Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 16 English

 Chapter 16 – It seems that JK Idol-san is interested in zoo (part 2)

"The rain is pouring heavily."


The two of us sat on a bench, gazing at the pouring rain.

It seems like it will continue for a while.

I wiped my slightly wet hair with a handkerchief.

"I forgot to bring a foldable umbrella."

Himahara-kun looked regretful as he glanced into his bag.

The sound of rain bouncing off the roof could be heard.

The bench surrounded by rain.

There were only the two of us here... It felt like the world belonged to just the two of us.

Hopefully, the rain won't stop abruptly.

"Sakurazaki, are you okay?"


"If you're feeling cold, I can lend you my jersey. It would be troublesome if you get sick, right?"

"A jersey?"

"Yeah, I brought it because it's been cold these past few days."

Himahara-kun's jersey.

The neatly folded dark blue jersey was offered to me.

"Even though I just washed it... well, I understand if you don't like wearing guys' jerseys. But I have a towel, so you can use it to dry yourself."

"Thank you, Himahara-kun. Can I wear your jersey?"

"Eh? ...Oh, yeah."

I accepted the jersey from Himahara-kun and put it on over my uniform.

Oh, Himahara-kun's scent...

It feels like being surrounded by Himahara-kun.

What should I do? I feel... strange.


Sakurazaki's condition seems strange.

Even though she's wearing the jersey, her face is red, maybe she has a fever or something.

If Sakurazaki gets sick because of this...

"S-Sakurazaki. Are you really okay? Your face is red."

"I-I'm fine! Oh, I'll wash this jacket and return it to you."


If she's really fine, then it's good.

After that, the atmosphere became silent.

The rain still hadn't stopped.

Hopefully, the rain will stop soon.

"Hey, Himahara-kun, what's your relationship with Nanamizawa-san?"

"Relationship? Well, she's just my childhood friend."

"Childhood friend... Since when?"

"Since we were in elementary school."


Why is she asking about something like that?

I didn't think it was an important matter to Sakurazaki.

Is she just asking because we didn't have a topic to talk about?

"You two seem close... So, are you dating?"

"Hahaha, of course not."

"B-But! You always talk to each other!"

"If that's the case, Sakurazaki does the same, right?"

"Hm? ... Y-Yeah, maybe, but—"

Sakurazaki continued speaking with wandering eyes.

"Then, Himahara-kun, do you like someone?"

"Like someone? No, I don't."



"Are you absolutely sure?"

"You're quite nosy, what's up with you today?"

"...I-It's nothing!"

What's wrong with Sakurazaki today?

Her usual cheerfulness doesn't seem present.

Perhaps, as a girl, she's going through an unstable period.

"Sakurazaki, if there's anything I can help with, let me know."


"Oh, by the way, maybe I'll buy something from that vending machine over there. What do you want?"

"Um, in that case... Can I borrow your hand?"

"Hand? Don't you want a drink?"


Sakura placed her right hand on top of my left hand.

Her small and beautiful hand gently rested on mine.

Is her hand cold?

"We can stay like this for a while..."


Sakurazaki, who usually talks a lot, was unusually quiet and not like herself.


Aaaaaaaaa! what am I saying!

I took advantage of Himahara-kun's kindness and held his hand!

Oh, a boy's hand feels so rough.

Big and warm...

Even though Himahara-kun is so concerned about me, why am I... prioritizing my own desires...

"Oh, by the way, we're going to the zoo this weekend. Will Sakurazaki be in disguise?"

"Hm? ...What should I wear? Well, if Kanbara-kun wants to see my casual outfit, then I'll wear regular clothes."

"No, you have to be in disguise, it's important."

He responded seriously without being surprised.

"But, but, I want to wear something cute."

"But, in a crowded place like the zoo on a holiday, it's not possible without a disguise."

"Oh, then I'll change my hairstyle!"


"And I'll wear platform boots!"

"...Glasses, a different hairstyle, and platform boots. Well, if you do that, maybe it'll work?"

"Yay! So, look forward to that day!"

I have to do my best so that I can be called "cute" again.

Translator: Janaka

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