Tenkosaki - Chapter 61 English

 Chapter 61 – Promise!

 In the morning, even though there was an incident with Haruki, after that everything went on as usual again.

 Hayato felt like it was a bit too much to be teased by his classmates, but recently they had gotten used to it so it probably shouldn't be too big of a deal.  It's also possible that he's always been the butt of ridicule lately, so this is an outburst of resentment.

 Lunch break time.

 While on his way to their secret base, Kaido Ikki came to visit Hayato again.

 “Hi, Kirishima-kun.  Where would you like to have lunch?”

 "I don't have any plans with you... uh, why are you taking my seat so casually?"

 "Ah, don't be angry.  Kirishima."

 After that, Mori also came and made him surrounded by two people.

 Both of them smiled like they were up to something, and had no intention of letting Hayato escape.

 (Why is Kaido bothering me...)

 For some reason, it seems that Hayato has been liked by Kaido.

 Oh yes, unlike before, there was no sign of another boy or girl coming.

 “Haha, I want to talk to Kirishima-kun, so please don't interrupt, girls.”

 That was the request made by Kaido some time ago.

 This made the girls back off, and the boys who had come for it were disappointed.  It's cash.

 Only Mori was still interested and laughing.

 It is unclear why he likes Hayato.

 Given how they met, his initial impression shouldn't be good.

 (However, about Haruki... How)

 Hayato remembered the rumors and his face became bitter.

 Seeing Hayato's reaction, Mori and Kaido looked at each other and started teasing him.

 “Maybe Hayato wants girls here, huh?”

 “Haha, true, but it looks like Kirishima has taken an interest in someone.”

 "Oh yes?  Who's she?  Do you know?"

 "She's a childhood friend of the daughter in the Nikaido family."

 “Hey, Mori—”

 Hayato tried to stop the conversation which was about to get complicated because of Mori's words.

 What's more, Kaido Ikki has always stood out.  Thus, attention was also gathered on them.  The reaction of the people around him made him feel worried.

 However, what worried him the most was about Haruki.

 He couldn't keep his promise with Haruki and couldn't go out for lunch.  When he looked at her timidly, his eyes met Haruki's smile that didn't hide his dissatisfaction.

 (I don't want her to complain later)

 With that in mind, as he stood up to tell Mori and Kaido Ikki that he had to leave, the unexpected happened.

 "Sorry, today I—"

 "We have an appointment right?"


 Suddenly, with a wider smile than usual, Haruki interrupted Hayato's words.

 “Oh, I see, Nikaido-san”

 “Yeah, that's how it is, Kaido-kun”

 "Hey, wait!"

 Haruki even grabbed Hayato's hand and tugged it forcefully.

 The sight was strange to the people around them.  The two people who were already conspicuous became even more conspicuous and attracted the attention of the people around them, naturally.

 But Haruki and Kaido Ikki seemed not to care about the eyes of the people around them, and were looking at each other with big smiles, on either side of Hayato.

 "How long is that thing?  Can I wait here?”

 “Since this seems to be taking quite a while, perhaps you should find another place to wait.”

 “Then, should I help too, Kirishima-kun?”

 “No need to bother.  The place is quite narrow, so there's no need to increase the number of people here, is there, Kirishima-kun?”

 “Eh?  Not that..."

 And suddenly, they looked at Hayato and confused him.

 Of course.  It was because Nikaido Haruki and Kaido Ikki, who were at the center of the rumours, fought over Hayato Kirishima.

 It's not easy to tell them not to attract people's attention.  Hayato himself did not know how this could happen.

 (What happened to your mask?!)

 Surprised, Hayato was confused by what happened to Haruki.

 When he looked at her to find out, he only received a glare and was somewhat angry.

 Meanwhile, Kaido Ikki just laughed at that girl's actions and watched the incident casually.  Seeing that, Haruki's expression turned sullen.

 “Come on, Hayato, let's go.  You will help me, right?”

 “Eh?  Ah, yes...”

 Firmly, she grabbed Hayato's hand and led him out of the classroom as if to say that there was nothing more to talk about.

 Of course, Hayato had never heard of the library preparation room.

 When he turned his head to look back at the classroom, he saw the shocked faces of Mori and Kaito who were holding back his laughter.

 "Oh, it seems I've been rejected,"

 With Kaido Ikki's muttering, the classroom was filled with a frenzy.

 "I want to know how you got rid of that ghost cat,"

 Kaido muttered, his words drowned out by the surrounding voices.

 Translator: Janaka


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