Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 25 English

 Chapter 25 – It seems that JK Idol-san is interested in food trips (part 3)

"The search for the last cat."

In the end, we accompanied all of them, seven wooden cat statues.

"We finally found the seven wooden cat statues. Does this bring us good luck?"

"Hopefully it does."


Sakurazaki smiled and nodded.

We walked back towards the station after reaching the other side of the shopping district.

"It was delicious and enjoyable! Being able to eat it right after buying it, and walking and eating at the same time is a refreshing experience. Walking and eating is fun, isn't it?"

"Oh, that's good then."

"Uh, Himahara-kun! I... I want... Himahara-kun..."

Raindrops started falling from the sky, tickling my skin.

Drizzling rain came down.

"Oh no! I didn't bring an umbrella."

I took out a foldable umbrella from my bag and opened it.

I linked arms with Sakurazaki and let her take shelter under the umbrella with me.

"I don't want to repeat the same mistake."


We walked together under one umbrella, heading towards the station.

The sound of rain grew louder.

"Sorry, it's cramped, Sakurazaki."

"Hm? Oh, yeah, I forgot to bring an umbrella... I'm sorry."

"Ah, no need to apologize."

Indeed, the weather was predicted to be clear all day today, nothing we could do about it.

"Himahara-kun, it seems like I immediately got lucky."


"Because Himahara-kun brought an umbrella, I didn't get soaking wet in the rain."

"Well, that's true."

"And... because I can share the umbrella with Himahara-kun..."

I couldn't hear clearly because of the sound of rain.

What did she say?... Well, never mind.

"Himahara-kun, can you come closer?"

"Oh, sorry, should I bring the umbrella closer?"

"No, I'll go over there."

Sakurazaki's shoulder touched my arm holding the umbrella.

Our skin touched through the slightly wet uniforms.

The hustle and bustle of the shopping district that had disappeared, and now our ears were filled with the sound of rain.

"Hey, Sakurazaki. With this, can you work hard for a while?"

"Yes. Oh, but I still want to call each other every night, is that okay...?"

"It's fine, but June is almost over, there will be final exams, right? It's time to focus on studying."

"Is that so..."

I couldn't see her face, but from the tone of her voice, I could understand what she was thinking right now.

"...How about we contact each other if there's something we don't understand while studying? Through the phone."

"Can we?"


"So, we'll do that. If there's something I don't understand, I'll call you multiple times!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Finally, she's back to being enthusiastic.

Truly, Sakurazaki is so spoiled, like a little, little child... like a little sister.

"Oh, by the way, is Sakurazaki good at studying?"

"Eh? Um, of course I am!"

"...What about the mid-semester exam results?"

"I ranked in the 180s..."

"...Alright, after we get home, we'll have a study session. No irrelevant conversations."


"No objections."


It seems she doesn't agree.

"I'm looking forward to it after we get home, Sakurazaki."

"You idiot, Himahara-kun! Oh, by the way, what's your rank?!"

"With one subject scoring zero, I'm in 86th place."

"Huh? That's impossible! You're higher than me with one subject scoring zero?! If that subject is included too?"

"I could be in the 60s. All the subjects except the one scoring zero are above 95."

"How can you be like that?!"

"Just because I don't have any other activities."

"Ugh! I hate that 'high-spec' part of you, Himahara-kun!"

"Yeah, yeah, make sure you open your textbooks properly after you get home."


Sakurazaki rubbed her head against my arm.

"...Make sure you take good care of me, Himahara-kun."

"Alright, understood."

Translator: Janaka


  1. So we have friend-zoned girl and a sister-zoned one.

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