Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 13 English

 Chapter 13 – It seems that JK Idol-san wants to be watched (part 2)

I lay on my bed, watching the live performance of Raspberry Whip on my phone. 

It was my first time seeing Sakurazaki in her idol outfit. 

Her costume consisted of a checkered skirt with sparkling sequins, a yellow ribbon on her chest, and amber-colored gemstone decorations on her sleeves. 

This was Sakurazaki...

Today, instead of her usual side tail, she had her hair braided and flowing in front, adorned with a pink headband. 

Her behavior, way of speaking, everything was different from usual. 

I was surprised by this change in my heart. 

The childlike, naive Sakurazaki that I knew wasn't there; the one in front of me now was shining, attracting envious gazes from everyone...

Unconsciously, I couldn't take my eyes off Sakurazaki.

"With a smile as radiant as cherry blossoms, and the color of imagination being the yellow of rapeseed flowers, I am everyone's 'Nakotan,' Sakurazaki Nako desu!"

At that moment, the venue erupted with cheers. 

Ah, this was the one from yesterday. 

Oh right, the fans called Sakurazaki 'Nakotan.' 

Nakotan, huh... 

No, I wouldn't call her that.

"Everyone! Thank you for coming today!"

From there, the songs started flowing endlessly. 

With the cheers of the fans, Sakurazaki sang and danced while holding the microphone. 

She had put in so much effort to create such an energetic stage.

Could I really be a source of power for her next to me? 

What could I do for her, who was working so hard? 

Going to the arcade, eating gyudon, taking walks, talking on the phone... 

Wasn't I someone who shouldn't interfere with her shining life?

While I recognized her "power," I was plagued by intense self-loathing. 

Sakurazaki was sweating, illuminated by bright lights, and the excitement of the fans reached its peak.

"Alright, as the finale, let's sing our favorite song!"

Oh, Sakurazaki had mentioned something before... She always sang her most popular song last.

"'To Your and My Tomorrow.'"


After the concert ended, a lingering sense of awe remained. 

Seeing Sakurazaki shining on stage, I was truly captivated.

Translator: Janaka

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