Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 2 English

 Chapter 2 – JK idol is interested in arcade games (part 2)

 When I returned to the classroom, my friend, Nanamizawa Shino, immediately scattered the reference books and notebooks on my seat.

 "Oh, did you finish the business with the teacher just now?"

 "Yeah, I've finished it. After that, I bought lunch at the cafeteria. It seems you have the enthusiasm to study today,"

 "Of course. Since I'm busy with club activities, I should take this opportunity to study,"

 Nanamizawa is a member of the girls' volleyball club.

 Although she is very good at sports, she studies poorly, which is a common pattern for students who are active in sports clubs.

 Although she has passion, she often gets bored quickly after about three minutes and has a hard time concentrating.

 “The next tournament is just around the corner, huh?”

 “Yeah.  That's why I don't want to trouble the team because I can't study."

 Nanamisawa is a first grade student who be starting line-up at the girls' volleyball club and she seems to be getting some attention in the prefecture.

 We were childhood friends, but our relationship was just that, nothing more and nothing less.

 We continued studying together until the bell rang ending lunch break.


 After the lunch break ended, the idol who had been bothering me earlier, Sakurazaki Nako, returned to class.

 Entering the classroom, Sakurazaki glared at me.

 What is wrong?  Is she still upset with my rejection earlier?

 Ignoring those stares, I started getting ready for the next lesson.

 However, I was still confused as to why Sakurazaki, a very popular girl, would invite someone like me who tends not to socialize with other people.

 Is it because she saw me at the arcade yesterday?

 That said, people usually don't want to go to the arcade with someone they've never talked to before and be awkward.

 I couldn't really focus on the lesson that afternoon because I kept thinking about why the active JK idol, Sakurazaki Nako, had asked me so excitedly earlier.

 No, these are not positive and creepy thoughts like “why did she ask me?  I feel so excited!”.

 By the way, I'm not a fan of her.

 In fact, I don't really like her that much.

 I'm sure everyone has felt the same way, as when a child actor or athlete of your age is praised excessively, you feel lose and jealous.  Just like that, I feel don’t like Sakurazaki Nako, an active JK idol who is recognized and praised by everyone around her, even though she is the same age as me.

 Idol-san and side characters, free person.

 Two people living in opposite worlds, shouldn't have anything to do with each other.

 After the school bell rang.

 Of course, since I'm a member of the go-home club, I go home as soon as homeroom ends.

 I as a free person, think about how to spend free time after this.

 It's been a week since the exam ended.  If you're unattached from studying and exams are just over, you'll want to spend your time lavishly.

 I went to the arcade yesterday, so what should I do today?

 After taking shoes from the shoe box, I went straight through the entrance.

 I avoided the sports club practicing in front of the entrance and walked briskly towards the school gate.

 There's a reason why I'm in a rush.

 When I stopped, the sound of footsteps behind me also stopped.  And I feel someone watching me from behind.

 And sure enough, when I turned around I saw that it was Sakurazaki Nako.


 “Ah, I have to go to the arcade soon!”

 Without meeting my eyes, she turned the other way and muttered to herself.

 If she wants to go to the arcade quickly, she can overtake me.

 ... But that has nothing to do with me, so I can ignore it.

 I completely ignored her as I crossed the school gate and walked home.

 ... But her footsteps from behind were still heard.

 Even though I was walking in a different direction from the road to the station, she still followed me like she didn't care.

 While pretending to be playing with my phone, I walked while checking the situation through the front camera.

 Why am I being followed by Sakurazaki Nako, an active JK idol?

 When the light was red, I stopped, suddenly she stood parallel to me.

 When I glanced at her from the side, she looked like she wanted to say something.

 "Hah... Um, Sakurazaki-san?"

 Finally I couldn't stand it and started a conversation with her.

 I felt that if I continued to ignore her, she would continue to follow me.

 “You said you were going to the arcade, right?  But in the end, you are alone huh?”

 "Stop using honorifics."

 “...So, you're finally alone?”


 "Why?  If you have time to stalk a boring guy like me, you better grab someone else and go to the arcade.”

 “...I don't have any friends.”

 With a gloomy and somber voice, she said so.

 You... Don't have any friends?

 Sakurazaki Nako, a highly respected celebrity at school doesn't have any friends?

 "Oh I understand.  You're trying to trick me by saying that, right?”

 "You seem to misunderstand that all celebrities are popular, that's not true"

 “...But you're popular, right?”

 “No, it's just the impression of the people around”

 "Then why don’t you have any friends?"

 “...Because I sacrificed my real life for activities as an idol”

 "Real life?  Oh, you talked about your school life, huh?”

 “...In the world of girls, it's hard to make friends if you don't have good relationships with other people.”

 She muttered and smiled sadly.

 A smile made of sorrow, without any hint of deceit.

 Could being an idol mean having to let go of real life?

 “Besides, it seems I have become a hated person”

 "Isn't that just an exaggeration?"

 “No, that's true.  I heard bad gossip about me in the toilet... They say I'm too talkative and arrogant”

 Tears appeared on this girl's cheeks.

 Her usually sweet face now looked gloomy and depressed.

 “Although I am used to receiving criticism, it attacks a side of my real life... please stop... I haven't done anything bad.”

 Even though the green light was on, his feet remained still.

 And my legs also stopped.

 Beside her who was wiping her tears with her small hands, I took out a handkerchief from my pocket.

 "What do you want to play in the arcade?"


 I gave the handkerchief to her.

 She received the handkerchief and used it to wipe her eyes.

 "We're going, right?  To the arcades."


 She smoothed her hair while looking down.

 The traffic light turned red again.

 Translator: Janaka


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