Tenkosaki - Chapter 63 English

Chapter 63 - So, Kirishima

Today, Nikaido Haruki was behaving strangely.

It became common knowledge within the class.


Even though it was still in the middle of the afternoon lesson, she frequently sighed with a worried expression on her face. Her appearance stood out.

Usually, Haruki was a model student who was remembered by the teachers. Seeing Haruki behaving out of character, the teacher couldn't help but wonder what was happening.

"Uh, Nikaido. Is there something you don't understand?"

"Uh... no, there's nothing specific..."

"I see... then let's continue the lesson. This is..."

However, Haruki only gave a faint smile to avoid the question.

With those words, as a teacher, there was nothing more to be said.

Hayato observed Haruki's condition, but when their eyes met, Haruki quickly averted her gaze. Her ears seemed to turn slightly red.

(This is clearly related to the incident earlier today.)

Hayato also recalled the lunch break earlier and scratched his head.

Without a good plan, this awkward atmosphere continued and the lesson passed by.

Then, it was time to go home from school.

Haruki still appeared anxious, with a face still filled with worries.

Haruki had a honest and firm personality. She never prolonged issues, and even after a fight, she would come the next day with a cheerful smile and invite Hayato to play.

Indeed, since they reunited, a few sensitive incidents like the one during lunch break had occurred a few times. However, she didn't make a big deal out of them, and the next day, she still smiled without any burden.

So why was she continuously carrying this burden now? It felt like everything was falling apart.

(...The incident during lunch break was just a small accident. I didn't mind it either, so maybe I'll say that.)

Hayato felt the need to talk to her about something and decided to reassure her not to worry.

Alright, after patting his cheek to gather courage, Hayato decided to talk to Haruki.

"Hey, Nikaido."

"Wh-What is it, Ki-Kirishima-kun?!"

"Ah, about ..."

Her response was overly exaggerated.

Hayato, who initiated the conversation, was surprised.

This wasn't the right moment to talk; it felt more like she was giving the impression that something was happening between them. He could even feel the jealous gaze of the guys and the interested gaze of the girls directed towards them.

"Ah, it's nothing."

"Are you sure?"

However, he quickly ended the conversation and showed a sad expression, causing a sense of guilt to pierce Hayato's heart.

Unfortunately, Hayato didn't have the courage to continue the conversation in this attention-grabbing situation, and he lacked the communication skills to persuade or divert their attention.

(Ah, damn, I could speak comfortably if she were an elderly person over 60!)

Hayato regretted his lack of experience and sighed in frustration while scratching his head. Suddenly, someone gently tapped his shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah. Kirishima-kun, let me handle this."

"...Eh? You, Isami-san...?"

When Hayato turned around, he saw a girl who had been hanging out with Haruki recently.

It was Isami Emma, with bright hair and a personality that attracted attention.

She smiled mischievously while giving a thumbs up to Hayato, then ran over to Haruki.

"Nikaido-san, can we talk for a moment?"

"Isami-san? Yes, please—mya?!"

And it wasn't just Isami Emma who gathered around Haruki, different from usual.

"We also have some things we want to ask."

"When there's a problem or worry, we want to hear about it, right?"

"By the way, let's hear about your childhood friend's story too!"

Not only Isami, but other girls also crowded around Haruki, and she quickly got caught up in their circle. Faint ‘mya’-ing sounds echoed in the background. However, Hayato, despite witnessing it, didn't know what he should do.

"Haha, sorry about my girlfriend—"

"Mori... She's your girlfriend?!"

Hayato, confused by the sudden lively change in the situation and being spun around quickly by the girls, was then touched on the shoulder by Mori.

Amongst the commotion, there were words he couldn't let pass.

"Emma can be a bit forceful... Poor Nikaido."

Feeling bewildered, Hayato turned to Haruki under Mori's urging, and he saw Haruki listening to someone whispering to her, Isami Emma.

And as soon as Haruki nodded with a blushing face and confirmed something, the excited voices of the girls shouting "Kya~~~!" could be heard.

"By the way, it's rare for Nikaido-san to come here."

"So, it means she has a big problem, right?"

"Ah, it's not like that?!"

Then, Haruki, followed by Isami Emma and the others, left the classroom. Although she tried hard to defend herself, her expression was like that of a calf about to be sold.

As Haruki left, Isami Emma waved to Hayato and Mori with a smiling face that implied "Sorry for that." It seemed like they had a mutual understanding in their communication.

Hayato looked at Isami and Mori alternately with a sense of surprise. His gaze appeared somewhat stiff, which made Mori shrug while wearing a wry smile.

"Emma is my childhood friend, and our relationship is a bit strange."

"Huh?! Really...?"

The sudden information about their relationship caused Hayato to inadvertently shake his shoulder and feel unsettled.

For Hayato, it was something unexpected, and there were words he couldn't let pass.

Childhood friends. That's how Hayato would describe his current relationship with Haruki.

If asked whether he liked Haruki, he would firmly say that he did. But at the moment, there were no feelings of romantic love within him; that was something he could be certain of. That's why Hayato didn't understand his own restlessness.

"So, Kirishima."


"Do you want to stop by somewhere while going home?"


So, reflexively, Hayato nodded seriously.

Translator: Janaka

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