Tenkosaki - Chapter 56 English

 Chapter 56 – Nikaido-san has changed huh

 Some time before Himeko met Haruki and the others, an incident occurred.  Isami Emma, Hayato and Haruki's classmate, a girl who stands out in class with bright hair and bright personality.

 "Isami, I'm sorry.  Today, I have a lot of business and I can't seem to go home with you."

 During lunch break, her boyfriend and childhood friend, Mori Iori, talks to her like that.

 Even though those words actually sounded apologetic, the face and tone of voice looked like a naughty child who had found a new toy.  And even now, her eyes were on the group led by the transfer student, Kirishima Hayato, who had just joined their class.  Now, he was together with Kaido Ikki attracting the attention of many people around him.

 “Mmm, I understand.  Tell me the details later, okay?"


 Even though it was harsh words from her boyfriend, Emma allowed it without hesitation.

 That's because of her familiarity and trust in Mori Iori, who is also her childhood friend, and because Emma herself is interested in topics that are being talked about by girls lately.

 About that transfer student and other rumors.

 Especially about the rumors surrounding Nikaido Haruki.

 She is a popular girl who possesses a graceful appearance and friendly personality, as well as outstanding achievements in both sports and studies.  It is reasonable.

 Now however, Isami Emma's view of her was different.  In the past, she felt that Nikaido Haruki was too far away and hard to reach like an idol.

 (But, Nikaido-san has changed huh.)

 But now, dhe was different.



 Now that she's back in class, she's talking to Kirishima Hayato who's sitting next to her, and if you look at her face there's a mixture of disappointment, ridicule, and a hint of affection?

 She who was regarded as an unattainable flower and a lofty existence by others, now occasionally showed the face of an ordinary girl.


 Emma felt her gaze fall on her and turned her head.

 There, she met the gazes of the girls who also gave off the same curiosity as her, and they nodded their heads to each other.

 Here a group has been formed which illegally supports and monitors Nikaido Haruki.


 “Nikaido-san, do you have time?”

 "Yes, of course.  What is it?"

 After lessons that day.

 Emma immediately called Haruki to talk.  At that, Haruki returned her with a bright sweet smile.

 This is a common sight.

 Emma, who is a weak member of the basketball club, often asks Haruki to help her with paperwork and other things related to the basketball club.

 "So today you can right?"

 "Okay, let's go with us"

 “We're going to the WcD near the station, right?  I'm curious about their new menu”

 "You know you're going to get fat if you eat that while on a diet."

 “Don't say such unimportant things”

 "What did you say?!"

 However, today was different.

 Their surveillance group's activities progressed quickly and the girls other than Emma surrounded and captured Haruki.

 Surprised by the girls' sudden action, Haruki let out a strange voice that revealed his true form hidden behind the mask of Nikaido Haruki, which made the girls grin even more.



 At the exit from the classroom, she meets her boyfriend and childhood friend, Mori Iori.

 It turned out that Iori had caught Kirishima Hayato too, and they gave each other thumbs up for their success.

 This couple really look alike.

 The place they chose was a hamburger restaurant located near the station.

 This restaurant is also a gathering place for students after school, so it is very lively.

 Students from other classes and from other schools were also seen, and they were laughing in light conversation.

 Despite this, gazes fell on Haruki occasionally, as she had quite a prominent presence.

 But right now, she was answering a classmate's question with a stutter.

 “—4 Kilograms.  I have gained 4 kilograms…”

 "No, your weight is still normal!"

 "I've gained 4 kilograms... Isn't that bad!"

 "Ah, even if my diet works, I won't touch that number!"

 The questions from them were quite cruel.

 It seems they took this opportunity to attack in a quite aggressive way.

 From the start, Haruki wasn't used to this kind of woman's style.

 Of course, she always kept people at a distance and never had anyone wanting to get involved with her.

 Haruki continued to be questioned by them, and revealed many things about himself, such as gaining 4 kg of weight due to eating too much ice cream, his habit of playing games at home, and the clothes she recently bought with his childhood friend, Himeko.

 Every time she answered, she grew more embarrassed and blushed even more, wondering why she was saying so many things.

 Isami Emma, and the others were also very happy to see the true side of Haruki that was previously closed off.

 They no longer see Haruki as a special girl, but as an ordinary girl who can be found anywhere.

 Therefore, they are more open in asking questions.

 "Oh yeah, tell me about your childhood friend too."

 "She's quite a pretty girl, huh?  I see, it's natural for you to be proud when you talk about her.”

 “You guys often play together, right?  Could you introduce her to us next time.”

 "Eh, but she seems popular huh, maybe she already has a boyfriend?"

 “Oh yeah, speaking of boyfriends, do you have one already, Nikaido-san?”

 “Huuh?!  B-boyfriend?!”

 This is a sudden question.

 "Hmm, this reaction doesn't seem to exist."

 “Sorry, but this...”

 "It is said that love changes a woman."

 “Yes, yes, Have you found someone you like yet?  Kaido-kun?  Or..."

 “No, I, I don't…”

 Since this topic had never occurred to Haruki before, she was nervous and didn't know how they would respond to this.

 “Well, even though there are people who don't change even though she have a boyfriend like Emmi.”

 “But sometimes she is really crazy about him.”

 "Have you guys been dating for a long time?"

 "Probably not much has changed.  Iori is my childhood friend and boyfriend."


 “Childhood friend, huh.”

 "Oh, childhood friend and boyfriend?!"

 Now it was Haruki's turn to let out a loud voice.

 Those were words Haruki couldn't ignore.

 Unknowingly, she rose from her chair.

 Haruki's reaction took her friends by surprise, and they looked at her in surprise — which made her calm down a bit and frowned.

 "Sorry, actually I've been thinking about the relationship between my childhood friend and Kirishima-kun lately... it's a bit complicated to think about..."

 That's a lame excuse.

 But it was quite an interesting topic for her friends.

 That's not entirely a lie either.

 "Oh I understand.  Himeko-chan, right?  You don't want to lose your childhood friend, do you?”

 "Have you introduced her to him yet?"

 “By the way, Kirishima's reaction is to fall in love at first sight, huh?”

 “Kirishima isn't a bad person either… But if that's the case, why did he chase after Nikaido-san this morning...”

 “Ah, aauu...”

 But her friends who had high imagination kept on expanding the topic, so that the situation was not able to be controlled by Haruki.

 And Haruki realized that today she was very easy to reveal her secret.

 Not that she likes to keep things secret, but she knows that there are things she doesn't want to talk about and if she does, it's going to get complicated.

 “E-Etto, I have to go home now!”

 As if to say that this was enough for today, she stood up quickly and tried to leave that place.


 “Wait a minute, it's already past 6!”

 “We also have to go home soon… wait a moment!”

 She tries to get out of the shop before being caught, but outside she runs into someone she shouldn't have met there.


 “Oh, Haru...chan...?”

 It was Himeko who looked like she had just come home from school.

 Suddenly, Haruki's friend, Isami Emma, is chasing her from behind and finally finds them.  Haruki didn't know what to do in a situation like this.

 “This girl is Nikaido-san’s childhood friend, huh?”

 Himeko was immediately surrounded.  This siege was tighter than before.

 It seemed impossible to escape from those girls with sparkling eyes—Haruki felt hopeless.

 Translator: Janaka


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