Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 1 English


Chapter 1 – JK idol is interested in arcade games (part 1)

 Her face beamed.

 Active JK idol, Sakurazaki Nako from “Raspberry Whip”.

 [TL Note: JK = school girl, JK idol is school girl who also an idol.]

 Everyone is drawn to her when she sings, dances and smiles cutely.

 I wonder if it's okay for me to be together with everyone's idol, Sakurazaki Nako.

 Can I go to the arcade and have dinner with her...

 My life has become completely different because of her brilliance.

 It all started with an incident in the staff room where I met her.


 "Hey Himahara, what joke is this?"

 Even though it's only been a month since I entered high school, I, Himahara Kou, have already been called to the staff room.

 The reason was that I forgot to write my name on the answer sheet for regular exams and got zero score in one subject.

 The homeroom teacher didn't know that I forgot to write my name on the test paper, only saw the score and was angry because I got a zero, so the teacher called me at lunch time through the school announcement.

 "You're in high school now.  Compulsory study is over and you must be independent.  You don't take part in club activities, and you get bad grades in your studies.  I can't imagine what will happen in the future.”

 What nonsense.

 I'm not someone who can say things very strongly, so I just nodded and ignored the teacher's lecture.

 Ah, I want to have lunch soon.

 "Hey, are you listening, Himahara!"

 It was then that the teacher's angry voice reverberated throughout the staff room.

 “Sensei, I have collected and brought the notebook you requested.”

 Suddenly, a clear voice sounded, as if to intervene.

 As soon as the owner of the voice drew near, the homeroom teacher's musty smell purified into a fresh scent of perfume.

 these auras.

 "Ah, thank you very much, Sakurazaki."

 "No, no, I was on picket."

 A student hands over a stack of notebooks to the homeroom teacher.

 She is Sakurazaki Nako, a student in the same class as me.

 She is a very popular JK idol and her most notable traits are her adorable personality and character, as well as the sharp dance performance that she gives off from her slim body.

 This gap has won the hearts of many otaku and she is currently the most popular girl in her group.  (This information is obtained from the news web).

 "Then, excuse me..."

 Sakurazaki said that and turned around on her heel.

 I sensed up close the absolute aura hidden within her petite body.

 I was so overwhelmed with it that I thought that she might be in a different dimension from the world I live in.

 "Hey Himahara.  You have to be as diligent as Sakurazaki.”


 Diligent..., hey.

 I want you not to compare me with someone from a different dimension.

 After much shouting, the teacher's lecture was over.

 I left the staff room with my shoulders down.

 I'll be dropping by the cafeteria soon for some bread and then heading back to..., eh?

 As soon as I opened the sliding door of the staff room, the fresh perfume I smelled before returned to tickle my nose.

 This scent is a Sakurazaki fragrance.

 "Finally, you came out."

 There, beside the sliding door, was the figure of Sakurazaki, leaning her back against the announcement board.

 Playing with her shoulder-length side ponytail, she looks straight at me.


 "Do you like to relax?"

 "What's going on all of a sudden...?"

 “You are a easygoing person, aren't you?”

 "Well, I'm not in any clubs, and I don't do anything outside of school, so I'm a free person."

 What?  Did you come here to mock me, lazy person?

 "Yesterday night, you were in the arcade in front of the station, right?"


 Indeed, after school yesterday, I stopped by the arcade in front of the station to spend time.

 But why would she know that?

 "Is that fun?"

 "No, I was just dropping by to spend time, so I don't know."

 “Hmm.  Alright, I'll change the question, do you think I can enjoy arcades?”

 “……Well, it's an entertainment center, so I thought there might be something you can enjoy.”


 Hey, hey, you ask a lot of questions, don't you?

 I want to ask why you are asking such trivial things.

 "Hey!  Like what?"

 What a troublesome woman with a pretty face.

 "If you're so interested, why don't you go there yourself?"

 "Oh, I see, then I'll be going there today."

 Yes, it's been resolved.  If I don't go to buy some bread soon, it will be sold out,

 "Good.  You're a easygoing person, right?  Come with me after school."


 Why is that?

 “Didn't you hear?  Let's go to the arcade together after school."

 "No, I will not go."

 “Eh?  Do you have any other business?”

 “...No, I'm not.”

 "Then can we go together?"

 ...This is troublesome, let's just ignore it.

 If we don't hurry up, the bread in the store will...

 "You want to buy something now?"

 I shook my head slightly.

 "Then I'll buy you something, so come with me after school..."

 "Um, I'm in a hurry."

 I walked quickly away from her.

 I don't want to get in trouble.

 To be honest, I'm not attracted to her.

 "Hey, wait!"


 In the corner of the cafeteria, I eat the bread I managed to buy.

 Somehow, I opened the social game I started yesterday.

 After receiving the login bonus, I opened the newspaper company's app and skimmed through the articles to broaden my knowledge

 “Wow, you’re such an adult”

 "Um, why are you here?"

 The person sitting across from me right now was that JK idol who had been following me like a goldfish since a few minutes ago.

 The surrounding students were shocked by this strange sight and seemed to be whispering about things that weren't really there.

 Really very annoying.

 "I also play the social game you just opened."


 "Want to be friends with me?"

 “……, alright, its fine.”

 "And after school, do you want to go to the arcade with me?"

 “You revealed your previous intentions now.”

 I opened the previous social game again.

 And exchange ID with her.

 “Pfft, you are still Rank 3!”

 "Okay, I will unfriend you."

 "Ah!  I’m sorry."

 ......I've finished eating, so I guess I should go back to classroom.

 I've promised to help Nanamizawa study.

 "Alright, I have other things to do after this, so excuse me."

 "Hey, wait a minute."

 Sakurazaki weakly tugged at my sleeve.

 "After school, don't you want to?"

 “… Why don’t you ask someone other than someone like me?”

 "... That..."

 “You're a celebrity and surely everyone will want to accompany you.  In that case, I'll be back first."

 Ah, this is refreshing.

 I parted ways with Sakurazaki and climbed the stairs outside the cafeteria to the classroom on the second floor.

 Translator: Janaka


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