Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 28 English

 Chapter 28 – JK Idol-san and Exam Results (part 2)

This week, the exam results will be delivered in paper form.

 I get 11th place overall.

 Out of 7 subjects, I got the highest score in 4 subjects in class.

 For the other 3 subjects where I didn't get first place, it was Japanese History second, Physics second, and Classics third.

 Of course, Sakurazaki was in the same class, so if in all three subjects she had higher grades than me, I would lose.

 Maybe one of them is Classical Literature...?

 Sakurazaki smiled confidently while looking at me with a threatening look.

 No way... Did I lose?

 I won't know until we meet at our usual usual venue.

 After school, I went to the usual place where Sakurazaki was waiting.

 Honestly, I didn't care if I lost, because it was a meaningless request, but was a little annoyed at the fact that I lost.

 Sakurazaki waited while smiling confidently while holding the test results paper.

 "Himahara-kun, what a shame but my victory is certain."

 "Why were you so sure earlier?"

 I was annoyed by the look on her face that was very arrogant.

 "For now, how about we go to the park bench?"

 After walking for a bit, we sat down on a park bench where we took shelter from the rain earlier.

 Then, I also took out the exam result paper from my bag.

 "Okay, on the count of three."

 At a signal from Sakurazaki, we showed each other our test results.



 Finally, I understand why Sakurazaki is so confident.

 "Turns out I'm not the only one who got a perfect score in Japanese History!"

 Yes, it seems she misunderstood that only she got 100 points.

 "Of course. There's likely someone else who got a 100 on that subject besides us."

 “Eh, really?! So, maybe…”

 "You didn't beat me in any other subject, did you?"

 "My defeat..."

 "Yes, that is so."

 "Hmpf...! ... Alright, here's the book. As we promised, my photobook."

 Sakurazaki took out a photobook from her bag and handed it to me, then she collapsed on the spot.

 No need to be so sad like that.

 ... Well, after all, despite losing, she's been trying hard every day, so I have to praise her.

 "Sakurazaki, come a little closer."


 Sakurazaki who was very disappointed approached weakly towards me.

 I reached my hand through the hair of Sakurazaki who was sitting right next to me.

 “Sakurazaki, you have fought well.”


 Sakurazaki didn't say anything and only responded by letting my hand run through her hair.

 She puffed out her cheeks like a squirrel while expressing her anger with her eyes.

 Why is she angry?

 "But I've fought hard!"

 "You're selfish after all."

 "Noisy!  Stupid Himahara-kun!”

 "At least I have proved that I am not stupider than you?"

 “So, so you… you are… you pervert!”


 "Because you're bound to do some weird stuff with my photobook!"

 "No, that's not what I meant.  Such delusions of yours are precisely the obscene ones.”

 “I'm not a pervert!  Muu... well, um...”

 Sakurazaki looked panicked as he searched for faults in me.

 I'm sure there are many more suitable nicknames for someone who doesn't have as many activities as me.

 "Himahara-kun... you pamper me too much."

 "What are you talking about?"

 “Because you always spoil me…”

 "In that case, okay"

 My hand stopped stroking.

 "Do not stop!"

 "I thought you didn't want to be spoiled."

 “No, it's okay!  Continue..."

 I started stroking her hair again.

 Sakurazaki looked happy and smiled shyly.

 “You really are awesome, you know?  Even though you are busy with your work, you always call me every day to study.  To be honest, I thought you would get bored quickly, but you proved otherwise.”

 “...R-Really?  I-I'm... great?”

 "Yeah, such a serious attitude from Sakurazaki, I respect that."

 “...Ehehe.  I feel happy."

 It was obvious that Sakurazaki's mood had improved quite a bit.

 And dhe's back to being the usual Sakurazaki.


 "Hey, read the photobook I just gave you here."

 "Hah?  Why?"

 “I wonder how your face looks when you see my photobook.  I want to see it."

 “…Okay, I'm fine.”

 I opened the photobook I just got.

 In the beginning, there are photos of Sakura-saki playing in the middle of nature.

 “...Hey, give a more obvious reaction!”

 “What do you mean by more obvious reaction?”

 "I mean, like 'You're too cute!' or something like that."

 "No, I'm not going to say something like that just like that."

 “You must say it!  I'm sure the fans will say it!”

 "I don't know what the fans are saying, but I think Sakurazaki who is in front of me right now looks natural and cute."

 “...Eh?  Ah, uhm?!”

 I turned to the next page, where Sakurazaki was taking a stroll along the beach.

 She was running on the beach sand wearing a swimsuit.

 "You're always cheerful, aren't there photos that show you calming down a bit?"

 "There is!  Look, the photo at the end!”

 On the last page, there are photos of Sakurazaki walking around town, shopping, and many shots taken at very close range.

 "This is the true distance of love.  I like this photo."


 “What, does that make your heart flutter?”

 "You're just taking photos at a closer distance, it's nothing."

 “But that's how it is!  That is the important thing!”

 I finished reading the photobook, and I have to admit that the photos are very good.

 The scenery inside is also beautiful.

 "Himahara-kun, I gave you this photobook with the hope that you will read it every day."

 "Every day, huh?"

 “Oh!  And, um… if you really think that I'm cuter than usual, then I can send you a selfie, if you want.”


 “Ah, it's okay.  I'm sure it's troublesome for you.”

 “I said it's okay!  …Never mind, Himahara-kun is always sullen.”

 Why does she think so?

 Since then, she no longer asks me to buy her photobook, but instead, she occasionally sends me selfies.

Translator: Janaka

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