Active JK Idol Seems to be Interested in Me Who is a Free Person. - Chapter 9 English

 Chapter 9 - It seems that JK Idol-san is interested in taking a walk (part 1)

I feel nervous.

After ending the phone call, I throw myself onto the bed and lie on my back.

In my pink-colored room, I gaze at the ceiling while reflecting on my conversation with Himahara-kun.

"I was nervous, but I'm glad I got to talk to Himahara-kun."

I hug the animal doll Himahara-kun gave me at the arcade while staring into space.

I wonder if Himahara-kun is searching for my casual outfits on the internet right now.

He said he would look later... He must be doing that.

I imagine Himahara-kun typing my name into the search engine. Along with that, what if pictures of me wearing a swimsuit from last year also appear?

I'm tempted and embarrassed on the bed.

What if Himahara-kun finds those pictures of me in a swimsuit?

Well, Himahara-kun is also a boy, right?

I don't really care if he thinks that way.

But... I feel embarrassed if he looks at me with a lewd gaze.

I hide my face in the stuffed animal and try to calm myself.

"Ah... I wish next week would come quickly."

When I talk to Himahara-kun, my heart feels happier.

Himahara-kun listens attentively to what I say and responds kindly.

Despite being lazy, he has a responsible side... It's cool.

Moreover, when Himahara-kun is close to me, I feel at ease.

Lately, he even appears in my dreams.

"Ah... I want to meet Himahara-kun."

I continue to think about Himahara-kun until I fall asleep.


The following Saturday, due to work reasons, I often skip school. Although it's supposed to be a day off, I have to attend extra class organized for students who frequently miss school, so I come to school.

In the extra class, there are other students with similar circumstances like me, involved in entertainment activities or students who rarely show up at school. Each person works on assigned tasks.

Even though it's supposed to be a day off where I can freely do activities, because of the extra class, I can't relax and feel a bit annoyed.

I want to finish these extra class quickly and go home.

While taking occasional breaks, I try my best to complete the special tasks given in the morning.

"...In the end, the morning was wasted."

Finally, I manage to finish the tasks, and with my head down, I leave the school building. But I can't believe my eyes.

It doesn't make sense; he shouldn't be here.

Huh... wait a minute.

I see a familiar back walking a little far away.

Is this a reward for my effort in the extra class?

Today, I really want to thank the extra class.


Translator: Janaka 

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