Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 27 English

 Chapter 27 - JK Idol-san and Exam Results (part 1)


During the final semester exam, the last subject was Modern Society.

After the teacher's announcement declaring the end of the exam, cheers erupted throughout the class, as if the tension had been released.

After the homeroom ended and I headed home, I went to my usual spot.

This time, I carefully checked to ensure there were no mistakes or omissions in answering the questions.

As I made my way there, my mind was filled with thoughts about the results of the exam.


Suddenly, someone jumped from behind and pounced on me.

I immediately felt anxious, thinking it might be Nanamizawa, but she had club activities today, so it couldn't be her.

If it's not her, then who?

As I turned around, there was a girl with a side tail hairstyle rubbing her head against my back.


"Yes! The exam is finally over."

"That's right. How was your exam?"

"I think I did really well! It was the first time I studied so hard, and I found it surprisingly easy, so I got confused."

"That's good to hear then."

Sakura walked beside me.

"Himahara-kun, thank you. Because of you, you treated me strictly when I was being disruptive, but you taught me gently so I could learn... especially because of you, I was able to fight on."

If that's the case, then my efforts to teach her meant something.

"I'm looking forward to the results."


Today, Sakura had vocal training after this, so we couldn't hang out together, but at least that time felt meaningful to us because we couldn't talk to each other inside the school.

"See you later, Himahara-kun."

"Yeah, do your best."

I parted ways with Sakura at a different station than usual.

And then I received a message after parting. It said, "Can I call you tonight?" as confirmation.

I felt like she didn't need to send a message, she could have asked when we were parting ways, but I replied with "It's okay."

"Hey, Kou-kun?"

After leaving the station, I met Michiko-san carrying shopping bags in both hands.

"Michiko-san, you're coming home early today, huh?"

"Because it's Friday, I get off early today."

"Oh, right. Oh, let me carry your shopping bags."

I took the full shopping bags from Michiko-san.

"Thank you, Kou-kun. Oh yeah, today I bought onions and ground meat, so please make me a hamburger."

"Hamburger... It's troublesome again."

"Also put some cheese in it."

"Don't make it more complicated."

Michiko-san smiled innocently like a child.

Finally, I had to make a hamburger with cheese for dinner.


On my day off, since I had no activities to do, I spent my time reading a book.

When I was engrossed in the book, suddenly it was already dusk without me realizing it.

Time passed so quickly.

Lately, I've been spending meaningful days after meeting Sakurazaki.

We played games at the arcade, ate gyudon, went for walks, visited the zoo, had packed lunches, tried various foods at Yanesen Ginza... It felt like we were just eating all the time.

However, when I'm with her, it feels different from when I spend time alone. I feel like I myself am also discovering new things or experiencing something refreshing.

"...But now I'm bored."

While lying down leisurely, my phone suddenly received a call.

"Himahara-kun, are you still awake?"

"...If I'm not awake, who will be annoyed by receiving a message tomorrow morning?"

"Hehe, aside from that. I'll be appearing on an information show tomorrow afternoon, so watch it, okay?"

"Eh, do you understand about politics and stuff?"

"That doesn't fit the idol image! I'll be introducing a popular cosmetic product."

"Oh, I see... Well, I'm bored anyway, so I'll watch it."

Tomorrow afternoon... I feel like I won't be able to wake up late on a Sunday, so maybe I should record it.

"Oh yeah, there's one thing I want to tell you, Himahara-kun."

"What is it? The thing you want to tell me."

"Himahara-kun, how about we have a showdown?"

"Eh? Showdown?"

"Next week, the exam results will be announced, right?"

"That's right."

"If I can beat you in at least one subject, are you willing to fulfill one request for me?"

"...You know that's impossible, right?"

"Of course! And if I can't beat you at all, I'll fulfill any request you want."

"...So you have confidence that there's a subject you can win in?"

"That's a secret. So, are you up for it?"

Of course, after returning home, I checked my exam results myself and had the confidence that I wouldn't lose in any subject.

It may not change the existing results, but it makes things more interesting.

"Alright, I accept your challenge. But there's one condition."

"A condition? Okay."

"We have to agree on one 'request' to give to other if you or I win."

"...Okay. So, tell me your request, Himahara-kun."

If I have to ask something from Sakurazaki, hm...

"Give me your photobook."

"Huh? Why...? Why should I give my photobook to you...!"

"It's not that, but you keep nagging me to buy it. Wouldn't it be better if you just give it to me?"

"Just buy it, it's around 3000 yen."

"Do you know how expensive 3000 yen is for a high school student! Anyway, this is my request to you."

"Fine... I'm glad you're asking for my photobook."

Since the topic of photobook came up, Sakurazaki always writes "Eh, have you bought my photobook?" at the end of every message she sends. So, for me, it just became a way to let off steam.

If I win, I'll save 3000 yen from this month's allowance.

"Then, what's your request?"

"...Uh, that..."

"What is it?"

"My request is that I want you to pat my head and give me praise."

"...Is that really what you want? It feels like giving everything for just that is a waste."

"You'll never be able to understand that feeling forever!"

Well, if Sakurazaki is satisfied with that, I have no complaints.

"Alright, our showdown will take place on Monday."

"Make sure to bring your photobook."

"I definitely won't lose."

What is the true hidden meaning behind Sakurazaki's strong conviction?

Translator: Janaka

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