Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 10 English

 Chapter 10 – It seems that JK Idol-san is interested in taking a walk (part 2)

I watched a volleyball match from the second floor of the sports building. 

The match ended with a resounding victory for our school team. 

I waved my hand in response to the peace sign shown by Nanamizawa. 

Alright, I’ve watched the game, so I’ll head home now. 

It seems there are no more matches today, so I exit the sports building towards the school gate. 

I hear the sound of heavy footsteps.


Suddenly, I hear a voice calling me from behind. It turns out to be Sakurazaki. 

Well, if I think about it, only Nanamizawa or Sakurazaki could casually call out to me. 

Sakurazaki was wearing red-framed glasses and the regular uniform.

"Why are you at school on a Saturday? Oh, did you mistake the day and come to school on the weekend?" 

"I didn't make a mistake like that! You always tease me like that!"

Sakurazaki pouted with anger. 

Sakurazaki had a varied and interesting facial expression.

"So, why are you at school?"

"There's an extra class today. I often skip, so I have to attend the extra class."

Oh, I see. 

I understood upon hearing that.

"Then, why are you at school, Himahara-kun?"

"I came to support Nanamizawa. There's a girls' volleyball match in the sports building today."

"Oh, for Nanamizawa..."

"Yeah, is Sakurazaki off today?"

"Yeah, I got the whole day off. Since this week has been filled with after-school preparation days, they gave us a day off."

"Too bad you have to attend the extra class, it's a bit sad."

"Oh, it's okay. Since I'm a student, I have to study diligently too."

I found Sakurazaki's earnest attitude towards everything to be remarkable. 

As a laid-back monster, I wouldn't be able to imitate that even if I stood on my hands.

"Himahara-kun, do you have free time after this?"

"...Ah, yeah. I have free time."

"Well then, let's go somewhere and play!"


"Himahara-kun, you said you have free time, right? Don't look so annoyed right away!"

Sakurazaki grabbed my uniform sleeve and walked ahead. 

Sakurazaki's strong desires seemed to grow stronger each day. It was quite troublesome.

"Hey, where are we going today?"

Sakurazaki was much more excited than me.

"...Doesn't Sakurazaki have a place you want to visit?"

"Me? Hmm... well, let's go to the amusement park!"

"We can't go there now."


"What if your fake glasses are discovered while in disguise? And if I also become a topic of discussion, will you take responsibility?"

"Eh, ah, yeah. If that happens... I hope for the best for you for the rest of your life, Himahara-kun."

"The way you take responsibility just makes the situation worse."

Maybe it's time for me to start considering writing a will.

"Well then, a crowded place won't suit you... So, what should we do?"

A place with few people and a relaxed atmosphere. One place crossed my mind.

"Alright. Hey, Sakura Saki, can you walk a little?"

"Eh, are you taking me somewhere?"

"Yeah. But don't expect too much."


"Ah, this is right next to the zoo, isn't it?"

"Yes, this is Shinobazu Pond."

Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park, with its famous swan boats, lotus flowers, and the nearby zoo, was an interesting place with the pond as its centerpiece.

"You must be tired from working continuously, right? How about we take a leisurely stroll today?"

"Yes! I like that too! Oh, but before that, I'm hungry, hehe."

"You haven't had lunch yet? Well..."

I took out two lunch boxes from my bag.

"I made these for lunch at school. Do you want to have some?"

"Eh? Himahara-kun can cook?"

"Well, at least a little. For now, let's sit on that bench over there."

We sat together on a bench under a shady tree and had lunch while enjoying the view of the pond.

"Hey, Himahara-kun, you suddenly showed an extraordinary ability. Yet, you're lazy. Even this lunch, it tastes better than my mom's cooking..."

"Being lazy is indeed excessive. I learned cooking from my aunt."

"From your aunt?"

"Yes, ever since I was 3 years old, I lived with my aunt and helped with household chores. In the process, I learned by myself."

"Wow, then your aunt's cooking skills must be amazing."

"If you don't want to acknowledge that it's my skill, that's fine."

Well, as long as she's happy, it's okay. 

I was worried that food made by someone else sometimes didn't taste good to someone's palate.

"If you can cook this well, why don't you make food every day?"

"No, that would be too much of a hassle."

"Hey, you're too lazy."

"Yeah, yeah, that's how it is."

I admitted candidly.

Translator: Janaka 

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