Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 19 English

 Chapter 19 – It seems that JK Idol-san is interested in zoo (part 5)

"This might be the first time I've seen an owl up close."

"Me too."

The owl sat peacefully on a tree branch.

"But it doesn't want to look at us, does it?"

The owl continued to face the other way and refused to turn towards us.

Well, I guess that's how it is.

I tried to continue walking, but...

"Oh, it's looking at us!"

When I wasn't paying attention, the owl seemed to glance in our direction, so I tried to see it too, but...

"Hey, it's facing the other way again."

"... What's with that. Maybe let it be."

This happened as I averted my gaze.

"Oh, it's facing us again!"

I quickly turned around, but the owl had already looked away again.

"... Seems like it's deliberately avoiding eye contact with me."

"That's impossible. Hey, how about Himahara-kun turns his face that way?"

When Sakurazaki suggested, I turned my face in the indicated direction.

"I've turned my face! "


But the owl once again faced another direction.

"Hahaha! Turns out Himahara-kun really isn't liked!"

"Ah... Never mind, let's continue, Sakurazaki."

"Hahaha! Hahaha!"

"How long are you going to laugh?! Seriously."

Then we were near the tiger enclosure.

The tiger silently hid in the bushes and stared at us.

"The tiger is looking at us."

"Yes, it's observing us intently."

Hmm? Could it be...


"Ah! Hey, why did you startle me!"

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking that you were scared."

"I... I'm not scared!"

"Oh, it's approaching us... Wait, Sakurazaki?"

I didn't see Sakurazaki who should have been next to me.

I wondered where she had gone, and as I turned my body, I saw Sakurazaki hiding behind me, pulling on my clothes.

"Oh. You're easily scared, huh?"


"You also have a cute side, you know."

“C-cute... B-because of that, hold my hand because I'm scared."

"Hand? Well, it's fine."

Sakurazaki held my right hand with her left hand.

Even though she said she was scared, why was she smiling?

"Hehehe. Himahara-kun, where should we go next?"

"Next? How about the sea lion and polar bear area?"



"Wow, it's so crowded."

Whether it was because there were more people or not, the sea lion and polar bear area was very crowded.

I could still see, but Sakurazaki might not be able to see because of her height.

"Sakurazaki, can you see?"

"Hmm, I might... not be able to see."

"T-that's a problem."

What should we do...

"H-Himahara-kun, I have a request for you."

"Hm, what is it?"

"Err... can you carry me?"

Sakura stretched out her arms and waited.


"Uh, alright. Let's go!"

I carefully lifted Sakurazaki, who was much lighter than I expected, with both hands.

"Can you see, Sakurazaki?"

"Yes! I can see, Himahara-kun!"

Her usual smile, which I usually face from below, this time looked radiant, seen from above.

"Now, are you satisfied?"

"Yes! The sea lions are cute with their round eyes."


It's good if you can see clearly.

Then, Sakurazaki held my hand.

"Hey, Sakurazaki. I think you don't need to hold my hand anymore, right?"

"Huh? B-but... I still want to hold hands! I'll worry if Himahara-kun gets lost!"

No, that should have been my words.

Well, it's true that it would be troublesome if Sakurazaki got lost, so maybe it's okay.

After that, we looked at various other animals.

"Hey, how about having lunch now?"

"Ah, is it already time?"

"You know, Himahara-kun. Ta-da, I brought my own lunch!"

"Oh, so you can cook, huh?"

"Hey, what if we have lunch at the rest area over there?"

Sakurazaki's homemade lunch, huh.

I feel a little excited.

We entered the rest area and had lunch at an empty table.

"Here it is."

Sakurazaki's lunch was very appealing and balanced in terms of nutrition.

Hmm, it's really impressive.

"Not as good as Himahara-kun. If you want, try some...?"

"Oh, don't say that. You're much better at cooking. Alright, let's eat."

I started eating. At least, that's how it should have been.


I... I'll tell you what actually happened.

I was eating Sakurazaki's lunch in front of her, but somehow the lunch disappeared into thin air.

What... I'm talking about, maybe it's not understood. I don't even know what happened myself...

I almost lost my mind...

It wasn't about being a bad cook or frequently making unappetizing dishes.

It was a glimpse of the true horror...

"Himahara-kun, what's wrong? Is it tasty?"

Why... the color and shape were perfect, but the taste...


"Ah, y-yeah. It's d-delicious."

It seems like the future of Sakurazaki's husband is going to be tough. (Flag)

"That's good. I woke up early in the morning to make it especially for Himahara-kun..."


...Well, I'm ready.

While trying not to faint, I finished that lunch.


After the shattering lunch, I felt tired, but I still followed Sakurazaki's high spirits.

"Hey! Look, it's a penguin!"

"Yeah, that's right."

However, the number of people kept increasing.

"Hey, Sakurazaki. It's getting crowded. This might be a problem."

"Yeah, you're right. Maybe it's time to go back... This is the last one, right?"

"We have no other choice. So, where do you want to go for the last one?"

Although we had decided to go back when the crowd started to gather at midday, the number of people present exceeded our expectations.

"Then, the souvenir shop."

Sakurazaki and I entered the shop selling souvenirs.

Luckily, this shop wasn't too crowded yet.

"Hey, Himahara-kun... This..."


"I want to buy it so we can have the same thing."

Sakurazaki picked up a panda-shaped keychain and showed it to me.

When the two keychains were joined, it would show a picture of two pandas leaning against each other.

"Ah, yeah, sure."

I immediately paid for the two keychains at the cashier and returned to Sakurazaki's side.

"Uh, which one is the female for the keychain?"

"Oh, maybe this one."

"Alright, then this one will be Sakurazaki's."

I handed the keychain to Sakurazaki.

"Thank you, Himahara-kun."

"It's no problem. But now we should go faster."

"Yeah, okay."

We left the shop and walked along the street, exiting the zoo.

Translator: Janaka

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