Tenkosaki - Chapter 57 English

 Chapter 57 - A secret, huh?

 (Eh, What should I do now...)

 For Haruki, this was not a good development.

 And for Isami Emma and the others, it's a very interesting situation.

 Himeko was shocked and hid behind Haruki's back, but they wouldn't let her.

 “Oh, this girl is your childhood friend huh.”

 “Tall slim and pretty, she's one grade below us right?  And the uniform is my middle school uniform!”

 “I see, I now understand Kirishima's feelings.”

 “I am Isami Emma.  You are Himeko-chan, right?”


 Haruki remember herself earlier.

 If she was attacked with relentless questions from them, surely Himeko would also say it all.

 It didn't matter if she revealed that she was Hayato's sister and that they were actually childhood friends.  It's not something to hide.

 However, she felt very uncomfortable with it.


 “... Ah”

 At that time, the bottom of Haruki's uniform was pulled up.

 When she turned around to look, she saw Himeko who was trembling with anxiety and tension, and it reminded her of her past memories.

 When they were a kid.

 When she was running around the fields with Hayato.

 There was once when she was surrounded by unfamiliar adults at the Tsukinose village meeting, and Himeko was pulling her back like this.

 (What did she say back then...)

 Haruki only remembered about Hayato always going around and traveling at his own pace, which he called exploring.

 Himeko has always been shy around people she doesn't know.

 She felt that she had to do something because she was older – that thought occurred.

 (I must be strong!)

 Haruki flashed her sweet smile towards Himeko, then pulled her hand forcefully and shielded her from Isami and the others.

 “That's enough, Hime-chan got scared!  Don’t do it again!"

 “... Ah”

 Haruki placed her hands on his waist and frowned with a clearly angry expression.

 Seeing Haruki's actions, Isami realized they had been too harsh and apologized while scratching her head in embarrassment.

 "Sorry, maybe we were a little too excited."

 “Hime-chan just moved here and still isn't used to everything.  Please be kind to her, okay?”

 “Eh, uh that, I was also shocked and started acting weird… Sorry.”

 Then when Himeko awkwardly expressed her apology, with a big smile, Haruki changed his expression and tiptoed slightly to stroke the head of Himeko who was slightly taller than her.

 “Okay, Hime-chan, you did well.  Good, good."

 “Hey, Haru-chan, don't do that!  I'm not a kid!"

 Haruki and Himeko were joking around.

 Haruki acted like an older sister and Himeko's reaction was reluctant, but she believed it, Isami and the others made no effort to meddle between them.

 And suddenly, someone's cell phone rang.

 “Oh, it's from Onii.  Please buy some milk, yogurt and soy sauce... Uh, these things are a bit heavy...”

 “Ahaha, I'll help you carry half of it.  So, see you tomorrow, everyone!”

 So, with a smile, Haruki said goodbye and pushed Himeko to leave that place.  Meanwhile, Isami Emma and the others who had been left behind watched the two of them leave, and started whispering to each other.

 “It seems they are very familiar huh.”

 "Yeah, this is the first time I've seen Nikaido-san like that."

 "But did you hear what she said?"

 “That girl just said 'onii' (older brother), right?”

 “And, is Nikaido-san going to drop by her house together...”

 They found words that couldn't be ignored in their conversations.

 Reunited with her childhood friend.

 The whereabouts of his childhood friend's older brother.

 Nikaido Haruki's recent changes.

 Isami Emma and the others looked at each other and imagined something.


 The girls' screams echoed in front of the fast food restaurant as the sun set.


 After shopping at their regular supermarket, Haruki and Himeko walked together towards the apartment.

 In front of Haruki's eyes, shadows of different sizes were reflected.

 (It's our first time going home together since Hime-chan came here.)

 As Haruki was thinking that, Himeko suddenly spoke to her.

 “...Haru-chan, back in school was different huh”

 “A-Ahaha…strange huh?”

 “Hmm, not weird anyway, but because I know the real you it feels weird.  Oh yeah, the first time we met at the convenience store was like that too, right?”

 "Yes, right.  I look like that on the outside…”

 "Yes.  So Haru-chan's appearance right now is a secret between us huh...”

 With a naughty smile, Himeko said that.


 A Secret.

 Those words fell into Haruki's heart, and she realized the identity of the uneasy feeling she had before.

 "What's wrong, Haru-chan?"

 "Ah!  No, nothing!  A secret… yes, that, a secret!”

 With that Haruki kept repeating the word “secret”.

 That's a bit childish.

 She felt that the secret relationship between her and Hayato at this time was special, and she didn't want anyone else to know.

 "What are we going to have for dinner today?"

 "Who knows?"

 Diverting the conversation is like trying to cover up something.

 Despite feeling annoyed with herself, Haruki was still in a good mood as she headed to Hiyato and Himeko's apartment.

 Eating dinner every day at his childhood friend's house was not normal.  If it became public, she didn't know how people would interpret it.  Therefore, it must be kept as a secret.

 (But... I want more)

 She knew it sounded like something really childish.  However, she couldn't resist her desire for a more secretive relationship.

 Family apartment 10 floors.

 The new house of her childhood friend that Haruki used to go to.

 The gradual change in his feelings began to affect the words she spoke.

 “I'm home… huh?”

 “Onii, I’ve bought... Oh, it’s so unusual..”

 "Ah, you're late."

 Then, upon seeing the different living room than usual, she froze.

 "Hey, welcome."

 Beside Hayato who was cooking as usual, there was a middle-aged man relaxing on the sofa.  Even though he looked a bit older than Haruki's memories, he greeted her with a friendly smile.

 He was an unexpected person.

 However, he should have been here.

 “L-long time no see, Uncle...”

 Haruki greeted tensely while bowing her head politely, trying to hide his nervousness.

 Hayato and Himeko looked at Haruki with confused expressions.

 He was Kirishima Kazuyoshi, Hayato and Himeko's father, and he must have known the reason why Haruki had lived in Tsukinose as a child.  He is an adult.

 Translator: Janaka

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