while waiting, so I made some ice coffee and went back to my room.

 When I go upstairs.

 "Eh, Onii-chan?"

 With a clang, the door of the front room opened and Isuzu peeked out.

 "Oh, I'm home."

 “Yeah… Huh?  I heard a noise coming from the next room...”

 "Oh, now..."

 ...How do I explain it?

 Explain what the situation is?

 No, Isuzu is hostile towards Arc...

 No, I don't know what's inside Isuzu's head, so it's better to hide the fact that she is Arc Kumakuma.

 “My friend came to visit.”

 “Eh, Onii-chan have a friend!?”

 Is that so surprising....?

 I want to cry.

 "Ah.  So we might get a little noisy, sorry.”

 “Eh, yeah… it's fine, but…”

 I walked into my room with my coffee.

 My little sister looked at me.  What's wrong?

 “Arc.  How are you?"

 "Welcome back.  I am done."

 Arc is sitting on a chair with an open laptop at the study table.

 "You're fast."

 "Is that so?  Well, modern computers don't take long to set up."

 "I understand.  Thank you.  You have been very helpful.  Here."

 I gave the ice coffee to Arc.

 "You're a smart kid.  Do you want to be my servant?”

 "Will never."

 “Slurp… Hm!  This coffee is delicious!”

 Arc took a sip of coffee and her eyes sparkled.

 She drank the entire cup very quickly.

 “This is so delicious!”

 "Of course."

 “Are you a coffee connoisseur?”

 “Well, I am the son of the coffee shop owner.”

 “Wow...!  This place has great coffee... I will come here again!”

 "Well, that's good.  You are always welcome here.”

 "Is that true?"

 "Ah.  Come any time."

 This means she will come again to this “coffee shop”.

 Looks like I got one customer.  I am happy.

 Arc looked at the ice coffee I was holding.

 "What is it?"

 “Give it to me.  I want another drink."

 "Hmm, yes, okay."

 "Thank you."

 She liked it very much.  My dad's coffee is really good.  Hmm.

 "I'll take it."

 "Oh, hey!  Those straws…”

 Slurp, Arc took the coffee from me and started drinking it.

 "I've put that straw in my mouth before..."

 "Eh?  A-Aaaaa...."

 Aa~~~~~~~~~~, Arc's face turned bright red.

 “T-That… I-Indirect kiss.”


 “I didn't understand what you were saying because you stuttered too much… Sorry, because I let you suck on something dirty.”

 Don Don...!

 “I-I don't care… Yours isn't dirty.  I mean... It tastes good... A little bitter, but I guess I'll get used to it...”

 Don Don Don Don Don Don Don!  !  !

 “How annoying!  What's the matter, more 'Don' are coming from the next room!”

 “S-Sorry… looks like Isuzu is angry.”

 The banging sound from the wall in the next room disappeared.

 Phew... That boom was a bit loud.

 "Why is your sister angry?"

 “The wall between my room and Isuzu's room is very thin.  Maybe the noise we're making is bothering her."

 “Heh… the walls are thin.  That's troublesome.”

 "Well, it's not that bad once you get used to it."

 “Must be troublesome if you want o**ni.”

 “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!  Are you really a genius pianist?”

 You said something outrageous!

 "But I'm a little jealous."

 "Eh?  Are you jealous?"

 "Yes.  It's great to have family at home...”

 In stark contrast to just now, Arc smiled slightly sadly.

 "Your family not at home?"

 "Yes.  We're busy.  Me and my whole family."

 She's probably busy as a V-tuber, and she's also a busy pianist.

 Maybe that's why she rarely saw her family.

 Her family seems to be rich and I wonder if her parents are often out of their house.

 “Hmm… I see.  You also have a lot of problems.”

 "Thank you.  But I'm used to it now."

 You don't look like you're used to it.

 I started to feel sorry for her.

 I got closer and… when I realized I had touched Arc's head.


 “You also have a lot of problems huh.”

 “Ah, uh… that…”

 As I patted her head, Arc became more and more silent.

 Finally, she mumbled something.

 "Why are you being nice to me?"

 "You're tiny, and you're like my little sister, so I can't leave you alone"

 Arc felt displeased, she lightly brushed my hand away.

 “Hmm, little sister.  Hm… You siscon.”

 "No, I'm not a siscon."

 Don Don Don Don!!!

 My sister is angry!?


 “I see… you too, I see…”

 Alright, Arc nodded as if she had made up her mind.

 "Hey Souta.  May I borrow your computer for a moment?”

 "Okay, but what are you going to do?"

 "Live streaming.  Chat session."

 “Heh... Live streaming... Chat session!?  Here!?"

 “Yes ❤️ Collaborative chat session between you and me ❤️”


 What is she talking about?

 "It's not fair that you're the only one taking my first, I want to take yours too."

 “The way you say it is weird!  You mean, our first collaboration, right!”

 “This will raise your name and at the same time test the performance of your new computer for streaming.  What do you think?  It's like killing two birds with one stone right?"

 “Gah... That's right...”

 Arc Kumakuma is a famous V-Tuber.

 If we collaborate, more people will know about me.

 Honestly this is... a great opportunity.

 “No, but… as expected, doing something like collaboration in the same room…”

 Off-collab.  This refers to collaboration that is do by meeting in person, not collaboration via the internet.

 "Oh, sorry.  I've posted the announcement on Twitter."

 “Oy oy oy oy oy!”

 “Wow!  In an instant... it was already very excited!  After all, Wine's Brother is a hot topic right now!"

 “You weren't waiting for my answer!?  Don't decide for yourself!”

 "No, it's already decided!"

 Arc laughed seductively.

 “You should be honoured.  You were the first guy to do off-collab with me.”

 Well, 812 is full of female streamers, so I don't think there's ever been a guy collaborating with her...

 Uh, are you serious about doing this... a collaboration?

 I wonder if it's okay...

 I don't want to have another stream accident.

Translator: Janaka


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