Tenkosaki - Chapter 62 English

Chapter 62 - Right

The library preparation room is located right next to the library itself.

The library is situated outside the classroom area and in the opposite direction of the cafeteria, which means it is usually empty during lunchtime.

"Haruki, where should this be placed?"

"Put it next to me. And bring the ones that have been sorted over there."


Hayato and Haruki continued to work in silence. They didn't talk much, and there was a slight awkwardness in the air.

When Hayato glanced at Haruki, he noticed that the back of her neck and her ears were visibly red.

It seemed that Haruki was aware of her actions earlier and felt embarrassed about it.


Hayato sighed in annoyance and looked around.

The library preparation room entrance was connected to the reception desk, and the room itself was about the size of 8 tatami mats, similar to the size of their secret base.

There were various books scattered around, including newly delivered ones, unsorted books, and books in need of repair. Haruki's task was to organize everything and process the loan cards.

As Haruki had mentioned, there was a large quantity of books, and this work took time, even though it was considered simple yet boring.

(Is this part of her act...)

Hayato observed Haruki and noticed how skilled she was at the job. They would finish everything soon with her speed.

Feeling a bit of relaxation, Hayato decided to address the issue that had been bothering him.

"So, what happened today?"

"What do you mean?"

"This morning and earlier, that... how should I put it..."

"Ah, yeah... I... seemed different, right?"


It seemed that Haruki was aware of her change. She paused her work for a moment and looked at Hayato with a puzzled expression.

Lately, Haruki had changed a little. She had built some kind of wall around herself, but now that wall seemed partially gone, and she was liked by the girls in her class. Perhaps that was a good thing.

However, what happened this morning and earlier felt a bit... excessive.

"If you completely discard your mask... that would be a problem, wouldn't it?"

"....Hmm, about that..."


"I think maybe it's no longer necessary... that's what I think."

"Is that so?"

"Ahaha, but I still have habits that have been deeply ingrained over the years, even so."


The mask...

The good girl, Nikaido Haruki.

That was something that needed to be done.

It made Haruki popular, but it also made her very lonely.

"Hey, Hayato."

"What is it, Haruki?"

Suddenly, Haruki called out Hayato's name, then she started playing with her long hair using her index finger.

Her cheeks blushed softly, and it was evident that she was hesitant and anxious.

And with a mix of embarrassment and determination that she seemed to possess, Haruki opened her mouth.

"I want you to know more about me."

Haruki didn't specify who she was saying that to. There were many implied meanings in her words.

Surely included in that was the seven-year gap between Hayato and Haruki.

(...Ah, I see.)

At the time they walked home together recently.

The meaning behind Haruki's words when she stated that she would be selfish and try hard.

Thinking about it, what happened this morning and earlier, in other words, seemed to be what she meant.

Thinking that way, Hayato smiled, and his face showed surprise.

"F-Forget it!"

After seeing Hayato's face like that, Haruki felt embarrassed and quickly looked away. Then she started gathering the files in front of her.

"Y-Yeah! After we return these to the counter, everything will be done... Ah!"


Haruki looked extremely embarrassed and flustered. She seemed to be in a hurry, perhaps to hide her feelings, and ended up tripping over a stack of books.

She was about to fall face-first to the floor, but Hayato quickly saved her by pushing his body forward and hugging her from the front. With force, Hayato slammed his back against the sliding door.



"Haruki, are you alright...?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine!"

"Thank goodness..."

It was a close call.

With Haruki comfortably seated in Hayato's embrace, he could fully enjoy the soft touch and the faint sweet scent that tickled his nostrils—but it came at a high price.

Although his head didn't hit anything, his back was in great pain, and he couldn't fully savor the pleasure of hugging the most beautiful girl in school.

"S-Sorry, I feel numb and can't move right now. Can I stay like this for a while?"

"Y-Yeah, I don't mind."

"I am sorry."

"Y-You're not at fault, Hayato!"

Haruki's cheeks became even redder than before.

To others, it would appear highly intimate.

Of course. Hayato leaned against the wall and hugged Haruki, with Haruki sitting on top of him in a position where she was on top. Depending on how you looked at it, it seemed as if Haruki was attacking him, and most importantly, they were very close. Despite her will, Haruki couldn't help but feel Hayato's presence, and her heart pounded loudly as if it wanted to burst.

However, Hayato himself didn't pay much attention to Haruki's current state.

"Hey, senpai! It seems like what you said was true, there's no one here."

"That's right. Well, this place is indeed the right spot."


At that moment, someone entered the library. From their voices, it sounded like a pair of a man and a woman, and whoever came, they shouldn’t see Hayato and Haruki like this.

“Can we eat in the library?”

“Ah, maybe not. But since there’s no one here, can we kiss, right?”

“Hey, what do you mean... mmmh.”

“Mmm... chuu, mmmh... hehehe, I missed you, so I’ll fill myself with the taste of senpai♪”

“Missed? But we met this morning, and we meet every day, right?”

“Not like that! You’re mean, mmmh~!”

“Mmmh, hey, wait a minute, what about our lunch?”

“I’ll taste senpai first~”

They were not just an ordinary couple; they were a very pervert couple. Nothing could stop their excessive intimacy in this place.

As a result, between Hayato and Haruki, there was an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere.



Vague rough breaths could be heard through the door, muffled sounds, and occasionally teasing whispers.

Hayato and Haruki held their breath, hoping that this pervert couple would leave soon, but the situation only worsened, and they showed no signs of leaving.

This was a terrible situation.

As the pain in his back started to subside, Hayato began to clearly feel the weight, warmth, and different tenderness of Haruki, who was standing in front of him as a man.



This couldn’t continue like this.

He quickly released his embrace, but Haruki let out a soft, sad sound and then looked at him sadly with watery eyes, as if protesting.

The sensation of Haruki’s pain and tenderness, along with her sweet scent, almost drove him insane.

Usually, he didn’t pay much attention to it, but with the current circumstances, he was forced to acknowledge that Haruki was a girl.

(Ah, damn it!)

However, considering that Haruki had just tried to change herself, letting such desires flare up within him would be a deeply betraying act towards his friend and make him feel like a dirty creature.

Hayato calmly scratched his head hard and let out a slow sigh.

Then, he brought his mouth close to Haruki’s ear and whispered in a way that couldn’t be heard from the other side of the door.

“(What should we do?)”


At that moment, Haruki’s body suddenly trembled.

With her small, trembling hands, she tightly gripped Hayato’s chest.





While looking at Hayato’s face, which was wrinkled with seriousness, Haruki suddenly realized something, and her cheeks immediately turned red.



And suddenly, she let out a cry of embarrassment.

She raised both of her hands and stumbled backward, her eyes spinning.

However, Hayato was also taken aback.

“Hey, hey! Why did you suddenly... they will realize we’re here, right?!”

“Be...because...right now, I... Mya~~~~~!!”


Quickly, Haruki jumped back from Hayato, covering her face with her hands and shaking her head. She seemed to no longer care about what was on the other side of the door.

Hayato didn’t know why Haruki suddenly became like this.


“Hey, wait a minute?!”

With those words, Haruki jumped out of the library. Everything happened


Fortunately, the couple who were there earlier had already left.

“...What’s going on here?"

Left alone, Hayato muttered to himself.

Translator: Janaka

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