Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 4 English

 Chapter 4 – JK idol is interested in arcade games (part 4)

After returning home, I immediately lay down on my bed.

"Sakurazaki Nako..."

I searched for that name on my phone, and various information and photos appeared.

Sakurazaki Nako, born on August 15th, blood type B.

She is the center of a popular idol group called "Raspberry Whip".

Her measurements are... hmm?

"It seems like she has falsified her body measurements."

It's frightening to think that so much of her personal information has leaked onto the vast internet.

A while ago, I looked up information about the girl I was with earlier, and I felt disgusted, so I closed the page.

By the way, we exchanged email addresses before leaving.

I opened my email, and there were already two messages in my inbox.

One from Sakurazaki, and another from Nanamizawa.

I opened Nanamizawa's email first.

It contained a photo of her jersey number and an excited sentence.

"I'll reply by congratulating her first."

And also, don't neglect your studies.

Then I opened Sakurazaki's email.

Unlike Nanamizawa's previous email, this one was written in a more feminine style.

At first, the email expressed gratitude, but then its contents started to change into requests like "If you have free time next week, take me somewhere" or "I want to eat something together next time,", etc.

Even though she has a cute face, she can be quite troublesome.

I feel anxious in my heart, what if I get caught up in a scandal if I'm with her.

[Popular idol Sakurazaki Nako involved in a romance!]

[Her couple is a male classmate!]

...A stack of articles with titles like that.

In internet, her personal information is exposed, and she experiences harassment and unwanted actions from fans...

Just thinking about it makes my sweat won't stop pouring.

Next, out of curiosity, I looked at Sakurazaki's Twitter account, and I was surprised.

She posted, "I got this from a friend today (*^ω^*)" along with a photo of a doll.

I opened the email that I had ignored earlier and began writing a reply.

"Hey, why did you post that on Twitter?!"

It didn't take long before I received a reply through email.

"Eh? Did you see my Twitter account? I'm happy (*^ω^*)"

No, that's not the issue.

Tomorrow, I have to tell her firmly.


The next day, I planned to scold Sakurazaki about yesterday's incident, but I couldn't find Sakurazaki.

I forgot that Sakurazaki doesn't come to school every day.

Sakurazaki often misses school about once or twice a week due to her busy entertainment activities.

She probably has activities today as well since the teacher informed me during homeroom this morning that Sakurazaki is absent today.

And finally, I began to understand the meaning of what she said yesterday about "sacrificing real life".

After the morning homeroom, I overheard some female students gossiping and making snide remarks about Sakurazaki.

Previously, I didn't pay much attention to it, but after spending time with Sakurazaki yesterday, I couldn't help but worry.

I realized that when someone can't conform to their surroundings, they will be mocked like this.

Until now, I only saw her in the "light" side as a successful idol, which I could see on the internet.

But she is also just an ordinary high school girl who hasn't matured emotionally and physically.

Perhaps, by telling me everything on the way home, she was actually asking for my help.

...No, no, that's just my imagination.

I took out my phone and opened my email, then sent one email to Sakurazaki.


"Sakurazaki-san, after the break, we'll continue with the next shoot."


I am tired of using a fake smile.

Today, as usual, there's work that I have to do.

And tomorrow, there will be work too, even busier on the weekend... I feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

Yesterday was so enjoyable...

But Himahara-kun seemed angry about my post on Twitter yesterday... Does he not want to play with me anymore?

My heart sinks further.

I tried searching for information about Himahara Kou, but the internet search results only showed elementary school calligraphy competition results (he received an encouragement award, by the way).

For me, Himahara-kun is very interesting.

He usually has a nonchalant personality, doesn't make many friends in class, and only talks to Nanamizawa-san.

He's quite good at studies, but he never brags about it.


Suddenly, my phone blinked.

I realized it was an email notification, and I immediately opened the email.

And inside, it was written,

"Alright, next, let's go eat somewhere."


A genuine smile appeared on my face.

It's not a fake smile.

Thank you, Himahara-kun. With this, I feel like I can get through the weekend.

"Sakurazaki-san, we'll continue with the shoot now."


I replied with a "thank you" and returned to the shooting location.

Translator: Janaka

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